FLDVM: Xanfv'an: Modo from ch23

(yeah it's Romantic mush.. sue me)

"..We'll get you back. You can count on that." Modo nuzzled against her neck, causing Amaris to giggle and squirm on his lap as he held her close. Goddess above how he loved that laugh; playfully he ran his fingers across her ribs to hear it again.

"I'm glad.. teehee heeehehee.. let me breathe.." She struggled to turn around and face him as he tickled her, her body wiggling about trying to get away from his hand. The petite woman suddenly found her laughter being swallowed as Modo kissed her with slow deliberation, rumpling the sundress as he brought her closer. He slowly relaxed his grip and slid Amaris next to him on the raised part of the sculpture, putting her eye to eye with him. The dress she wearing was white, making her skin glow. She felt so warm and her soft look made him stir hot inside as she gently touched his face. "'Maris, I-"

His eyes widened as she gently placed her fingertips on his mouth. "Don't say it, Modo. Whatever happens, don't say it." She looked into his surprised eyes, and found he didn't understand. She'd have to explain it to him, but not now. "Please?"

He saw it was important to her; he took her hand into both of his own, nodding as he placed her small hand over his heart. "S'alright, darlin," He grinned as he leaned in close, "It just mean I get to show you.."

Her heartbeat began to triple time it as he leaned close, the sculpture seeming to melt and cushion her back, as he leaned in close and kissed her softly. She felt his large hands caress her sides; her own hand still resting on his chest, feeling the thudding of his heart as her other hand began to explore the expanses of his body.

Modo rumbled a sigh as he moved away a white strap off her shoulder kissing her neck and enjoying the shaken sigh he caused her. He had to be careful with her, even in a dream-scape. If he lost control, he could hurt her, and he wasn't sure an Earth woman could handle Martian lovemaking all at once. Not to mention his own strength; It was best to just enjoy what he could do now.

"However.." a dark side of him thought grinning wickedly, "You can smell her and feel her, but can you taste her?"

He swore he could scent her excitement, and slid his hand to her knee and slide upwards under her dress, his thumb moving in slow circles up her inner thigh. The woman under him shivered as her legs parted slightly, spine arching as her fingers dug into his shoulders as he tugged the dress down passed breasts. She gasped when she felt his thumb brush against her mound and he licked the tip of her breast, causing the pink flesh to harden. Modo gave a slow smile as his thumb rubbed against her slit as he gently nibbled on her breasts. Amaris whimpered as her hands moved to the back of his head, tugging the short fur behind his ears. Modo sucked harder, trying to hide the growl she caused. How could she know that felt so damn good. He felt his thumb becoming wet as he used it to explore her female channel, his mouth traveling down the planes of her body.

Amaris' body seem to flare up in heat wherever Modo touched her. Her slit weeping as she shifted her hips against his digit, yearning for more. She gasped as he nipped under her bellybutton, and then she felt his lips on her inner thigh.

"Modo!" Her throaty cry along with the other sounds she made were driving him over an edge. The scent of her mound aroused more than his curiosity as he gave a slow lick.

She gasped as her hips bucked up and her thighs tightened. He looked up at her and grinned, "Easy now, darlin. I want to enjoy this..." And to prove his point tasted her again, loving the sound of her heated voice.

She thought his leisurely licks were driving her insane until she felt his hand shift close and felt a digit enter her; her legs widened as fingertips pressed against him as she cried out for release. He kept this new pace up for a few moments before he pulled away slowly, leaving her panting as she watched him. She felt his energy and the look of him shift somehow, but he looked the same. As she regained her breath she brought her feet up to the band of his pants and tugged. Taking the hint he undid the string and watched as she worked her toes to tug them down playfully before taking them off completely.

Amaris took a slow breath inwards at the sight of him naked in front of her. Despite the slight Martian differences, he was one tall, cool drink of water. He prowled over her bracing himself on the sculpture she was leaning on. His eyes were so intense, it startled her for a moment; he leaned close and she caught her scent on his fur.

"Once we start.." His rumbled deeply, "I won't stop til I'm satisfied. Things will change and Goddess above darlin', I don't care right now.."

Amaris wrapped her arms around his neck as he took hold of her hips, her legs straddling his hips as he sat back on the bench. He felt the tip of his shaft become soak with her juices as her hands fripeed his shoulderes. She panted against his neck, yearning to be filled she began to slowly rock her hips and impale herself on him. She arched back, her lips parted and her body began to resist his girth for a moment. His large hands, that were so gentle a moment ago, now gripped her small waist roughly. She felt him nuzzle against her neck, and felt his breath in her ear; it was ragged as he whispered, "Be'a'seta..."

In her wanton haze she moaned, "Mrh'ru'zov.."

And then she felt odd; opening her eyes she found him fading and about to wake up just as he hands guided her down to the base of him.