It has been a long time since I've written anything and I have had drafts and chapters just lying about. Here's a little bit of what I worked on a long while ago. I'm thinking of maybe going back and finishing my first stories. For now, please enjoy this little excerpt. Thanks for all the favorite story and author adds, I see those email alerts here and there and they keep making me think back to these stories.

Chapter 13: What Really Matters Lies In My Heart

The blissful morning rose as the sun's rays broke the weakening gray clouds that began to dissipate after the stormy night. In their bedroom, Chance and Jake slept peacefully as the light pouring from the window slowly crept inside. All night long they had cuddled and they had fallen asleep in each others' arms. Chance had his large arm holding Jake close to him as Jake was on his side holding onto his lover. The light from outside slowly crawled across the floor until it reached the edge of the bed, beginning its trek up the bed until it shined brightly on Jake's face. With a touch of warmth on his face, Jake began to slowly stir and awaken from his peaceful rest. As he opened up his eyes, he saw that he was lying over Chance's chest, watching it rise and fall as he also listened to his buddy's heart beating soothingly. Not wanting to stir Chance, Jake kept still and enjoyed looking over his love for several moments as he waited for Chance to wake up. Finally, the light from outside filled the entire room and ushered Chance awake, and as he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was Jake looking up at him with glimmering and loving eyes.

"Well, good morning to you, Chance." Jake said sweetly as he caressed and rubbed against Chance.

"Good morning, Jake. Did I keep you waiting long?" Chance let out a large yawn as he replied.

"A little bit, but I was enjoying just watching you rest." Moving up towards Chance, Jake met his love's face and gave Chance a kiss.

"Guess yesterday took a lot out of us. But I'm glad we were out together, Jake." Trying his best not to show a concerned face, Chance thought about last night and still wondered how Jake was feeling.

"Me too, Chance. Thanks a lot, I had a lot of fun." Shrugging off his thoughts, Jake didn't want to spoil the moment and thought to let things be and not allow last night's incident sour the rest of the weekend.

"Glad to hear, buddy." Chance let out a smile, happy that Jake didn't seem so down as before.

With both Chance and Jake awake, both prepared to clean up and begin the day. Still in bed, the two lovers shared a few moments of cuddling and kissing as their warm bodies stirred their sleeping muscles and minds awake. Each warm embrace and each soulful kiss rejuvenated both Chance and Jake as their bodies woke up. Just for those moments, Chance and Jake felt the emanating warmth and comfort of their bountiful love for one another. After their morning moment together, Jake got out of bed and proceeded to the window as Chance got up and sat at the edge of the bed still slightly yawning. Peering outside the window, Jake saw clear skies and the sun shining beautifully across the landscape of Megacity and its outskirts. It wasn't often that the scenery appeared so beautiful but after the previous night's storm, the dark and mucky appearance of the world became full of life and beauty.

"Looks like the storm cleared things up. It's beautiful outside today." Jake commented as he looked out the window.

Getting up from the bed, Chance headed over to Jake to take a look for himself. "It is beautiful, Jake. Why don't we go out and enjoy it?" Chance asked as he brushed up again Jake and held him to his side.

"Shouldn't we be getting back to training?" Jake questioned.

"Not so fast, sure-shot. We already agreed to take a little break. Come on, just a little longer so we can enjoy ourselves and for you to get fully rested." Chance did his best to avoid Jake's question as he placed excuses beforehand in order to divert Jake's attention.

"Well, if only for a little bit longer...but Chance, we need to get back to work soon." Going along with Chance's request, Jake reluctantly agreed.

Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!

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