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"Let the games begin." Lorraine smirked.

Court 1

"One set match, Liu to serve!"

"Don't go easy on me Tezuka-san." Vanessa warned.


"Well, whatever." Vanessa served, she shouted "Guillotine".

"1-15-love." Fuji had his eyes opened.

"One shouldn't underestimate Vanessa, the Charismatic Tycoon." Ridley muttered.

Court 2

"Yukimura, one game to love!"

"Hmm, the child of god lives up to his name." Tatiana smirked.

"You're not so bad yourself." Yukimura smiled.

"Well, you can't use the yips on me." Tatiana smiled.

"We'll see." Yukimura stated.

"Well, Tatiana is the Lithe Maven." Juliet shuddered.

Court 3

"Game Martinez, one game to two!"

"What's wrong king, just because you're Hametsue no Rondo won't work on me you're backing down?" Pamela taunted.

"Ah, Ore-sama never backs down." Atobe said haughtily.

"Well, let me tell you one thing, you're not the only one who has insight." Pamela smiled and hit a jack knife.

"Don't underestimate ore-sama." Atobe then unleashed Koori no Saeki.

"Not like you should underestimate the Rigid Slayer either." Megan smirked.

Court 1

"Tezuka zone!" various people exclaimed, although that was a couple of minutes ago.

"Not good enough!" Vanessa grunted and effectively countered the Tezuka zone, but Tezuka hit the ball back even though and got the point.

"Game Tezuka, four games to three!"

"Well you're Tezuka zone has just been countered." Vanessa stated.

"You're good." Tezuka affirmed.

"Why thank you." Once again Vanessa served Guillotine.

"This is the last game Vanessa can use that serve." Lorraine sighed.

"She can't overdue it just months before the selections." Ridley muttered.

Court 2

"Game Yukimura, six games to five!"

"Yips still won't work." Tatiana smiled, and then she shouted "Shooting Star." when Yukimura hit the ball back and it was a lob.

"Von Herzon, 15-love!"

"The Shooting Star, although not as strong as Lorraine's smashes or Pamela's power shots, it has a certain spin that makes it curve on the ground completely evading the opponent's racket." Fu Chen explained.

"Tatiana researched well in a matter of minutes, she used the move Yukimura-san won't be able to return easily and took advantage of it." Ridley muttered.

"The spontaneous kind of data tennis." Lorraine uttered.

"S-Sugee." Kirihara stammered.

Court 3

"Pamela wants to be an architect in the future, she can notice the tiniest of details, although not as accurate as Kelly, but Pamela is stronger." Yumika said.

"Well, this is why this Atobe guy is having a hard time, Pamela may not be able to return it in the definite weak spot, but she can make the opponent extra tired and then crush him or her with her power shots." Yun Hye stated.

"But it looks like Pamela was a little too late in acting it out." Sheila chuckled.

"Game Atobe, seven games to five!"

"Well, that was a good game." Pamela shook hands with him.

"Ore same bigi ni yoi na!" Atobe smirked.

"Whatever!" Pamela exclaimed but laughed.

Court 1

"Game Tezuka, six games to four!"

"That was a nice game." Vanessa smiled and shook hands with him.

"Thank you." Tezuka bowed.

In the end, Tezuka was able to counter Guillotine, but Vanessa was still able to win one game when she kept on countering Tezuka's Zero Shiki drop-shot serve, everyone was shocked since only people with a high level of skill can return something like that. But Tezuka won because he used Kaipatsu no Kiwami and Vanessa although was able to return some, lost in the end, but it was a fair fight.

Court 2

"Game Yukimura, seven games to five!"

"Well, now I know the yips aren't the only reason why you win." Tatiana smiled.

"Of course." Yukimura smiled back.

Tatiana lost because Yukimura figured the tricks of the shooting star and countered it successfully, and Tatiana was already exhausted from countering Yukimura's attacks to prevent the yips, so she wasn't able to show anymore of her valued techniques.

"You all want to spend the night in my house?" Tatiana asked the girls, they were all in the locker room, fully dressed in casual clothes.

"Hmm, sure, I'm pretty sure my grandmother wouldn't mind." Yumika nodded.

"Same with my grandaunt." Yun Hye smiled.

"Hmm, big sis says yes." Vanessa answered while Pamela was already staying over anyways.

"We're all set!" the three sisters exclaimed.

"My butler says he will send some clothes." Fu Chen stated.

"Aunt says okay." Casey smiled.

"Mine too." Kelly nods.

