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Chapter One: Prologue—Flying Continuously

The golden skies of Megakat City lit everyday despite the constant turmoil, corruption, and danger that plagued the people of the city. Although evil forces and villains struck from time to time, plummeting the city into destruction, the SWAT Kats would always thwart their advances and save the day.

Partners in the sky, Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson, a.k.a. T-Bone and Razor, spend their days ever since their dismissal from the Enforcers as workers in the Megakat City Salvage Yard on the outskirts of the city. Angry at being kicked out and still desiring to protect the city they loved, Jake, with his mechanical ingenuity and genius, and Chance's piloting skills and boldness, became the SWAT Kats. Dispatching the bad guys the Enforcers lacked the ability to fight against, the duo became heroes of MegaKat City. Risking their lives high in the sky, both the burly tabby, Chance, and the lean and swift, Jake, flew in the Turbokat day in and day out patrolling and keeping the peace.

Yet as both partners continued to fight, living through dangerous and tense situations, their bond of friendship began to grow stronger and stronger as if every time T-Bone and Razor took to the sky in the Turbokat, nothing seemed impossible when the two were together. Life for the SWAT Kats meant a life full of responsibilities with few to little opportunities for love, relationships, and even friendships outside the two of them. Heavy with the burden of secret identities, Chance and Jake only found solace in each other with their humorous attitudes, sarcastic tones, and their partnership for the good fight.

As their first two years passed as the SWAT Kats, Chance and Jake held their ground among perilous adventures and found they not only saved the city, Mayor Manx, and Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs countless times, but also each other from death and from the difficulties of their complicated lives. As time passed, the stresses both mental and physical were beginning to drain the excitement of being the SWAT Kats out of the pair as well as the unspoken emotions they were hiding, making it harder to continue their mission as guardians of the city.

The weight of duty and responsibility as SWAT Kats caused Chance and Jake to rely on each other so much that something as simple as watching TV, fixing the Turbokat, or even sharing a meal was the only relief they got from their stressful lives. As the tension built, the bond between them continued to be tested until one day, their feelings for one another, still hidden, struggled and gasped for air against the turbulent downward spiral their relationship was heading towards and neither knew how to break the stalemate.

It would all come to a head when Razor found himself falling through the air toward the ground at breakneck speed as T-Bone watched in horror, heart pounding uncontrollably with fear and anguish, seeing their lives, dreams, desires and the truth never given wings, slipping away forever on that terrible, fateful day.