Best Friends

Chapter One: Ron Weasley and Harry Potter

Harry Potter stood in front of the mirror in Ron's bedroom in the Burrow. He was concentrating on his hair, if that's what one would care to call the messy mop of jet black that conveniently stuck to his head 24/7. He was trying to get the back of his hair to lie flat. (And failing miserably) Of course, one would wonder why he was trying so hard at such an impossible task. You see, the thing was, today happened to be Harry Potter's wedding day. Harry sighed in frustration and flopped down onto Ron's bed just as Ron himself entered the room. Taking one look at his best friend, lying on his back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, he opened his mouth to say
"You all right mate"
"Splendid" was the reply he received.

Thinking nothing of it, Ron turned around and began rummaging through his closet, searching for his good shoes. Barely two seconds had passed when Harry jumped up from his position on the bed and began pacing vigorously. "Mate stop that. Do you want to burn holes in my floor? I know that as of today you'll be family and all, but I'm sure that won't stop mum from blaming it on me anyway!" Harry whipped around to look at Ron with panic in his eyes. "Something is going to go wrong! I know it is! What if the rings go missing? Look Ron I know you're my best mate and all, but let's face it, I've met more responsible people! Or what if everyone forgets about the wedding and there are no guests? Or what if George decides to test out some new product for the shop and accidentally blows up the house? Or what if some horrible spell goes wrong and my dress robes disappear? I can't get married in my underwear Ron! Not only would that be very awkward but I'm sure it will end up on the cover of some magazine! What if -

But Ron silenced him, in the only way he could think of? He hit him over the head with the one of the shoes he had found in his closet moments before. Harry stumbled back and looked at Ron in shock. Then, he opened his mouth and said "Oh Merlin Ron! What if I have a concussion?" "MATE, DO YOU WANT ANOTHER WHACK OF THE SHOE? BECAUSE THAT CAN BE ARRANGED!" Ron shouted. Harry just looked at him, his mouth forming a perfect "o". "Look," Ron began "What do you mean you know something is going to go wrong? What are you? A seer? I thought we established in 3rd year that we didn't believe in that mumbo jumbo! Next, the rings aren't going to go missing. Hermione thought I was a little too relaxed about keeping them safe, so she has them in Ginny's room and will give them to me just before the ceremony begins. As for the whole thing about everyone forgetting about the wedding, I wouldn't event worry. This wedding has been in the top ten trending topics in Witch Weekly for the past three months! Everyone is talking about Ginny Weasley; Star chaser for the Holyhead Harpies is engaged to Harry Potter, the man who defeated the greatest dark wizard of all time. And as for George, Mum already has Fleur and Percy keeping watch over him in case he does anything reckless. And, I'm not even going to comment on that last bit of your little speech okay? Oh and you can't a concussion because these shoes aren't exactly new... in fact I don't think I've worn them since Bill and Fleur's wedding. Anything else? Because the wedding starts in twenty minutes and mum wants us outside in ten.

"Thanks Ron" Harry said gratefully. "You're the best best man I could have chosen"
"Thanks mate. So, are you ready to marry my sister?

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