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This school is called Sekiei Academy, an all girls school for girls everywhere, yes this is an all girl's school for foreign and local girls, but this year, the principal's little brother arranged a little surprise for them all, twenty-five boys are coming as part of a program for the girls to get to know boys, but with the boys quickly gaining fangirls, what will happen? Why the tennis players? And in the end, will they fall in love with each other? These are the girl tennis regulars as Sekiei's rules are to have more then enough members for any co-curricular activities and so this tennis club has twenty regulars. Current school population for middles school is 2,500 students and more and the Japanese girls don't overpower the foreign girls. That's a lot of fangirls, but at least these girls aren't.

Vanessa Liu (Liu Xiao Mai): from Taipei, Taiwan and 14 years old, she has brown-dark brown hair and dark teal eyes. She's the captain of the girls' tennis team, she orders with authority, very calm and will not lose it unless provoked, and she is easily provoked when you hurt any of her teammates, not a big fan of boys going to the school because she is used to the girls around her and no boys. Her father was a former pro in swimming and her mother a former pro in high jumping, with their help in her training. Vanessa is a dangerous opponent on the courts. She is also part of the swim team and high jump team though, she focuses on tennis more.

Tatiana Von Herzon: from Munich, Germany and also 14 years old, she has dark red hair and viridian eyes. She's the vice captain and is an extremely intelligent girl since her mother is an astrophysicist and her father is a rocket scientist, she wants to be both and uses another kind of data tennis style, she is technical and logical but at the same time acts like an older sister figure to the rest of her teammates. She also joined the science club that focuses on outer space in their school.

Pamela Martinez: from Barcelona, Spain, she has jet black hair and light amber eyes, and 14 years old. She joined the tennis team because she wanted too. The most powerful player in the tennis team because her father is a power trainer. She is headstrong and competitive and she isn't afraid to voice out her opinions. Her style of tennis does not only focus on power though, she is also very alert. Despite these, she likes just looking at calm scenery and loves drawing or painting it as she wants to be an architect in the future.

Ota Yumika: from Osaka, Japan, she has dark brown hair and golden yellow eyes and she is 14 years old. She joined two clubs, the tennis and dance clubs. She is a dare-devil, isn't afraid to try anything new and has a fearless aura. She is an acro dancer and so her style of tennis is like Kikumaru's and Mukahi's, only she is much more flexible, and a volley specialist like Marui and Jirou, but also a net player. She is the most daring member of the team and also likes eating weird food.

Oh Yun Hye: from Incheon, South Korea, she has medium golden brown hair and dark turquoise eyes, also 14 years old. She also joined the tennis club and dance club but she is a break dancer. She is a hip hop girl, very creative especially in graffiti and is easygoing and laidback but not in terms of physical attitude. Her style of tennis is baseline break dancing as she uses her break dancing moves to hit back balls even in the hardest situations. It is impossible to collect her data because she is always unpredictable.

Ridley Larson: from Melbourne, Australia, she has dark violet hair and amber eyes, also 14 years old. She is elegant, lady-like and gives of a graceful aura, but when she and Lorraine clash, she will fight back. She plays the piano and is part of the orchestra club. Her style of tennis is graceful and elegant, all of her moves don't require her to act to rash and she always keeps a calm aura no matter what the situation. She is the calmest of all of her teammates, often ending her clashes with Lorraine if she feels the need too.

Lorraine Rogers: from Los Angeles, U.S.A., she has dirty blond hair and dark magenta eyes and is 14 years old. She is spontaneous, very sociable and a gossip love, which is why she always has fights with Ridley because Ridley ridicules her love for gossip and the fact that she doesn't think with before she speaks too much. Although despite those traits, she loves Paleontology, especially dinosaurs as her parents are paleontologist. Her style of tennis includes being one of the most aggressive players of the team as she ALWAYS makes smashes that cannot be returned at all. She gives off a friendly aura even when playing.

Juliet Lefebvre: from Paris, France, she has incredibly light platinum blond hair and dark turquoise eyes and is 14 years old. She is a girl who loves drama and dreams to be an actress one day. She joined the tennis club because she wanted too and is part of the drama or theatre club. She also loves matchmaking and love stories but does not like to flirt at all, as she has already found her soulmate, as she says and she is not one to betray one's trust and loyalty. Her style of tennis is switch personality, which is all an act, she will often act like her opponents which annoys them to no end, very few people are not affected by her tactics.

