I've had the entire Chronicles of Prydain sitting on my shelf for ages. A few months ago, I decided to actually read them. Oh my gosh, I fell completely in love! Heck with the Disney version of The Black Cauldron. This series is the real deal! Taran is more flawed and interesting, Eilonwy is more feisty and strong, Fflewddur is funnier and more complex, and Gurgi is so much more noble, loyal, and adorable! Everything's better all around. So, what better theme for this next chapter? Enjoy!


"Hey, Six?" Rex sat up and held up the book his handler was currently reading to him: The Book of Three. "I saw Holiday reading a book today. Could we read that one when we're done with Prydain?"

Six took the book and sat down. "That depends. Which book was it?"

"Um...I think it was called Brave New World."

The ninja's eyebrow shot up. "Holiday was reading Brave New World?"


"On purpose?"

"Uh huh. So, can we read it?"

Six flipped to the marked page in the small, brightly bound book. "No."

Rex pouted. "Why not?"

"Because you're a useful asset to Providence and I don't want your mind to rot."

The kid still looked completely confused as his guardian began to read. As the words came, however, his questions about Brave New World were utterly forgotten. They were on Chapter 2: The Mask of the King.

Six had never read this particular book before and was very impressed. The writing style had the simplicity that one would expect in a children's book. Yet, it had a level of sophistication that told him that Lloyd Alexander had a certain degree of respect for his readers. They were only thirteen pages in, and the basis of the story was already established.

At the beginning of this chapter, Taran was looking for the escaped oracular pig, Hen Wen. Of course, Rex felt the need to repeat the question he had asked the previous night: "Six, can I have a phychic pig?"


"A regular one?"


Rex listened with a characteristic expression of childish nervousness and anticipation as Taran's trek through the forest started to grow more surreal and creepy. His eyes became wide as saucers as the Horned King appeared. As Six described the evil warrior as a bare-chested, crimson-cloaked man with a horned human skull as a mask, a shiver went down his spine. "Thank goodness there aren't any Evos like that..." He muttered.

Six decided not to tell the truth and say that, logically, there was every possibility of running into an Evo similar to what was described in the book. 'No need to give the kid nightmares.' He read on to where Taran was saved from the Horned King's henchman by a gray-haired man who turned out to be the great lord Gwydion. Rex's eyes bugged out as Taran's shock at the knight's plain appearance and age was described.

"This is so weird..."

"Hm?" Six looked at him questioningly.

"I'm seeing so many similarities between me and Taran. He doesn't know his parents, wants to be a hero, and was saved by a skilled old person!"

'Skilled old person...?' "When were you saved by an old person?" He asked, a slight edge entering his voice.

Rex seemed to notice the change in Six's tone and wisely shut his mouth. "Never mind..." He squeaked.

'That's what I thought.'

Six continued to read through Taran's conversation with Gwydion concerning Hen Wen. At the end, the pair ate dinner at the urging of Gwydion's golden-maned horse, Melyngar, before going to sleep.

"Six, can I have a-"

"No." Six closed the book and went through the motions of tucking Rex in. As he turned away, however, the kid grabbed his arm.

"Hey, Six...could you check my closet really quick?"

Six raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

Rex glanced downward. "The Horned King freaked me out..."

"Rex, even if there was a Horned King, he wouldn't be hiding in your closet."

"How do you know? He could be a pedo!"

Both eyebrows shot up and Six's mouth dropped open. "Where did you hear that word?"

"Captain Callan. I heard him talking about someone named Jacob Black..."

Six resisted the urge to facepalm. "I'll check your closet..." He stood up and walked over to the closet door, opening it and stepping aside for Rex to see. "Nothing."

Rex shrugged. "Hey. You can't be too careful with creepy masked people!" He fell back on the pillows. "Night, Six!"

Six breathed a sigh and rolled his eyes as he left the room. "Goodnight, Rex." 'Wow. He was actually awake enough to call me by my name.' The previous night, Rex had called him "Dallben", the elderly man who cared for Taran in the book. 'How old does he think I am, anyway?'

Sorry if this sucked. I just realized that the unfinished file was on my computer and decided to finish it. I seriously need to get more speedy with these updates... I'm thinking that the next book will either be A Wrinkle in Time or The Hobbit. Or, it may be something else. It depends on my mood. Hm... Maybe Holiday will encourage Six to read Rex some poetry... Anyway, please review! Flames burn books. You don't want to burn Rex's books, do you? Peace out! ^_^