Sailor Scouts Captured by the Dead Moon Circus 11

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Queen Nehellenia sighed, and frowned. She watched Serena and the other girls talk, and was getting aggravated by their conversation topic, about Serena's night with Darien.

"Can we PLEASE not talk about that?" Serena wailed, sighing at her friends.

"We want to know!" Ami called out.

"This conversation is over. Done with. No more," Serena sighed, dropping Ami and Rei's arms, as she walked ahead.

Rini woke up, looking over at her best friend, the Purple Dancer.

"Morning!" she chirped brightly, excited for today's performance.

Melanie rubbed her eye, and sat up, smiling. "Morning. Are you excited or what?" Melanie exclaimed.

Rini had already gotten out of bed and held a bright blue leotard Zirconia had left for her on a chair. She frowned, saying, "What? Now I'm the blue dancer?"

"What? I'm supposed to be the red dancer? This won't do…," sighed Melanie, but put it on anyways, not wanting to get in trouble by Zirconia.

Rini slipped it on as well, frowning. "I guess today they want us to look sharp," Rini laughed, smiling a tad bit.

"Now! This is much better," Queen Nehellenia smiled. She looked over to Helios, laughing as if she knew something he didn't. Of course she did, though. She smirked, and turned back to her throne.

Zirconia appeared in front of her mirror, and she ran to see what he had to say.

"Yes Zirconia?" she asked.

"My Queen, the Pink and Purple dancers are not failing us. The Pink Dancer is wearing the leotard, the one meant to bring out Pegasus!" Zirconia said excitedly, his eyes sparkling.

The Queen frowned at his reaction a moment, and then said, "Good, good." She walked slowly back to her throne, all the while thinking, "Must we torture him out of her?" Against her will, the Queen had become close to this girl. She waved it off, and went back to her duties.

Rei practiced her gymnastics, while Ami was over with her seals. Mina was training the cats to do tricks, and Lita was doing her acrobatics. Serena stood and smiled, being the ring-master. Rei was doing cartwheels on the balance beam, way high up. Ami was over doing flips with the seals, laughing as the seals clapped. Mina was frowning in frustration; the cats weren't doing what they were told. Lita swung off one hanging pole and grasped the next one.

"Okay girls, that's good!" Serena called, relieving the girls from practice.

Rei, Ami, and Lita walked over smiling, happy with their practice. Mina came frowning, shoulders hunched.

"Those stupid cats won't do ANYTHING! What am I going to do? The show is tonight!" Mina shouted.

"Now, no need to shout," Zirconia's voice came from behind the group, "I'll talk to them, and get everything straightened out."

Serena sighed, wondering how she could make her whole group happy. As she thought, her mind flashed with pictures of her and Darien, before the circus, smiling. Serena shook her head, hands over her ears. She squeezed her eyes tight, scrunching up her face.

"Moon Angel? What's wrong?" asked the Lighting Knight. No reply came.

"Moon Angel!" shouted the Fire Knight.

"What's wrong?" pondered Aqua Girl.

"HEY!" screamed the Lover Warrior.

Serena shook her head, and looked up the faces covered with worry.

"Oh...," she said, realizing they had asked her if she was okay, "Oh yeah, I'm fine, just a headache," she said, placing one hand next to her eye to make it more convincing.

"Oh, okay, if that's all," said Ami worriedly, not convinced.

"Why are Serena, Ami, Rei, Lita, Mina, Rini, and Luna, Artemis and Diana doing IN A CIRCUS?" screamed Ikuko, tugging at her hair.

"I don't know mom! I'm just as worried!" Sammy yelled back, pacing.

Kenji walked in at that moment, raising one eyebrow at the two yelling people in his house.

"We have to go to that circus tonight, and save the girls," Ikuko declared.

"Okay. We'll go, wait till the girls are on, and grab 'em. I'll grab the cats, then when Rini comes on, we grab her too and take off," Sammy said, drawing something on his hand, and then pounding the bottom of his fist into his palm.

"Why would Serena and Rini run off like that?" Ikuko sobbed, heartbroken.

"Alright girls, back to practicing," Serena called, not wanting the girls to get too worried about her.

The girls trudged back to their stations, frowning. As Lita balanced on the tightrope, she got flashes of a girl, who looked just like her, wearing a green outfit, gloves and green ankle boots. Her head hurt, severely, and she put her hands to the sides of her head, face scrunched up, yet still balanced. She got an image of a tiara, a green gem in the center.

"Ah!" she screamed in pain, and lost her balance, falling to the net. She landed, bouncing. She rolled to one side, and the pain had subsided, but the images had not. She shook her head, and jumped off the net, climbing the ladder back to her tightrope.

