I love Breach! If I was an evo I would want to be like her! "Your my new toy!" chilly cool! Rex and her go together more then anyone else in my eyes!This is basically the collections of dolls some have Breach as herself (human and evo) and others main characters in her life. So enjoy! *first generator Rex story!

Chapter 1: Brenna the puppet

Breanna was the puppet. She spoke when spoken to and never stepped out of line. Her mother was the master. She would pull the strings and make her dance and put on a show. The audience would clap. They always clapped.

"Breanna you will go to this school." Her mother stated bluntly pointing at the prestigious building as she strolled pass. Her ebony hair in a high bun and no bangs in her face. Just like her mother liked it.

"But mother, my friends.." Breanna murmured quietly. Her mother sent her a venomous glance. Puppets weren't allowed to speak out of turn. The small child with pale porcelain skin clutched the a baby doll to her chest. It looked exactly like her expect for the bright blue eyes and the happy smile pasted on her face.

"You will make new ones. Do not question me, I know best." The mother looked down at her child, daring her to question her master. All she did was hug the 'mini Breanna' to her chest

At home Breanna ate silently. Her potion was smaller then everyone else. Mother told her if she wanted to be a model, which she didn't, then she had to learn to eat in small helpings. Mother had dreams of her being a smart, business savvy model who ran the whole fashion industry. Strong, beautiful, and famous. Everything her mother wasn't she pushed onto Breanna. She trained her like the dog she was.

"Breanna elbows off the table."

"Yes mother."

"Seven chews, no more no less."

"Okay mother."

"Do not say god's name in vain."

"Sorry mother."

It went on like this every dinner until Breanna wasn't sure who's words flowed out her mouth, hers or mother's. "She was the image of perfection" said all the agents and photographers. "Perfect face, body, and disposition. Like the perfect model."

After dinner, Breanna was locked in the glaze of flickering flame beside her window. It's arouma was a sweet cinnamon the smelled like the cookies her mother would never bake. It was all she could she see, not the book she was instructed to read. She watche the flame burn the wax. Fire always took. Like her mother but warmer. Her gaze wondered to 'mini Breanna'.

Puppets are made of wood and string. Wood and string burns. The burns would set me free. It all made sense. She got up, taking her Dollie and then held it over the open flame. The shiny black shoes caught on fire. It crawled up her white socks and then to her neat and tidy sun dress. Finally the head and neck were consumed in flames. She drop the heated doll and stepped back. The burning chard of a toy was spreading the red and orange flames over the her room. No more Breanna. No more perfection. No more strings.

Breanna didn't hear her mother run upstairs. She didn't hear her scream in pain as she broke her ankle and cry for help as flames bit at her skin. She didn't hear the Firefighters rush up the stairs and swing their heavy axes to free her close to dieing body. All she heard was the snapping of the puppet strings. Snap. Snap. Snap. Her master was no more. Breach's collection lacks perfection. One more thing broken.

I thought the ending was cool so that's how I'll end it. This is all about control. Breanna was Breach as a little girl and how controlled her mother her every beaning. Breanna destroyed the mini her in symbol of breaking the bond with her mother. This also will help explain Breach's thing with perfection and order. Her mother demeaned it and when she's older she will realized she killed her and will try and get the perfection back. You like, well than review. If you don't, flame. But be warned I'm magic and magic beats fire.

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