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Author's Note: I'm secretly in love with Wadsworth from clue. Damn, guess it isn't a secret anymore huh?

"Wadsworth get in here!" Mr. Boddy screamed from his office, on the second floor of his large mansion.

"Yes, sir?" Wadsworth said as he entered. Mr. Boddy slowly turned his chair around from the window to face him.

"I need your help. I'm blackmailing these people, but I need one more to make it perfect." He explained.

"Sir, with all do respect, I would like to stay away from your illegal activity." He said politely.

"Wadsworth, you need this job right?"

"Yes, sir."He said reluctantly.

"I'll take that as a yes, you would love to help."

"Well, who do you have so far sir?"

"I have a senator's wife, a Professor, A Nuclear Physicist's Wife, A Bordello Owner, A Colonel, and A man who works for the state department. I just need that one clueless idiot to make the balance perfect. One idiot, that will turn everyone against each other." Mr. Boddy explained, as Wadsworth came around the desk to see the list of people, and what they were being blackmailed about.

He glanced up and noticed a framed picture placed near the edge of Mr. Boddy's desk. It was of a beautiful, scantly clad ,young women, with the words, "To my biggest fan, with love, Katie!".

"Who is she, sir?" Wadsworth asked.

"She's a high dollar stripper Wadsworth. More than you ever could afford!"

"Invite her." He suggested.

"What? Are you crazy?" Boddy said, disgusted. "Well, now that you mention it, that isn't a bad idea. Bring in a pretty face, someone most of these people would trust, then when the going gets rough, blame. The guys would be falling all over her, except Mr. Green, the women would hate her, and if she makes it out alive, she'll have an interesting story to tell. Brilliant Wadsworth, pure Brilliance!"

"But, sir, What will you blackmail her for?"

"For being a stripper of course!I don't think any woman would want the world to know she takes her clothes off for dirty, old men, now would she?"

"I guess your right, sir." He said, glancing up at her picture again.

"Good. Now go help Yvette with the preparation."

"Yes, sir." He said, leaving the room.

"Oh, and Wadsworth," Boddy called, " We don't want her to end up like your wife, now do we? So how about you keep a distance from her, after all, I've paid to see that piece of ass many times, I at least deserve to get some for free. Maybe I'll right that into the blackmail. 'Must sleep with Boddy!'. Sounds good, don't you think?" Boddy said with an evil laugh.

Wadsworth continued down the hall angrily, remembering how Boddy had basically killed his first wife. He also was thinking about this Katie girl, and how beautiful she was.