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"MMMmmmm... ramen."

Naruto was currently swimming in a huge bowl of ramen. Not just any ramen Ichiraku ramen, 'the good stuff'.


*Nom nom nom*

*Nom nom*

" Wha?"

" Hmmm?"


Suddenly naruto heard more movement, and a slight moan. Then he saw... he saw...

" OH... MY... GOSH...!"


Naruto began to swim for his life. Trying to get away from the fa "..." erm... i mean chubby gaint Choji. Naruto was scream at the top of his lungs and was almost when he heard a sertan gaints stumach groumble.

" Uuggg im hungry" said the gaint.

Naruto paused for a second to see how far the edge was when he soon started to feel a steep tilt making him move closer to his starting point. Naruto then saw that Choji was chugging down the ramen.

" Oh crap."

Naruto was about to be swallowed when...


Naruto had hit his floor face first. He then got up and examend his surroundings. He was in his old room.

" When did i get here?"

He then rembered."Oh.."


" Well Naruto it must have been a long journy you probably should get some rest. Ill send you an inventation later to your house. So you and Kakashi ma leave now if you wish. The village hasnt changed much but im sure you want to see your old freinds." Hinata then left after there conversation.

"well Naruto ill see you later then." Kakashi then dissapered in a cloud of smoke.

" Show off." Naruto mumbled then ran through the villige to his apartment.

Flash back over

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