Rei did a cartwheel, ending in perfection, letting off a toothy grin. She started another exercise, where she flipped backwards, when she fell to her rear, an image of a suit, with red all over, and red simple heels. She reached a hand to her head, when a picture of a tiara with a red gem made forced itself into her brain. Another image flashed by, her IN the suit, with the heels and tiara on. She got a very confused look on her face. She reached another hand to her head, shutting her eyes tightly. She suddenly got pictures of her and the gang at the orphanage. It seemed like the images were fighting. She tried to push it off her mind, but the images remained stamped in her brain. She got up, and went back to practicing, but couldn't help wonder, "What was with those pictures?"

"Good boys!" Ami chirped to her seals, bringing out some seal laughter and clapping. She waved at them again, and they did another flip, spraying her with water.

She got an image of herself wearing a blue suit, blue knee high boots and a tiara, the gem being blue. She got images of her past life, and then an image of her attacking something dressed in that odd suit. She opened her eyes real wide and put a finger to her head, wondering what it was. It'd have to wait for later. She went back to her seals, swimming with them, trying to forget the pictures, but failed.

Mina was yelling at the cats, making them cower.

"Mina! Please stop! Remember your past!" screamed Artemis, wanting to get out of the stupid Kangaroo costume.

This triggered something in Mina's mind, because she got pictures of her past, as a child, and images of her in an orange suit, a tiara with an orange gem, with orange heels, an ankle strap keeping them on her feet. She fell backwards, and Artemis ran to her side, and started licking her cheek, like he always did. Mina sat up quickly, and threw the cat aside.

"What are you thinking? GET BACK TO WORK!" Mina screamed, yet she wondered what the picture was with.

Serena sat, reading a book, slacking off, as usual. She turned a page, and sighed, wishing she had more exciting things to do, like fight evil like the people in this book did. She got an image of herself in a red and blue suit, red knee high boots, a crescent moon on the tops of her boots. She wore a tiara, bore with a red gem. She had images of herself cuddling with the black cat Mina trained, only to be moved aside by her childhood memories. She tried to fight the memories, so she had time to study the other pictures, and won. She pushed them aside for later, and flipped her eyes back to her book.

Queen Nehellenia poked Helios's face, frowning. She wondered if the plan would work.

"Queen!" Zirconia's voice came from outside her mirror.

She turned, startled, and asked, "Yes Zirconia?"

"The Sailor Scout girls, they um have had uh images of them being the scouts intrude their brain!" he shouted, not wanting to get in trouble by the Queen.

"Well. We'll just have to fix that, right?" she asked, a smirk planted on her face.

"Y-Yes," Zirconia said, bowing, then went off to follow her orders.

"You ready for the show tonight, Pinky?" Melanie asked, twirling in a circle.

"Yep! Super excited! Are you excited, purply?" Rini asked, giggling as she twirled her baton.

"So happy. I'm even warming up to this leotard," Melanie said, tugging at the red knit hugging her closely.

"Yeah, they're not so bad," Rini frowned, although she missed her old pink leotard, instead of this bright blue one.

"Okay Kenji, Sammy and I are going to run some errands," Ikuko shouted over her shoulder, grabbing Sammy by the hand as she ran out the door.

"Uh, okay, uh, be safe…I guess," Kenji stuttered, wondering why his wife and son were going out when his daughter and his niece were missing.

Ikuko yanked Sammy out the door, and stuffed him into the car. "We're off," Ikuko said, settling behind the wheel.

"I just want the girls back," Sammy said, missing his sister and his cousin.

"I know," Ikuko said, racing off down the road.

"Ah. I can't wait for tonight's show. See ya then guys!" Serena called over her shoulder, tearing off to her room.

When she got into the halls, Serena slowed herself to just a walk, not wanting to run past Zirconia and get yelled at. She walked along, smiling and waving at people. She reached her tent, and pulled back the door. She saw the tall dark-haired guy sitting on her bed. She smiled wide, but he frowned and wouldn't meet her eyes. She frowned at this, but made her way past him to her bathroom. Serena changed into more comfortable clothes, and walked out, settling into a chair by her bed. Serena looked the man over, and felt like she knew him. Maybe she really did know him in a past life. She tried to make eye contact, but he wouldn't look her in the face.

"Why won't you look at me?" Serena pouted.

"I just can't bear to," Darien sighed.

"Um… you seem…familiar. Do I… know you from somewhere?" Serena pondered, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

"What? You don't remember me? This is NOT good…," Darien muttered, "But yes. You know me, very well. Please, Serena. Remember!"

"I don't have time for charades," Serena said, and stomped off to her bathroom, where she did her makeup for the show.

Queen Nehellenia sat, frowning, as she looked Helios over. She thought of Rini, the Pink Dancer. She really didn't want to hurt her. She remembered it was almost show time, so she called Zirconia.

