*DISCLAIMER: I don't own Godzilla (Japanese one) or DCU*

(NOTE: The basis of this fic is that the human race tried shrinking Godzilla (geniuses aren't we) and it will be mostly Godzilla's POV, but to make it make sense its "translated" so to say. Translations for Godzilla terms below.)

He had no idea why this human was so loud, all he had done was steal his funny tasting prey, didn't these humans understand size means dominance, of course size meaning height cause if it was based on width this human would certainly take the prey, if it could run more then two foot widths.

However he really hated the DarkSky Skinned humans using sticks to hit him with small rocks, and the really annoying male human whose skin was so many colors it made his head hurt, and those exploding circle rocks didn't help his mood either.

Though the female bird human was pretty, the flashy spiked rock on a stick was not. Maybe he'd eat elsewhere, so he got up and ran with his prize, a crunchy dead bird, though he had no idea what a Kentucky Fried Chicken that the width challenged human had yelled about.

-(Batman POV)-

Whoever had decided that shrinking the most dangerous being on Earth had been a good idea was going to get a batarang straight up their ass. Batman was more pissed then that time The Flash rewired the BatCave to play some hideous screeching that teens called music, Justin Bilber or something like that.

Of course casing a Mini-Godzilla all over Central Park was much worse, so much worse when the miniature apocalypse incarnate had decided to channel the soul of parkour and the Energizer Bunny.

-(Godzilla POV)-

He had no idea why the SkyBlood skinned male was tapping him, it was probably a game, so he tapped back, hopefully the humans would love the newly made canyon going through the forest. Though flying one wing humans was certainly a new one for him.

The other male, a LeafBlack one with a weird glowing object on his hand had hit him with what looked like a HardShell tail and had been shocked when it shattered, he hit him back with a tree, the male had fallen asleep, but wasn't dead seeing as he was still breathing.

Though the young female with strange fur on her head and RainCloud color skin who was scratching behind his ears was very appreciated.

-(Reader POV)-

"Uhhh Rae why are you treating Godzilla like a dog…" BeastBoy asked his brow raised "Because unlike all of you I'm a telepath and can tell that all he want's is to eat his food in peace…oh and being left alone he'd like to go back home" She replied rubbing the massive saurians belly "Whose a good living atomic bomb, you are" she smirked at her allies stunned faces. Batman began banging his head on a tree.


"RAVEN" Robin yelled "WHAT" the half demon yelled back "WHY IS GODZILLA OUTSIDE THE TOWER " Robin yelled as Raven teleported next to him, she handed him some papers "I adopted a Kajiu" Robin blinked "Come again…" Raven grinned "Cyborg always wanted a dog and I wanted a pet Saltwater Crocodile…why not settle for a Radioactive Leviathan" she casually walked away.


DarkSky- Police

Annoying MultiColor Human- Robin

Bird Human- Hawkgirl

SkyBlood- Superman

LeafBlack- Green Lantern

RainCloud- Raven

Sticks- guns

Small rocks- bullets

Exploding Circle rocks- Robin's explosive disks

Width Challanged- Fat