What if Casey and Jason never became cops and instead Jason remained a baseball player and Casey went into business with her father like Walter had originally wanted? Here's my take on how they would meet and how it might play out.

I don't own or profit from the Unusuals. Not sure where I'm going with this story but I plan on having some fun with it. Thanks for reading-

Charity events were a necessary evil in Casey Shraeger's life. As the daughter and only child of Walter Shraeger, one of the wealthiest men in New York, and his right hand when it came to the many businesses their money was invested in and the amount of real estate they owned, attending social events were tortuous affairs that she had grown used to over the years.

Lately, these kinds of events hadn't been so bad since Casey's boyfriend, Davis, would usually be her escort for the evening. He fit in perfectly with this kind of crowd but was grounded enough that he could go out with her for a burger or enjoy a night in watching T.V. when the mood struck. Unfortunately, the young lawyer was not a big fan of her sometimes crazy work schedule and didn't understand her love/ hate relationship with not only her father but with the upper class society of New York. He didn't quite get her condescending jokes and took things she said very personally while spewing out insensitive comments himself, like calling her "the man" in their relationship.

After that discussion she had gotten angry and told him that someone around here had to be the man because it didn't appear as though he were up to the task. The break-up a few days later did not come as a surprise and while a part of her was relieved because dealing with Davis could be exhausting at times, another part of her missed having a partner on nights like these.

Sighing, she checked her coat and entered the lavish ballroom that was filled with tables on one side and had a cleared dance floor on the other. The Owens's, friends of her parents, were throwing this charity/ dinner party and since Ma and Pa Shraeger had a previous engagement it was up to Casey to represent the Shraeger family.

Her mother had insisted that she and her daughter get ready for the evening together and had gushed about how much Casey looked like Audrey Hepburn before fluttering out of their Park Avenue home for the night. Casey did not agree. Audrey's willowy frame was always dressed to emphasis that fact while Casey's black dress had capped sleeves and floated away from her body below the waist to camouflage what Casey sometimes thought was a little too much curve. Her hair was in a twisted up-do but she lacked the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" tiara. Mrs. Shraeger had obviously ingested one too many "happy pills" while dressing.

"Thank God, someone normal," Casey heard a female voice say behind her as she circled the tables that were set up, looking for her name on a place setting.

Recognizing the dry tone, she turned around and grinned at her best-friend, Assistant Attorney Nicole Brandt. Nicole smiled back and tugged on her husband's arm so that the three of them made a tight circle around each other.

"Can't say I've ever been accused of being normal and I don't think you would qualify either, but thanks," Casey said. "Hey, Eddie."

Detective Eddie Alvarez's mustache twitched and then seemed to spread out as he smiled at her, "Evening, Miss Shraeger."

Both Casey and Nicole rolled their eyes at him. Eddie was a strange but decent man and while Casey sometimes wondered how Nicole ended up married to the schmuck, he treated her well and really seemed to love her. Because of that, Casey could ignore a few quirks.

"Eddie, call me Casey or I'll tackle you and shave off the mustache," Casey said, knowing that this would be one of the few times during the evening she would be able to let herself go and say what she wanted.

"Never," Nicole said, putting her arms around her husband in a fake, dramatic manner, "the mustache makes the man."

Eddie just shook his head and looked up at the ceiling as though he were a parent praying for patience over two naughty children.

"You're right, Nic. Eddie without a mustache would be like Santa without a beard or my father without a stick up his butt."

Again, Eddie's moustache twitched as Nicole laughed and looked around.

"Quite a crowd ol' Mimsy Owens assembled tonight," she said. "What exactly are we paying two hundred bucks a plate for again?"

"Children's wing at the hospital," Casey said. "Although I always wonder why we just can't write a check and forgo these dreaded functions."

Nicole nodded in agreement and then raised an eyebrow, "The rich like to be seen in fancy dress while donating money, hon. Besides, they actually have quite a mix to the crowd so it may not be as pretentious as usual."

Casey raised her eyebrows as she watched a Paris Hilton look alike sashay by.

"That's why I feel like TMZ may come crashing through at any time, now," Casey said.

Nicole grinned and glanced at a simple yet elegant watch on her wrist that went amazingly well with the form fitting red dress she had on. While Casey loved Nicole, it irked her that the woman could get away with wearing a dress like that and make it look sexy yet sophisticated. If Casey tried to wear something similar she would look like a big-butt hooker.

"We should probably find our seats. It looks like they will start the introduction speech any minute," Nicole said as people around them started hunting for their places and sitting once they found them.

"Good idea, we should be sitting so that once we lapse into a coma from boredom the fall to the ground won't injure anyone," Casey said, glancing at the empty chairs left.

"Look on the bright side, you could always get a head injury and that would excuse you for the rest of the evening," Nicole said, tugging her husband away as she gave Casey a little wave goodbye.

Casey knew it would be too much to hope for her to be seated with Nicole and Eddie. While everyone in their circle liked and respected the two girls, no one could forget the hellions the two had been in high school. Nicole was the crazy party-girl while Casey was the girl that could never say no to a fight. Together, they had seen the inside of quite a few police stations and squad cars. While they had both grown up and out of their previous roles, no one else seemed able to totally let go of the past. Mimsy Owens probably feared that putting her and Nicole at a table together would cause the party to end in a drunken brawl or something.

Finally, finding her name scrawled in gold on a place card at a table near the outside front, Casey gently sat and looked around at her dining companions. She recognized Mr. and Mrs. Font who owned a string of sandwich shops in New York and California and gave them a big smile in greeting, an up and coming singer she had read about in the paper, a couple of bankers she and her father had worked with, the Paris Hilton look-alike/socialite and a familiar looking handsome man that Casey could not quite place.

Making herself comfortable, Casey said hello to Mr. Evans and Mr. James who promptly started asking after her father and ignored the glare from the socialite who seemed annoyed that she was no longer the center of the table's attention. Turning, she held out her hand to introduce herself to the unknown man seated next to her.

"Hello, I'm Casey Shraeger," she said.

The man gave her a slow yet large smile and looked her straight in the eyes while wrapping a warm hand around hers for a gentle and strong handshake.

"It's nice to meet you, Casey Shraeger. I'm Jason Walsh."