"Zirconia! You have been called!" she shouted, and he appeared before her mirror. She met him, pressing her fingers to the glass divider.

"Yes, my lady?" Zirconia asked, bowing.

"It is almost show time. Make sure the Pink Dancer has on the leotard, and make sure PLENTY of remmlesses are around to capture sweet old Pegasus," she smirked.

"Yes, ma'am," Zirconia said, and disappeared.

Queen Nehellenia stalked back to her chair, and sat down, upsetting the dust that had settled. She glanced over to Helios, and smiled, knowing soon, very soon, she'd be out of this mirror and into the real world.

Serena and the girls had met up, linking arms, as they walked to the show arena.

"Did the guy wake up again? Did ya have fun?" Rei asked, trying to get on Serena's nerves, and was succeeding.

"Yes, he was awake. But he wouldn't even look at me. Apparently, we knew each other in a past life," Serena spouted, not looking the least bit sad.

"Hm," Lita said, looking at her shoes.

"So, are you guys ready?" Ami asked, trying to get off the subject of Serena and the guy's times together.

"Yeah," muttered Mina.

"Sure," Lita mumbled.

"Okay," Rei growled.

"I guess," Serena sighed.

"You guys have no spirit," Ami said, dropping Serena and Lita's arms, running ahead, making the girls chase her.

Lita, Serena, Rei, and Mina tore after her, laughing.

"Okay girls, take your stations!" Serena called, once they reached the arena. She looked around, seeing a station for Rei and Lita. She saw a tank for Ami and the seals. Serena saw a small platform for Mina. Serena went and took her place. She watched the girls do one final practice, then peeked out the curtain, and saw the stands filling up.

Serena sighed as she walked backstage, looking around. She gasped as she saw the small pink-haired girl who had copied her hairstyle.

"You a fan of me?" asked Serena, standing by the small pink-haired girl.

"What? Why do you say that?" Rini asked, confused.

"You copied my hairstyle," Serena frowned, pointing to her hair.

"Wha? Oh, yeah, I guess they're really alike. But no, I don't even know who you are. I'm The Pink Dancer, and this here is my best friend, the Purple Dancer," Rini said, pointing at Melanie.

"Oh, well I'm Moon Angel. Good luck, I guess," Serena said, and walked back to stage.

Ikuko and Sammy took their seats in the front of the stands, and watched closely.

The curtains opened, and Sammy pointed up at a girl with long blonde hair. Serena! She bowed, and waved to the crowd.

"Serena! Serena!" Sammy hissed.

Serena looked at him with confusion, then turned back to the audience.

"Welcome, folks, to the Dead Moon Circus!" she called, "I am Moon Angle, the Ring Leader!"

"I am the Fire Knight, a gymnast!" a girl called, and Sammy gasped as he realized it was Rei.

A girl in a tank, undoubtly Ami, called, "I am Aqua Girl, a swimmer! And here are my seals!"

A brown haired girl on a tightrope called, "I am Lightning Knight, acrobat!" Sammy gasped; the coarse voice had to belong to Lita.

"And I am Love Warrior, Animal Trainer!" Mina called, Sammy could tell by her blonde hair. The three cats, Artemis, Luna, and Diana stood in front of her.

"Mom! Look! All the girls and their cats!" Sammy whispered to Ikuko.

As the girls introduced themselves, Serena thought about the boy who was hissing her name. She felt in her heart she knew him. She got a pounding image of her holding the black cat Mina was training, the boy, the woman who sat next to him, a man who she didn't know, and the Pink Dancer. She winced, but went back to work, smiling.

As Lita walked across the tightrope, she remembered people, she looked like them. She opened her eyes wide, but did a flip to cover.

Rei did a cartwheel, smiling wide. She stopped for a second, and a picture of herself in a long kimono and an old man flashed through her brain. She frowned, but had to cover quickly.

Ami did a flip into the water, and started racing her seals. As she flew through the water, she got pictures of herself, a man, and a woman, all smiling, the adults with their hands on her shoulders. She frowned, good thing she was underwater so no one could see. She burst ahead, winning, and hauled herself out of the water, smiling and waving.

Mina was instructing the cats, and got an image of her, with other people, smiling, as she held the white cat what was in front of her. She kept smiling, but wondered who these people were.

As the girls gathered their stuff and walked offstage, they all frowned at each other, remembering the images that flooded their minds, but they were fogged by childhood memories.

Rini and Melanie came twirling onto the stage, smiling.

"I am the Pink Dancer!" Rini called, ending with her hands raised above her head, on her tip-toes.

"And I am the Purple Dancer!" Melanie's voice rang out, ending with her arms spread out, in a sort of bowing pose.