"My cousin says I can go." Hinata says.

"My step bro says I can too." Hyi Jeong agrees.

"I'm in." Megan said.

"I can go." Mia answers.

"I have no lessons for today so, why not." Ridley confirms.

"It's Saturday tomorrow anyways." Lorraine shrugs and that means everyone's in.

"Okay, I'll call ahead and tell the maids to prepare the beds." Tatiana cheered.

"Casey!" someone calls.

"Oh, Fu Chen explain please!" Casey pleads and runs off.

"Fu Chen?" Vanessa asks.

"Ohtori Choutarou, Casey's cousin, his mother is Australian and father Japanese, speaking of which, Kelly your cousin Yagyuu Hiroshi should be calling you by now, his mother is American and father Japanese before any of you ask, yes Ohtori-san's mother and Yagyuu-san's mother is related to Casey and Kelly, respectively." Fu Chen explains as Kelly too runs off.

"REALLY!" most of the girls exclaim.

"Mhmm, I just explained to Chouta, and Kelly to her cousin, we can go now." Casey motions. All the girls chuckle and follow Tatiana to her rather, huge car.

"Choutarou, that girl was your cousin?" Shishido ask, incredulously.

"H-Hai." Choutarou scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Yeahgyuu~" Niou stated.

"Yes she is." Yagyuu still as gentlemanly as ever, said.

"Yo!" five girls called over.

"Eh, senpai-tachi?" Momoshiro exclaimed.

"Why don't you come with us to stay over at Tatiana's?" Megan asked.

"Hah, are you sure nya?" Eiji asked.

"Well, all of us are pretty sure the weekends will be hell for all of you." Mia chuckled.


"Because there are over 2, 500 girls in Sekiei middle school alone, including us." Juliet started.

"And unless you want girls bombarding your dorm rooms since there are also over 2, 500 students in Sekiei high school and over 2, 200 in elementary school also over 2, 200 in Sekiei university…" Sheila drawled.

"Okay!" the boys agreed, some nodded while the others smiled.

"Okay then." Tatiana smiled.

When they arrived there, most of the guys were staring in awe of her estate, it was a mansion, a seriously gigantic one and the inside made the outside looking small.

"Okay." Tatiana started when the guys regained there composure. "We'll be staying at the entertainment room first, it's basically full off indoor activities like billiards, bowling, poker, video games, big movie screen, games, even chess." Tatiana continued.

"When's dinner?" Lorraine asked.

"Hmm, 7: 30 sharp, food will be poultry." Tatiana read from the menu a maid gave her.

"Chef Dudley's roasted chicken, turkey, duck and goose." Fu Chen guessed.

"That and…" Tatiana encouraged.

"Served with mashed potatoes, fried rice, spinach soup, with fresh fruit juice right from your orchards." Fu Chen continued.

"Exactly, you're getting better and better." Tatiana complimented.

"Thank you." Fu Chen bowed. Then they reached the entertainment room.

"Niou-kun." Megan whispered.

"Puri." Niou stated.

"What do you say we play a trick on them?" Megan smirked.

"Heh, finally someone who agrees with me." Niou smirked back.

"All right, follow my lead." Megan then looked at Tatiana.

"Tatiana, Niou and I are going to play a game of Megan style chess." Megan told Tatiana.

"Don't scar him with your playing." Tatiana warned.

"I won't, I won't." Megan waved off as she and Niou went to the chess room.

"Chances of the two tricksters planning something, one-hundred percent." Inui said.

"They are going to plan something." Yanagi said at the same time.

"It's definitely Megan who planned all this." Fu Chen chorused.

All of them just stared at them while the three data players waved it off by writing more data and in Fu Chen's case, typing rapidly on her laptop.

"Well, I think I will be going to the library." Ridley said.

"Hmm, may I come along?" Yagyuu asked.

"Of course Yagyuu-san." Then they both went to the library.

"Tatiana, mind if I go to the band room?" Sheila asked while looking over at her tablet pc.

"Oh, writing a new song for band club?" Tatiana asked.

"Well being the lead guitarist and song writer is kind of busy." Sheila smiled and continued on with her tablet pc.

"Well sure, but I think Shishido-san is also in band club." Tatiana said.

"Oh, the new lead bass guitarist." Sheila noted.

"A-Ah." Shishido nodded.

"Well, come with me, I think I can cover you the rules at the same time." Sheila said, still looking at her tablet pc.

"Hai." Shishido then went along with her.

