"Bella! Bella wake up! Come on Bella its Christmas! Get up!"

Ten year old Bellatrix Black groaned and rolled over and buried her head deep under her pillow, and away from her eight year old sister Andromeda who was currently jumping on the end of Bellatrix's bed attempting to drive her older sister out of the bed.

"Andy" Bellatrix groaned "What time is it?"

"Just after six. Why?"

"SIX! Are you mental?"

"Nope! Just excited! Come on its present time! Cissy's just gone to wake mum and dad. I sent her to do it 'cause she's the only one they won't yell at this early." The small brunette said this all very quickly, sounding as though she had just ate her way through an entire box of fizzing whizbees.

"But why do we have to do the presents this early?" Bella groaned in a muffled voice from under her pillow.

"Because...um...well...because it's Christmas Bella! I'm not sure you understand the concept of Christmas! We all got up at five last year! What changed?"Andromeda moaned the last part dramatically.

Before Bella could retaliate, a small blonde figure dressed in a pale blue silk morning robe ran into the room and dived onto Bella's bed. "BELLA! GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!" Narcissa screeched. There was no answer. "Bella? Bella where are you? Oh no Andy she's missing! What do we do? Where is she?" The small girl shrieked. Then, a muffled voice came from under Narcissa "I'm under your bum you idiot!" Suddenly Narcissa was pushed off the bed as Bella sat up. The six year old landed in a heap on the floor, her blonde hair spread over her shoulders. However she recovered quickly and was soon running back to Bella as Andromeda sniggered behind her hand.

"Come on Bella! UP! NOW!"

"All right, All right I'm coming. Happy?"


And with that, Narcissa turned around and skipped out the door, her long blonde hair dancing behind her; closely followed by Andromeda who's long red morning robe trailed behind her.

Grumbling to herself, Bellatrix clambered out of bed and slid her emerald green silk robe over her petite form. Still half asleep, she went downstairs to join her family.

Bellatrix Black was definitely not a morning person.