FLDVM: Xanfv'an'

Throttle. (from ch 10)

Amaris was laughing as she was dancing to a song, after a few drinks Throttle began to say things he probably shouldn't have. The fifth round of Slurrado had him feeling blissfully relaxed; something he hadn't felt in a long time. He watched as her hips moved in a long skirt that draped about her every curve, hiding her bare feet as they moved across the floor. Her shirt had become unbuttoned from the heat of cooking and she seemed to have forgotten about it, the peach camisole winking at him from underneath. It seemed she was either tipsy or just didn't care to be serious enough to worry about appearances.

As she was dancing to a new song of foreign rock music, she stumbled and he moved off the couch to catch her around her waist as they slid to the floor laughing.

"Silly dancer." Throttle looked into her eyes, his hands staying on waist even as an alarm of warning sounded somewhere far away.

"Yeah I know," She replied giggling, leaning a bit forwards to grab her drink and finishing it off. Throttle felt the brush of a breast against his ear as she leaned for her drink and then slid back again. He felt a slow rush stir in his jeans as his hand moved on their own.

"Hey babe, what do those words mean?" He asked her as his hands rubbed her sides and then her back, a slow groan escaping her throat as the his touch and the sound of music cascaded over her. She grinned wickedly as she leaned in close and whispered, "You keep yourself at a distance.. Ahhn.. But before I lose myself I got to ask...Is it alright to love you?"

At this she leaned back, and settled across his legs as her hips moved seductively and her voice in English blended with the man singing in Japanese, "In the trembling night.. as good as it is now.. once more- deeper. As your lips melt again against mine.." She was so close her lips brushed against his tooth, the warning bells in her head long since shut off. "I am your Vanilla.."

She rocked away from him giggling and then still singing the song, adding her voice to the female in the background as she went "Iku~" Throttle had realized after the first verse that the song was a bomb of sexual innuendo and since she hadn't touched the play-list on her stereo, it was unintentional. But with Amaris moving like she was to the song he felt the urge to go along with it. As he rose, he stumbled slightly forwards, landing against the petite woman who braced as she caught him. She glanced at the clock and groaned at the time. It was late and she was sure he was too hammered to stay on the bike to head home. She moved under his right arm, letting him lean against her as she wobbled him through the obstacle course that was her living room towards her bedroom. Throttle stifled a yawn, half of him yearning for sleep and the other half enjoying the feel and scent of a woman nearby. "Mmm?"

"It's time to call it a night, boyo. You're not going to fit on the couch so go ahead an use my room. Besides, this way I won't disturb you." with a soft grunt she shifted, causing him to fall backwards on her bed. His tan fur a sharp contrast against her red sheets and teak canopy bed-frame. Throttle laid there perfectly still, feeling her hands and fingers work the laces and snaps of his boots. Amaris grabbed the heavy boots and placed them next to her reading chair. She shook her head; Throttle wasn't going to make this easy, she didn't even know his tolerances and in hindsight regretted giving him such a strong level of her bar-tending expertise. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room as she frowned at his belts. They would be uncomfortable to sleep on, so she got to work taking them off. Her fingers brushed against his jeans as she felt for the buckle on one belt and felt a shift in his pants. Her fingers stilled at the movement and swore that the mouse took in a sharp breath. Her face blushed considerably even as she forced herself to remove the last belt before laying them atop of the chair. She looked back slightly nervous at the thought of him on her bed and the bulge of his jeans showing his arousal.

"'Maris?" Throttle slurred her name softly as he raised himself halfway, removing his gloves ,glasses and wrist-wraps and dropping them to the side of the bed before leaning back against his elbows. His eyes unfocused in the darkness of the room, he tilted his head and twitched his ears trying to listen for her. The move was too cute and she was glad she could see in such dim light.

"I'm here." She moved to the side of the bed, "Lets just get your vest off and then you can.." As she was working on trying to get his vest off, he leaned in and kissed her softly. She stared at him even as he brought an uneasy hand to her face and kissed her again, "Stay with me.." his voice sound so much richer in the darkness, causing something in her to stir and respond; she kissed him back, exploring the contours of his mouth in questing , light kisses.

Throttle shrugged off the vest, causing the vest to pin down his elbows and for the petite woman to slide closer to him. He grinned as the scent of green tea and lavender teased his senses; causing him to leave her lips and lightly run his tongue across her neck.

Amaris' groan gave way to a gasp as she felt him nip the sensitive skin of her neck, her body responding as a wave of heat began between her legs and curled towards her stomach. Throttle murmured something she couldn't understand against her skin, but it sounded so erotic it caused a shiver to run through her mind. She felt something soft wiggle teasingly up her leg, lifting her skirt as it moved towards her thigh. She shivered as the tip of his tail teased her through her panties before nudging underneath, tugging her panties away.

"Throttle... don't.." her voice didn't sound very authoritative even to her ears as she gave a plaintive mewl as his tail began to stroke her and his mouth worked through her clothes, teasing her breasts. A wave of heat started from his teasing tail, curling past her stomach and cascaded to the top of her head in a combination of heat and static as she gave a throaty cry.

He rolled so quickly Amaris found herself underneath him; one of his knees between her thighs as he flung his vest towards the chair. Throttle looked down at the woman beneath him as his eyes finally adjusted to the light. Her flushed cheeks, parted lips and half closed eyes along with the lush scent and response from her body called something feral and he growled as he nipped her ear. "Say it again, baby.." His hand tugged and slipped under her shirt as her back arched and felt her smooth skin as he hiked her clothing over her breasts. "Say it again.." he murmured as his tail became soaked with her juices and he teased a nipple with his tongue.

"Throttle..." her whimper followed by a groan as he licked and nibbled from one breast to another, one hand snapping her bra clasp easily as he undid his pants.

Amaris panted as the tail disappeared and his hands and mouth continued to tease; her ears registering that another article of clothing had been moved and hit something above her. She was sure it wasn't anything on her. She jerked her head up to look down at him and found that he was completely naked. His eyes had a desiring look that burned through her; he pulled himself toward her and she bit back a groan as she felt his length press against her mound through the fabric of her skirt and assaulted her lips. Throttle pressed her body against the bed as his hand reached done and grasped her buttock, bringing her closer to his manhood as his tail teased her heat before pulling her panties down. His mind a fog as words from his mother planet; dark, sensual words came from his lips. He felt like his body would melt at the heat he was feeling as her hands finally touched him; her nails cascading soft against the arch of his back, then stroking in a feather light touch back up to his shoulders. He quickly whipped his tail so the skirt was out of the way and with a quick jerk of his hand the underwear was done for.

"Aux'u'non.." Amaris moaned the nonsensical word, causing Throttle to groan deep in his throat as he nudged the tip of his rod against her wet heat.

"Be'a'seta!" He gasped as he became one with her.

Amaris jerked upright from her side, panting softly as she looked around her. She patted her body as she did a mental check of her clothes; all was in order and nothing was ripped away or shoved aside. Looking she saw the tan mouse sleeping deeply and something of panic that had coiled inside her relaxed as she realized he had boxers on. She gently tugged on the sheet and draped it over him before tiptoeing to grab some fresh clothes from her dresser and headed to the shower.

"Ugh, I can't believe I had a wet dream about Throttle; it's shameful.." She thought to herself as she dropped the bedraggled clothes into the washer before taking a cool shower.