AUTHORS NOTE: I'm soooooooo sorry it has almost been a year since updated, but I PROMISE you I will do my best to at least do one update a week from here on out. With Love, Laur.

"WHY YOU!" The crowd spat, as they attacked Mr. Boddy. Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum held him back while everyone else went in for the attack, except for Katherine, who ran to Wadsworth.

"Wadsworth do something, they're going to kill him!" She said in a panic. She may have hated him for blackmailing her, but she didn't want him dead.

"What should I do Katherine?"

"Distract them!"

"THE POLICE ARE COMING." He shouted across the room, rather proud of the adlib he had just come up with. "They have already been informed and should be here soon."

"So?" Boddy asked, as he was let go by the two other men.

"We all can report him and he will be convicted. And since Wadsworth has the evidence, there is no chance of him getting away with this right?" Katherine said, hoping that she was right.

Boddy grabbed a bag from behind his chair, "But don't you remember Katherine, all of the secrets have to be revealed to the police for me to be charged, and each and everyone will be on the headlines of every major paper by morning. Here," he said, handing her, and everyone else, a black box, "Maybe these will change your minds. In your hands you each posses a weapon, a deadly weapon, if we kill Wadsworth now, we can keep up our financial arrangements and go on like tonight never happened."

They guest looked at each other and then at Wadsworth, who had gone into a panic.

"Remember," Mr. Boddy said as he moved to the light switch, "If you kill Wadsworth now, you will keep your names out of the paper tomorrow."

He flipped the light switch and the room went silent as they each opened their packages. The room remained silent, everyone contemplating the same question, should they kill Wadsworth to save their own behind? The silence was cut short by a piercing gunshot, followed by the sound of shattering glass and what was obviously Mrs. Peacock screaming.

Mrs. Peacock flipped on the lights to reveal Mr. Boddy's body, lying on the ground. She immediately shrieked and dropped her dagger. Professor Plum quickly knelt down.

"He's dead." He said, looking up at the panicked crowd; Mrs. Peacock by the light switch, Colonel Mustard near Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White standing directly behind him, Mr. Green on the couch totally unfazed, and Miss LaRose clutching on to Wadsworth arm in fear.

"What?" Mrs. White asked, "Who had the gun?"

"I did," Professor Plum reluctantly admitted, "But I didn't kill anyone."

"You were the one with the gun so it must have been you!" , Demanded Colonel Mustard.

"Look! There is no bullet wound; he wasn't shot!"

"I told you I didn't shoot him! Look at the mantle, I shot the vase."

"So you were trying to kill him!", Pointed out Katherine, who had finally let her grip off of Wadsworth's arm.

"No somebody grabbed my gun while it was dark and it went off! I swear!" Professor Plum pleaded.

"A likely story! But what we should really be worried about now is, who or what killed Mr. Boddy." Wadsworth stated, as Mrs. Peacock went for a drink.

"WHAT IF HE WAS POISENED?" Miss. Scarlett guessed.

Mrs. Peacock spit her drink across the room and went into hysterics. Mr. Green attempted to calm her down while leading her to her chair, to no avail.

He slapped her. "I had…to stop…..her screaming." He explained as a blood curdling squeal came from down the hall.

The guest ran down the hall, except for Katherine and Wadsworth.

"I want you to know, I had no intention of killing you back there. And I'm sorry about the death grip I had on your arm." Explained Miss LaRose.

"I do appreciate the fact that at least one person here was actually on my side. And don't worry about it." He said, with a slight grin.

"Are the cops really coming?" Katherine asked.

"Nope, but it got them to shut up. Now come on, we have to find out what the fuss is down the hall."