My Mom The Princess

By Hikari Sawada

My brother spends a lot of time with my dad, so he doesn't know this, but our mom is a princess. Lots of people like her, and who wouldn't? Mom is nice, and pretty, and sweet, and really smart! Not only does she take care of me, and Makoto, and dad, but she runs the entire house so dad doesn't have to! I fallow mom around a lot when I'm not playing with my friends. She doesn't have a special fire like dad does, or a box with a pet inside of it, or really cool gadgets, but she is very good at what she does. I like watching mom at parties from our secret hiding place, because she's always wearing a really pretty dress, and her hair's done up special. This is when she really looks like a princess, espically when dad's whirling her around the dance floor.

Being a princess isn't all about looking pretty though. Like I said mom runs the house, and that means she makes sure that it's clean, and food is ready on time, and a bunch of other stuff! She goes grocery shopping a lot, and does laundry, and sometimes even cooks. (That last one depends on if we're at the mansion or not...) She has help so it's not all on her to do everything, which is good because mom also has to look after me and Makoto. She'll break up fights, help us with our homework, or even help us get ready for the day is she has to. Sometimes she even has to make sure dad's taking care of him self!

I know a lot of girls want to be princesses when they grow up, but I'm not so sure if I do. It's a lot of work, and you can't really mess up... You also tend to get kidnapped, and have to be saved a lot. Even if I can't be a princess I think my mom is a perfect one.

Hikari finished writing her paper, and the part of the group paper, finally and made a face. This had taken longer then it should have because of the boys. Speaking of...

Looking over at the young males of the family the girl sighed. Apollo, and Masaru were going at it again, or at least trying to, on the floor next to them were two broken chairs. Sora was restraining the young Hibari, and Daisuke was restraining Masaru. It didn't seem to be helping that Makoto was freaking out on them, and Shawn was looking very confused as he tried to fix the chairs. Hikari sighed, it just wasn't worth it to stop them in her opinion...

Boys would be boys after all.

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Tsuna and Kyoko

Ryohei and Hanna

Mukuro and Chrome

Lambo and I-pin

Gokudera and a nameless faceless OC

Yamamoto and a nameless faceless OC

Hibari and a nameless faceless OC

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