"i cant wait to get back to konoha" said naruto with a foxy grin. it had been 3 years since he had been in the leaf village. he had left to train with had learned all of kakashis jutsus also had mastered how to control the kyuubi and use his chakura.

"we should be back for the new hokages ceremony"kakashi said while rereading some of his old icha icha paradise books.

"WHAT! YOU NEVER TOLD ME WE HAD A NEW HOKAGE!WHO IS HE?"yelled a furious naruto.

"its a girl"

"a GIRL? since when was a girl able to be stronger than ME. i mean-

at this point kakashi continued reading his book with his famous 'smiley eye look' as he read. then he turned to the stil arguing naruto and said"we soud be back the day before if we start running and if you would shut up and start running instead of just standing there like an idiot at his rate we wil be late."

"you have no right to say that sensei you were late everyday during our years as team 7"


3 days later

hokage pov.

wow. i cant believe it i never thought that this would happen to me i mean seriously the once shy, weak, stuttering girl that i used to be is now this. the hokage of the leaf. although yes my year of training with the hyuga monks did me good but... i never thought in a million years that id be this strong, fast, and beautiful and achieve the hokage level!

"hokage-sama"said a familer voice

"sakura-chan i already told you not to call me that."

"sorry hyuga-chan"sakura giggled

"haha. not that either!"

"sorry hinata-chan" she said with a smile

"ino and i are going to go to the mall wanna come with?"

"you know it!" i you haven't noticed Ive got rid of my stuttering also my father and the rest of my family are proud of me. my sister and i have a close bond. im strong and swift. im adored by the village .and apperently from what sakura says im the most beautiful girl in the village "maybe even the fire nation"i recalled her saying that to me when i got back from training.

i still cant believe nobody recognized me that day and kiba ask me out! ewww! i like him but only as a friend!
"HINATA-CHAN"sakura said slamming her fists on my desk

" EEPPPPP!OUCH!what? who?whoz there"i said falling out of my chair and landing butt first on the floor and coming out of my thinking trans.

"lets go" she said sweetly as if i didn't just get knocked on the floor... i swear that girls fists could couse an earth quake!

"i think i broke my butt" i mumbled with tears in my eyes and began to catch up eith sakura-chan.

did you like it ... no well to bad my next chapter will be more interesting ecspecally hinatas new look i didnt include it in this chapter but she will look beautiful. i mean like i drew a picture of what she looks like and she looks awesome but anyways now the konoha 12 is either 20 or 21.

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sasuke: noooooo! i hate her!

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