Sheila Bianchi: from Milan, Italy, she has dark fire-y orange hair and turquoise eyes and is also 14 years old. She loves playing the guitar and drums and is part of the school's band club and is a representative for such. She is also a great singer at that. She loves composing songs and writing stories and is part of the school's newspaper staff, she is quiet around those she does not know too well but she actually talks when she's around people she knows, she is always seen typing on her laptop or tablet pc or macbook or netbook… so she usually does not know what's happening around her. Her style of tennis is pulling people into her rhythm and manipulating them from there on and very few people have found ways to get out of it.

Megan Bach: from Toronto, Canada, she has dark brown hair and celadon green eyes and 14 years old. She joined the tennis team because her pastime sports are ice hockey and tennis, she joined both clubs. She is a clever, quick-witted and sly which is why she is the trickiest player on the team. She always wears a smirk on her face she is in the chess club too. She often uses the chess board to invent tactics and strategies in the courts or rink and she sometimes conveys ice hockey in tennis and vise versa.

Mia Bax: from Auckland, New Zealand, she has dark red-brown hair and sky blue eyes, also 14 years old. She joined the tennis club because like Megan, it is one of her pastime sports, the other would be rugby. She is outgoing, and seems like she is always in an adrenaline rush, and fearless, she uses her surroundings to her advantage and it is extremely hard to let a ball get past her and nothing can blow her racket out of her hand. She doesn't just rely on her instincts though, often before matches she takes photos or videos of her opponents and studies them, she is in the AV club actually, and then combines them for her advantage.

Ashleigh Genevieve Granger: from London, England and is 13 years old, she has platinum blond hair that turns to dark brown going down and light gray eyes. She joined the tennis team because her first prioritized sport is tennis, but she also joined other clubs like biology and woodshop. She is an energetic, happy-go-lucky girl and doesn't like looking at the negative side of things. A little side note about the Granger family, they are incredibly successful scholars on all fields and their companies are incredibly massive but unlike her sisters, she isn't that exposed yet to the business world and so is still quite naïve but only to those she trust, betray her trust and it'll take months before she can forgive you.

Allison Gabriella Granger: from Glasgow, Scotland and is also 13 years old, same hairstyle as Ashleigh but she has purple eyes, she is younger then Ashleigh and they are not twins-twins, they were born on the same year but on very different dates. Unlike Ashleigh, she joined the tennis club because their mother was a star there and she didn't want to let her down, her first prioritized sport is actually horseback riding, and yes they have a club for that which she also joined, she also joined the mental math club and orchestra where she plays the violin and is the lead. Opposite of Ashleigh, she is calm, cool and collected and doesn't care what happens to her, but if anyone dares to hurt her friends and family, she will hunt them down and personally make sure they get what they deserve, and no one wants to see that again if they witness it only once. She is more exposed to the business world and so is able to think fast in ANY situation, the most analytical member of the team and she usually makes the set list.

Angelina Giselle Granger: from Belfast, Northern Ireland and is also 13 years old, born on the same year but not twins-twins as are her sisters, has the same hair as her sisters but has teal eyes. She is the youngest of them but unlike her sister Ashleigh, Angelina is calm, cool and but sometimes cheerful and jovial, and unlike her sister Allison, she will hurt anyone who dares to threaten her or her family and friends, but like Allison she joined the tennis club even though it is not her prioritized sport. Her prioritized sport would be figure skating and yes she is in that club as well. She joined the science club that focuses on plants and the marching band where she plays the trumpet, first line. She is also exposed to the business world like her sister Ashleigh but is more mellow, the most ruthless member of the team on courts because she does not tolerate losing at all, but only for her.

Casey Isabella Parker: from Sydney, Australia, she has light brown hair and dark violet eyes, also 13 years old. She joined the tennis team the moment she enrolled in the school. She is a girl, who will stand-up for anyone when she knows they are right and she will not go down without a fight, she plays soccer as well and so is incredibly fast on the court and has a somewhat acrobatic play in her style, she also joined their schools show choir club and also the debate club for her inability to lose when she knows what's right.

Kelly Elizabeth Sawyer: from New York City, U.S.A., she has blond hair and dark indigo eyes, also 13 years old. She joined the tennis team the moment she stepped foot in the courts. She is a fashionista, as she is part of the fashion club of the school and helps the school with uniforms and such and she is part of the schools sewing club, but she's a neat freak who likes everything to be organized all the time. She is also in the archery club and has the most pinpoint accuracy in the tennis team because of it, normally doesn't want to get into fights, but she will if you mess with her.