"Tatiana, can I go to the orchestra room?" Allison asked.

"Violin?" Tatiana asked.

"Mhmm." Allison answered.

"Hey, Chouta plays the violin too!" Casey exclaimed.

"Eh, what's up?" Ohtori asked when he heard his cousin saying his name.

"Oh, Ally is thinking of going to the orchestra room to play the violin." Casey filled in.

"You want to come along? I want to hear if you're good." Allison asked with a small smile.

"Okay." Ohtori nodded and went along with Allison, Ohtori being too tall for his own good almost bumping his head at the top of the entrance and laughing sheepishly while Allison laughed lightly.

"I'm going to the greenhouse, is that okay?" Angelina asked Tatiana.

"Oh, I have new flowers and herbs there." Tatiana stated.

"Oh cool!" Angelina cheered.

"Do you mind if I come along?" Yukimura asked.

"Hmm, oh sure!" Angelina smiled and led the way.

"Tatiana, do you mind if I go play on the car racing game?" Casey asked.

"Of course not." Tatiana smiled.

"Oh cool, can I come?" Momo asked with excitement.

"Sure, it's more fun if there are two people." Casey answered, showing him the way.

"Awesome!" Momo cheered.

"Tatiana, can I go to the archery practice room?" Kelly asked.

"Of course." Tatiana ushered.

"Mind if I come along?" Sanada asked out of the blue.

"Hmm, you do archery?" Kelly asked.

"That and Kendo." Sanada nodded.

"Oh, you're the applicant with the high standards!" Kelly exclaimed with a smile.

"Ah." Sanada nodded.

"Okay then, come with me." Kelly ushered.

They all pretty soon went of around the entertainment room and Tatiana and Tezuka started chatting.

"Haven't seen you since Munich." Tatiana laughed.

"Well, I didn't know you'd be in Japan." Tezuka patted her head.

"Well, I thought I'd be going to Berlin to study then back to Munich to study again but my father sent me to Sekiei." Tatiana explained.

"Well, at least we get to see each other again." Tezuka nodded.

"Of course, you are the person who wrote on the local paper of the rehabilitation center about my abilities and me vise versa." Tatiana blushed slightly.

"Ah." Tezuka coughed a little and they continued chatting.

Back with the tricksters

"You seriously did that!" Megan exclaimed laughing when Niou told her about a trick he did to Kirihara.

"You should've seen the kids face!" Niou continued snickering.

"Now that we can add to our trick." Megan smirked and moved the bishop.

"I'll say." Niou agreed moving the king.

Now to the well-mannered ones

"I'll say Nicholas Sparks." Ridley commented.

"Yes, his books are definitely superior." Yagyuu agreed.

Then to the band players

"No wonder you're the new lead bass guitarist." Sheila complimented.

"I'm not surprised you're lead guitarist." Shishido chuckled.

"Well, my father is a music producer." Sheila stated.

Now to the violinist

"That was awesome Ohtori-kun." Allison commented.

"Ah, thank you." Ohtori bowed.

Then to the greenhouse

"How do you know all these?" Angelina asked Yukimura.

"I like plants." Yukimura answered with his usual smile.

Then we have the racing ones

"Hah, beat that!" Casey exclaimed when she went ahead Momo.

"We'll see!" and Momo sped up faster.

The Archers

"You never miss a target." Sanada noticed.

"It's not like you do." Kelly commented back.


After a while they all went back to the main entertainment room, the ones who went off earlier laughing and chatting with each other, save Sanada and Yagyuu who would talk but would not laugh, maybe pat the head of the girls, but that's all, all in all, they were like siblings all of a sudden, save Tatiana and Tezuka who knew each other way before.

"Hmm, I have a question." Kikumaru started.

"Shoot." Lorraine answered.

"If the school is full of foreigners and locals, then you girls are…" Kikumaru drawled.

"Oh, I'm German." Tatiana answered.

"Spanish." Pamela said.

"Taiwanese." Vanessa shrugged.

"English, Scottish and Irish." The three sisters answered.

"French." Juliet smiled.

"Italian." Sheila uttered, once again looking at her pc.

"American." Kelly and Lorraine answered.

"Australian." Casey and Ridley stated.

"Chinese." Fu Chen answered.

"Canadian/New Zealander" Megan and Mia chorused, respectively.

"Japanese/Korean." The remaining four simultaneously said.

The boys' answers were a mix of Ohs and I see and cool.

"I guess we should all eat dinner." Tatiana said.


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