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You all know the popular kids story of little red riding hood.. well, it's somehow the same idea.. but more of a Yu-Gi-Oh! Version ^^

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Little Red Riding Hood
chapter 1

The stars filled the dark sky above the Blondie. But he couldn't see them cause the smoke covered mostly everything around him..

Sounds of sirens piling up and filling the background.. red huge trucks crowded the small street..

His amber eyes almost closed as he pulled a sad smile.. 'Some days are better than others' he thought to himself..

The whole building was on fire.. his home, his possessions, everything he had.. the only things he could save -thank god- were his father, his deck of cards and himself.. everything else blew up in ashes towards heaven..

The police took his father to jail cause he was the reason the fire started.. being so drunk he left a lighted cigarette on the floor where he have split alcohol in attempt to throw the glass bottle on Jou.. well, he missed him by a few inches.. but he hit the gas cylinder bull's-eye like.. which started fire from two different directions..

Jou's father was alerted by Jou's yelling so he ran outside as the cylinder exploded sending Jou flying out the window of the second floor right to the rough street..

The cops questioned Jou then took him to the ambulance to check on him –or wanted to- but Jou didn't approve.. he went somewhere else instead


Covered in scratches, bruises and hell lot of cuts Jou walked to Yugi's place.. he didn't have a cell phone nor any money on him for the public phones so he couldn't call his pal to come get him.. so he had to walk all the way.. to finally crash at Yugi's doorstep..

What Jou didn't know was that Yugi was sleeping over at Tea's.. he was gonna wait for too long before somebody found him..

But, -thank god again- Yugi's grandpa was going to throw the trash when he found Jou's unconscious body at the door step.. he put aside all the trash bags he was holding and held Jou –more like dragged him- inside.. he took care of his wounds.. wondering what led to that..

flying out of a building by an explosion led to that quite perfectly..


Jou was drowning in the darkness.. slowly he started to see a hint of light.. then he started to form shapes.. a tv, a table, chairs.. they all looked familiar.. that's when he remember what happened.. the fire, the pain and then finally falling to the ground at yugi's.. he started to get up, but it hurted too much.. he layed back again.. and soon went back to sleep..

The multi-colored hair Shorty woke Jou up gently calling his name.. Jou opened his heavy eyes and focused to see his pal Yugi who smiled at him in worry.. he had lots of questions to ask..

Yugi's grandpa called him late that night to tell him to come over to take care of Jou.. cause he knew Yugi would be angry if he waited until morning to tell him.. Jou was his best friend after all..

Jou found himself covered in band aids.. the old man didn't know much about medications.. although he did his best .. Jou was grateful for taking care of him.. he also apologized to Yugi for being a burden on him.. yugi replied with a you-gotta-be-kidding-me look.

"what's wrong, Yug?" he looked kinda troubled, so Jou asked him

.. Yugi didn't answer right away.. he looked at the bruises covering his best friend then said: "I don't think if it's a good time to tell you this.. you went through something bad as it seems.. but you have to know…"

Jou was confused.. what could yugi be wanting to tell him? But he wanted to let his best friend know what happened.. he didn't want Yugi to feel left out..

Jou spoke slowly: "what happened yesterday.. is.. well.. the reason I came here is.. I can't go back there anymore"


" what I mean is.. there's no back there anymore"

Still no answer from yugi..

"'Cause of my dad, the apartment blew up.. half of the building is gone.. he was sent to jail for I dunno how long .. I had nowhere else to go.. I'm sorry"

Yugi put a reassuring hand on Jou's shoulder.. "Don't be" he said. "I'm your friend.. what are friends for if not for each other" giving him a sad smile.. Jou smiled back..

"can I ask you a favor?" Jou asked hesitantly

"sure, katsuya.. if it's to stay here you are so very welcome" Jou pulled a face at that..

"I don't have anywhere else to go.. dad was the only family I had here.. and I don't –or can't- go to mom.. she wouldn't want me.. you know the whole thing, yug" Jou said with a frown

But then he continued "what I want is.. please don't tell anyone.. if the school knew anything 'bout this I'll be sent to some lets-all-be-a-family house.. for being under aged and living alone stuff.. and I'll have to change my school"

"uh.. erm.. I really don't want you to move out.. you can stay here all you like.. 'till you turn 19.. it's really okey" yugi smiled happily when Jou smiled back at him

Then Jou asked: "what was it you wanted to tell me?"

Yugi thought about it for a second then answered in a low voice: "your sister is here.. she called me to let you know that she was coming tmorrow night.. she couldn't reach you so she called me"

Jou brightened up at that.. then as fast a frown appeared on his pale face.. "you can't tell her what happened, Yug"

"you think she wont notice all the cuts?"

"uh.. but….."

"it's alright.. she said she'd be staying at a hotel anyway"

"phew!.. I still prefer she doesn't know.. she'll try to take me back with her.. I can't go to mom.. you know that, don't you?"

"I do.. don't worry too much now.. just take a rest and everything will be alright"

Jou thanked his friend with his usual sunshine smile.. Yugi felt glad that Jou was okey..

Yugi was about to leave when he turned around and told Jou: "I'll get you some clean clothes.. you can sleep wherever you want.. feel yourself home".. Jou kinda felt sad at the word home.. that home he didn't have anymore.. but he pushed the thought out before it got the best of him

Yugi left him feeling guilty.. not for leaving him, he knew Jou will be alright.. but because he didn't tell his friend the whole story.. he skipped the part that Shizuki was really sick and came here to see Jou for what may be the last time..

Things weren't looking very good.. but he hoped for the better.. as he always have

How was the start? I added a few things to it.. xD

The part that's similar to the little red riding hood story will be more clear in the next chapter.. ^^

Hope you liked it..