Harada Hinata: from Tokyo, Japan, she has medium brown hair and light brown eyes and is 13 years old. She joined the tennis team as one of her extra-curricular activities. She enjoys cooking and baking and is in those clubs, she is very kindhearted and soft-spoken but she will stand up for what is right, albeit reluctantly sometimes. Her style of tennis is aggressive baseliner despite those traits, she prefers to attack but is still soft-spoken, and she makes the most aces (serve and return) in the tennis team. Her parents are five-star chef (father) and baker (mother), which is where she got her talent from.

Han Hyi Jeong: from Seoul, South Korea, she has dark peach-orange (not a redhead!) hair and chocolate brown eyes, also 13 years old. She joined the tennis team same reason as Hinata. She is the medic of the team as she creates drinks or provides medicine fore them, but they don't taste bad. She also makes sure they are all in the right condition and she is usually the one to check their injuries. Her style of tennis is serve and volley and she paralyzes her opponents because of her ice cold style of play as most opponents do not want to mess with her bad side. She values peace and tranquility and rarely shows her violent side to others, she only shows sympathy to her friends and family despite being a future doctor and will often act cold and crude to others, but she still cares all the same. She also joined the chemistry club. Her parents are top-class doctors. (Father is department of diagnostic medicine chief and mother is head of the ER).

Yan Fu Chen: from Hong Kong, she has dark raven black-brown hair and bright blue eyes and is also 13 years old. She joined the tennis team for the same reason as the previous two. But she also loves technology as she is part of the techno club in their school, always seen with her laptop that has a camera on it analyzing things that she wants to know more about, the second data tennis player on the team only her style consists of major analyzing thanks to her trusty laptop. Thanks to her needing to always concentrate on her laptop, she developed a keen alertness to everything. She avoids accidents even without batting an eyebrow. She is quiet but will put aside everything to save a friend in need.

Uchiha Rima: born in Bern, Switzerland, but is Japanese, the super girl rookie, she's arrogant but cares for her senpai all the same, but she has a play style where she is all over the place, even if the ball is to high, skidding or whatever. She is also stubborn but her teammates treat her like the baby of the team, namely because she is. (Not she will make an appearance in later chapters)

Disclaimer: I don't own prince of tennis

"25 boys?"


"But why do they have to be tennis players?"

"Because the school agreed to it, the girl's tennis team is the most prided of all."

"But" "No buts!"

"…. Ah, eh, Fine."

"Good." And the man grinned maniacally.

"What the hell is with that man?" Pamela shuddered.

"Argh, this is too stupid, we don't need boys!" Vanessa groaned.

"Hmm, agreed on that, I curse the fact that he's the younger brother of the principal." Tatiana grumbled.

"Well, we're nineteen and they're twenty-five we are so out numbered." Lorraine scoffed.

"I think Juliet is happy about all this." Mia snickered.

"HELL NO, have you seen the Seigaku, Hyotei and Rikkai tennis regulars? Two of them are to stoic for their own good, even with their friends, some worry too much, I think four or five are sadist, and some are egoistical!" Juliet said in one breath.

"My data." Fu Chen explained.

"Aah." The regulars understood now on how Juliet knew all that.

"Hey, they have a great trickster too." Megan smirked, looking at Tatiana's data.

"Huh, Fu Chen's data is much more specific, mine are simply researches." Tatiana nodded.

"But it's true, Niou Masaharu is from Rikkai, the trickster, and Tezuka Kunimitsu ring a bell Tatiana?" Fu Chen asked.

"Hmm, Munich, he was my friend back in the rehab center." Tatiana confirmed.

"Good then, my data is correct."

"Fu Chen still likes correcting her data even though it's already flawless." Ashleigh said and then glomped her friend.

"Leigh." Allison and Angelina sighed.

"Huh, what Ally, Angie?" Ashleigh asked, dumbfounded.

"Forget it." The two sisters just smiled at their sisters who just turned back to being all happy.

"Vanessa you shouldn't explode too much." Ridley reminded her.

"She's right" Sheila agreed.

"You'll get wrinkles you know." Yumika chuckled.


"Chill Vanessa." Yun Hye sighed.

"Hmm, this way right?" Kelly asked.

"Yeahp, I'm pretty sure." Casey nodded.

"Well you're probably right." Hinata smiled.

"She is." Hyi Jeong affirmed.

