Schwans' next big novel lenth project

I wish to now take the opportunity to announce that my next project will be posted in roughly two months. Enjoy the summary here.

Away from home for the first time to attend boarding school with her cousins, Lucy comes to the realization that her years there are going to be full of woe and misery. Lucy is James and Freddie's favorite target and they are all in the same year to make matters worse. But perhaps she can avoid the bullies, the pranks, and all of the tomfoolery so that she can get top grades and a good job when she graduates.

Fate has other plans…

A mysterious figure roams the grounds around the forest seeming to be looking for something. Something that is worth killing and dying for. Lucy has seen the figure and an associate in a mask of gold meeting. What could they be after?

Lucy is soon drawn into the search for an item of power that has come to rest at her school. Can Lucy find out who these figure's are? What are they looking for? And can this socially inept, intellectual become one of the greatest hero's of her time?