As the girls twirled around, they got pictures in their heads. Melanie got pictures of a man and woman, smiling as they hugged her. She shook her head, and twirled.

As Rini hopped, more pictures flew into her mind. The long haired woman, who looked suspiciously like Moon Angel. And that man again, with a white mask over his eyes. She shook her head, as visions of her and Melanie were brought in, terrible pictures of when their family beat them. A tear fell down her cheek, as she saw Melanie shake her head. Rini got a picture of herself holding a small gray cat. It looked like the animal trainers kitten. She gasped, but quietly and when back to twirling.

"Mom! There's Rini and Melanie!" Sammy whispered.

"I know, just give me a minute."

As Rini danced, a pain started in her back, making her wince. It spread to her shoulders, making her arms useless, she couldn't move them. She felt needles under her ballet slippers, and yelped as she hopped back and forth from one foot to the other. She saw Melanie staring at her. She cried out in pain, her limp arms flailing. Soon she fell, her legs had become numb. She sobbed in pain, and Melanie was trying to help. Rini couldn't make any words come out. Soon she couldn't move at all.

"Please, stop!" a kind but loud voice yelled. A white horse galloped out of Rini's chest.

"Pegasus!" Rini couldn't help from shouting. Why did she say this? She didn't know this horse.

"Please, young one," the horse said to her, and Rini got to her feet.

She walked up to the horse, and put a hand on his side, and as she did, she remembered everything. Those people were here parents. She was Sailor Mini-Moon. That was her cat, Diana. This is her friend, Pegasus. Then the memories were fogged by her childhood memories. Who was she? She didn't know. Remlesses pushed her away and threw a net over Pegasus, and dragged him away.

"Pegasus!" Rini sobbed.

Melanie stood a distance away, frowning at her friend's reaction to the horse. As she stood, she remembered who the people were, everything, and school. She frowned, and grabbed Rini's hand as they ran offstage, their show being done.

"Good job girls!" Serena tried to say brightly.

All the girls reached a hand to their head. It was weird. They all got images of them standing in a line, the Pink Dancer and Moon Angel shouting things. They remembered they were the Sailor Scouts, and they remembered their lives. Mina ran over and grabbed up Artemis, who began purring loudly. Serena snatched Luna, and began stroking her, tears falling. All the girls remembered their childhood at the orphanage though, and got confused about who they were. They walked slowly back to their rooms, eyes wide, wondering if the Circus was their life, or the Sailor Scouts was their life.

"Come on! You got to let us through! My daughter and niece are in there!" Ikuko argued with the guard.

"Come on! My sister and cousin have been missing for three days and you won't let us in to see them? YOU JERK!" Sammy screamed.

Zirconia popped up. "Let them in, it's fine."

Sammy and Ikuko followed Zirconia in, smiling wide. Zirconia led them to mirrors, and locked them inside.

"Hey! Let us out!" Sammy and Ikuko screamed, pounding on the glass.

Zirconia made them fall asleep, and filled their heads with fake memories. He smiled evilly. He let them out, and had the remlesses toss them on the street. Zirconia made his way back to the Queen.

"Finally! I can come out!" Queen Nehellenia cackled. She glared evilly at Pegasus, and then looked to Helios.

Zirconia bowed to her, then let Pegasus speak.

"Please, let Rini and the girls go! Let them remember!" Pegasus shouted, wanting the girls to be okay.

"Oh, I will. After I use you!" she lied, knowing she'd never let them out.

"You're lying!" he screamed.

"Yes, yes, I am," she smiled.

She cackled, and chanted something, lifting herself into the air, as well as Pegasus. She flew back down, and landed on real ground, Pegasus lying limp next to her, all his power drained.

"Yes! Yes! Now I can rule the world, and get rid of those silly Sailor Scouts!" she laughed, stepping outwards.

"Zirconia, make sure the girls are all trapped," she said, waving him off.

Zirconia cowered at the scary woman standing before him, but went off.

Meanwhile, the girls had gathered, including Darien and the dancers.

"So, all this is true? We don't belong in the circus?" Serena asked, after everyone had told their stories, even the cats were there.

"Yes," Darien said.

"You all are Sailor Scouts! You have to bust out of here before Queen Nehellenia kills you!" Luna said quietly.

"Yes, you must get out of here! She's already used Pegasus!" Artemis growled.

"What? She used Pegasus?" Rini cried.

"Yes, I'm sorry," Diana said, licking her cheek.

"Let's make a break for it," Serena said, standing up, yet still clutching Luna tightly.

They all ran, Darien having Serena on his right side as they held hands, holding Luna, while Rini grabbed his left hand as she ran, her left arm cradling Diana.

Lita, Ami, Mina, and Rei held hands and ran behind them.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked the Queen, stopping them in their tracks.

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