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Casey cocked her head to the side slightly as she rolled his name around her brain a few times. Jason Walsh, Jason Walsh. The name sounded familiar, as did his face, but the reason why they were familiar eluded her. Realizing she probably looked like an inquisitive puppy, Casey quickly straightened and slowly gave him the charm smile she had learned from her father and generally used in business situations where she felt lost or attacked. It sounded sexist, but when men underestimated you and only saw a young, innocent looking female they tended to pull their punches, at least in business meetings, which made blindsiding them later much more fun. It was one of the few helpful lessons she learned from Walter Shraeger. In social situations the smile usually said, 'I'm a helpless female, please assist me.'

"I'm sorry, you seem familiar but I'm afraid I can't quite place you," Casey said, widening her eyes in a practiced innocent manner as her hand slid out of his grasp.

She was surprised when Jason Walsh snorted and his eyes seemed to sparkle, conveying that he knew she was putting on some kind of act for him. The half grin he also wore was equal parts amused and challenging. Interesting.

Shrugging, Casey leaned back a little and studied him again. He was good looking in that tough-guy kind of way, like he could handle himself in a bar fight without any problems. The calm, intelligent blue eyes and knowing smile kept him from appearing too thuggish as did the expensive suit and neat overall appearance. His hair was that light brown color that was probably dark blond when he was a child and cut in a short but stylish way. He looked like he was in his early to mid-thirties and still carried himself like a college athlete would. Wait, athlete.

"Baseball player," Casey said, snapping her fingers then pointing at him with a real smile. "I saw you on T.V. the other day."

Jason nodded and smiled back, "Used to play for the Yankees but now I do a local sports show."

The smile left her face as she looked at him in confusion, "Sorry, but I don't watch sports."

Catching his look of surprise, Casey quickly spoke to assure him she wasn't usually this rude or tactless, "My dad's a big Yankee's fan and I try to do the opposite of him as often as I can. It's juvenile, I know, but it amuses me."

She was relieved when a chuckle burst out of Jason and his eyes flashed with humor, "I still enjoy getting my step-dad's hackles up on occasion. You probably saw me on another show, I guest host sometimes on celebrity news programs and have done my share of talk shows."

"Isn't celebrity news an oxymoron?" Casey asked, a mischievous grin appearing as she unconsciously leaned closer to him and cut the rest of the table out of their now private conversation.

"You have no idea," Jason said, mirroring her action by sliding a bit closer to her in his chair. "All that fake enthusiasm over those Twilight kids or those dumb ass reality shows can really get on your nerves fast."

Laughing, Casey sat back as John Owens climbed the stage at the front of the room to introduce the speaker for the evening. She tried to switch her attention from her interesting new aquientence to Mr. Owens since she was planning on making a large donation to the hospital. Her father would probably throw a fit but she would just give him her usual speech about how Shraeger Enterprises could never have too much good press when it came to donating to those in need, especially when children were involved. That was one of the reasons why she decided to join her father in his business. The kind of money that they amassed should be used to help others and do something good in the world. One family having that much wealth lying around was unhealthy and unnatural, in Casey's opinion.

Jason's presence beside her was very distracting, though, and she couldn't help but notice that their chairs had somehow drifted closer together which caused them to almost bump arms at their proximity. She briefly thought about scooting over to give herself some space but quickly squashed that idea when Jason's suit covered arm brushed against her bare arm as he reached for his water glass to take a sip. She reflexively turned her head to look at him and gulped when she noticed that playful, knowing gaze of his had changed to a look she could only describe as very intense. The man had some serious bedroom eyes, that was for sure, and he wasn't afraid to let her see a glimpse of the desire he apparently felt for her.

Casey sucked in a breath as their eyes connected. Usually, she was the aggressive one when it came to starting something with a man. The kind of men who would usually approached her first were generally too arrogant or too desperate to hook up with someone young, pretty and rich that it was a total turn off for her. Casey was not ashamed to admit that she liked to be in control of almost everything in her life, mostly because she had no control over anything as a child, and that need for control had crept into her romantic life. Her control issues were what eventually chased Davis away. This guy, Jason Walsh, was not overbearing or arrogant and was not intimidated by her. She wasn't quite sure what to make of him or his obvious interest in her, though. He did, however, make her feel very out of control and she was surprised to find that she kind of liked it.

The noise of people clapping loudly around them jolted Casey out of the moment and she tore her eyes away from Jason's, ducking her head slightly in embarrassment as she followed everyone else's lead and clapped as well. Jason's arm brushed her arm again as he clapped too. She could still feel his gaze on the side of her face and fought to keep herself from blushing, something she hadn't done since high school.

This guy was going to be trouble, she just knew it. It was probably a good thing that she could also be described the same way. Jason Walsh had no idea what he was in for.