Kanaria sat in between Hinaichigo and Souseiseki with a frown on her face. Her tea was untouched.

For the past week, she had tried to enter Erich Zann's shop, but to no avail since it was closed for the whole week. The lights weren't on and the blinds were closed along with the skylight. He didn't even come to the door when she knocked.

Kirakishou, who was sitting across from Kanaria, noticed that Kanaria seemed to be thinking about something. "Is something wrong, Kanaria?" she asked with a concerned look on her face.

Kanaria snapped out of her thinking and sighed. "It's Erich Zann. His shop wasn't open for the past week." She said while taking a sip of her tea.

"Well, it could be that he's sick or something." Souseiseki said while she took a sip of her tea.

"Something as in…being in some kind of danger?" Kanaria asked. She didn't want to show her sisters or anyone else that she was nervous. She was starting to about how the people who stayed away from Erich Zann's shop might have the right idea, even if they didn't know anything about him.

"What kind of danger?" Suigintou asked as she set her empty tea cup down and crossed her arms.

"As in being in some kind of position where you're forced to do something or else something bad might happen." Kanaria answered.

"What kind of position?" Suigintou then asked, with her arms still crossed.

"I don't know. I'm just making a guess about why his shop has been closed for a whole week." Kanaria said while closing her eyes and taking another sip of her tea.

"You're just jumping to conclusions. He shouldn't be in danger of someone because very few people go to his shop, and those people never went back. Nobody would even want to rob him, since he doesn't have much money and also because his shop is probably haunted." Barasuishou said while taking a cracker from a bowl.

"His place is…haunted?" Megu said nervously while she started to tremble.

"Its okay, Megu. As long as you don't go near that place, then you'll be fine." Suigintou said while getting up and going over to Megu so that they could sit next to each other.

"If it's haunted, then…are there ghosts there?" Hinaichigo asked nervously.

"The shop has never had any history of ghosts there, although people do get this strange feeling that seems to dangle over the shop. I don't know what kind of feeling it is, but when my Father told me about the shop, he said that there was some sort of queerness to the shop and that it didn't feel good." Barasuishou explained as she took another cracker.

Kanaria thought about all of the times when she went to Erich Zann's shop. She had felt something there, but she dismissed it as being of no importance. But when she was by the skylight, when she was inside the shop, she felt that the skylight was where the source of the weird feeling she had had been coming from. She didn't get any weird feeling when she was outside the shop, so was it a feeling that could only be felt inside the shop? Was it coming into the shop through the skylight? Was it why Erich Zann played the strange music? Was he using the strange music to call something or to please something?

Kanaria felt that tonight was the night where she would act. She would go to the shop, go up by the skylight and look around for anything. And if she didn't find anything, then she'd go into the shop and look up through the skylight. That skylight seemed to be the center of the feeling. Maybe it was a door to the N-Field. Whatever the case, Kanaria would find out what was going on tonight.

Kanaria walked down the sidewalk towards Erich Zann's shop. A lantern was in her hand. She had it on since it was really dark. She shivered a bit, not because she was cold, but because she was nervous. There was something about that skylight that didn't feel right.

Kanaria knew that she could turn back, but she didn't. She felt like something big was going to happen tonight.

Kanaria looked up. She had reached her destination: Rue d'Auseil, Erich Zann's violin shop.

Gathering up all of her courage, Kanaria knocked on the door. At first, she didn't hear anything. Then as she was about to knock again, she heard something from inside the shop. The door opened. Within the shop, stood Erich Zann. Kanaria expected him to be tired, yet for some strange reason, he looked happy that she was there. He ushered her in and gestured for her to take a seat.

"Mr. Zann…" Kanaria said as she swallowed a lump in her throat. "Is everything okay? Your shop was closed for the whole week. I was wondering why you just up and closed your shop." She said while Erich Zann wrote something down. When he was finished writing, he handed the paper to Kanaria.

Kanaria looked over the paper. It said:

Kanaria, you're wondering why my shop has been closed for some time. I can tell you that I wasn't sick or anything. I know that people don't come here, but they don't know what it is that keeps them away. I told you that I was in a position, and now I shall reveal everything to you. I shall tell you the whole truth. The whole truth about the strange music and why I must play. Please be patient for a while.

Kanaria looked up and saw that Erich Zann was already writing something down. Some sheets of paper were on the counter, indicating that he was going to be a while.

And so, Kanaria sat in the chair for about an hour, waiting for Erich Zann to finish writing. Finally, Erich Zann was finished. He was about to hand Kanaria the papers when he looked up at the skylight, which was closed. He looked as if he were about to scream or something.

"Mr. Zann…" Kanaria asked nervously. She was about to take the papers when Erich Zann took his violin and started playing the strange music.

Kanaria knew that something was wrong. When she secretly listened to Erich Zann play the strange music, he would play slowly. But now…he was playing faster than that. Something was causing him to play faster.

As if to prove her right or to answer her thoughts, a powerful gust of wind broke through the closed skylight. The papers that Erich Zann was writing on were picked up by the wind and swept through the skylight. Kanaria ran under the skylight and almost screamed.

Kanaria knew that she and Erich Zann had to get out of Rue d'Auseil. She ran over to him and started to shake him. "Mr. Zann! We have to get out of here! Come on!" she shouted above Erich Zann's loud playing. It didn't look like he was answering her. She held the lamp up to his face and her eyes grew wide in horror and terror.

Erich Zann wasn't moving at all. He wasn't breathing. He looked really cold, as if he was dead.

In fright, Kanaria ran out of the shop and ran across the street. She turned around and saw that the shop was no longer there. It was as if it had never existed in the first place.

A week had passed, and still, no one knew what became of Rue d'Auseil, or its owner, Erich Zann. Kanaria asked a lot of people, and they said that there was never a shop there. Even Enju said that there wasn't a shop there.

When Kanaria talked to Barasuishou, Barasuishou said that she lied about Erich Zann and Rue d'Auseil, and said that she only lied to try and see what Kanaria would do next.

Kanaria could not help but believe them. On that night, when she looked out the skylight, she didn't see the night sky.

Instead, all she saw was space. Illimitable space that was alive and illuminated by music and motion.