"Okay, ready?" Vanessa asked after taking a deep breath.


"So you might want to run when you see a bunch of other girls." Pamela continued to inform.

"Yeah, they're extremely loud and fast and you wouldn't want the teachers to scold you." Tatiana continued.

"After that hope you don't get Mr. Nakamura's, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Lee 2, Mr. Fujiwari in the classes you will take in this school, you are required to take three math and science courses, English, Literature, Social Studies, History is separated from Social Studies in this school so yeah, in your case you are required to take Japanese and your teachers will be Japanese except for the English teacher." Vanessa added.

"Also extra-curricular activities or co-curricular activities whichever is fine. You need to sign up for them, all students are required to take at least three athletics and arts programs and also three extra academics programs." Ridley continued. (Not all are at the intros because you will find them out as the story goes)

"Yumika and Hinata are probably going to some of your classes since they also have Japanese teachers, the rest of us are different, it's your choice though, you can choose whichever teacher if you prove you are extremely fluent with whatever language he is fluent in, like most of us." Mia notified.

"I'm pretty sure all of you are joining the tennis club?" Ashleigh confirmed and the boys all nodded.

"Okay, we cleared some space up for you, and no you will not be with any girls." Fu Chen intercepted the guys when they were going to ask.

"Hmm, we already showed you all the facilities." Mia mumbled.

"I guess that raps it up." Juliet finished.

"Well, that's it, good luck!" and the girls left.

"They're efficient." Yanagi commented.

"This school is totally awesome!" Eiji and Momo cheered.

"Sugee~" Jirou cheered, he was awake the whole time for once.

"Well, we better look at the courses and such." Then they realized they didn't know where they were supposed to go.

"Straight, right, left then it's the big door at the end of the hallway." Ally and Angie appeared out of nowhere.


"Go before it's too late." The two girls sighed.


"Room 311, 312, 313 ah 314." Five guys nodded. When they opened the doors, most of the girls were about to squeal, but the teacher for this class shut them up with a raising of an eyebrow and proceeded to introduce the boys.

"You must be Kikumaru Eiji, Shishido Ryou, Niou Masaharu, Mukahi Gakuto and Marui Bunta." The teacher greeted.


"Okay, class you know who they are as I just said their names, you are very lucky Lorraine takes this class and welcome to English III class room 314, take your seats near Lorraine since I think you do not want to be bombarded with questions by these girls." The teacher inquired.


"By the way, my name is Ms. Scott.

"236 and 237." This time four guys were there.

"Ah, you must be the new students, Momoshiro Takeshi, Hiyoshi Wakashi, Kirihara Akaya and Kaido Kaoru, I am Mr. Sakamoto, you're teacher for History, Hinata is here so I suggest you sit near her unless you want the girls chasing you around." The teacher chuckled.

"HAI!" the four went to their seats.

"Well come too History II room 237, as I was saying…"

"Finally lunch." The boys sighed.

"Finding our ways around the school was a mind-wrecker." Momo sighed.

"Ah, there you are." Pamela came up to them.

"Huh, what is it?"

"Didn't you check your schedule? Oh yeah, tennis practice is at four thirty later just here to remind you that some of you have classes starting at 1:00 and its 12:45." Then she left.

"Ah advance calculus." Tezuka confirmed, checking his schedule.


"Hmm, I have advance trigonometry." Atobe stood up then left.

"Hmm, advance geometry, well goodbye." Yukimura left.

"As expected of buchou." The others were wide-eyed.

"Saa, I have advance physics." Fuji bade them goodbye.

"Ah, I have advance chemistry." Oshitari also left.

"Hmm, advance biology." Sanada just walked away.

"Them too…"

The day passed and the boys went off to the tennis courts with Megan and Mia leading them.

"Hmm, you are all here, okay Vanessa won't kill us." Mia chuckled.

"Hmm, I wonder what she'll make us do though." Megan smirked.

"The smirk of the devil, please don't tell me you're." Mia sighed and ignored her.

"What? I'm just thinking of something." Megan just kept on smirking while Mia sighed at her best friend's creepiness.

"We're here." Mia announced.

"Ah, you're finally here, I arranged practice matches with the boys" Vanessa explained.


Well, I'll tell you the first four matches in the next chapter.

Megan vs. Yanagi

Mia vs. Jirou

Juliet vs. Yagyuu

Sheila vs. Choutarou

I'll save the better line-ups for later chapters, just for climaxes.

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