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So, along to the chapter!



Hermione fluffed up the pillows on the couch again, gazing at the door impatiently. Where were they? She walked up to the fire and poked it with the iron rod, making sure to keep the flames blazing, then remembered that it was a magical fire and immediately felt stupid.

One of the three doors to the room opened, and Draco stepped out. Hermione looked disappointed that it was only him. He looked at his anxious girlfriend and frowned. "What's wrong?"

Hermione looked like she was caught in an act of wrongdoing. She crossed her legs and bit her lip. "Well…"

"What did you do?"

"I… er… invited Harry, Ginny, and Ron over tonight." She flinched slightly, waiting for his response.

"You WHAT?" Draco shouted.

"Hey! It's Friday night, I just wanted to spend time with my friends." Hermione said defensively.

"Did you bother to think that your boyfriend, who did nothing to deserve this, mind you, would be stuck in a room with four bloody GRYFFINDORS for a couple of hours?" Draco gestured at the dorm that they shared.

Roughly a month after Hermione and Draco got together, the Head Boy and Girl in the real seventh year got involved in some… inappropriate activities. So Professor McGonagall saw it fit to assign two new Heads from the 'eighth' year. And those two happened to be Hermione and Draco.

"Draco! Please… I don't get to see them that often anymore." Hermione whined, giving him those puppy dog eyes that convinced him to write their first fanfiction, and possibly a sequel.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Fine- but you know what? I'm inviting Blaise over."

Hermione nodded. "Sure, whatever. As long as it's not Pansy."

Draco looked disgusted. "I would call her a pug dog, but that would be an insult to puppies everywhere." Hermione laughed, and Draco left to go email Blaise. Ever since the introduction of Hogmail, Draco had surprisingly become quite competent in all things Muggle. He just conveniently forgot to mention this to his pureblood parents.

Just then, the door to the Head's dorm swung open, revealing Hermione's three friends. "Oh, hey, come in!" she said with a grin.

Ron oogled (A/N- I know, not a word, but I love it!) at her dorm. She had to admit, it was a nice place. Fancy furniture, paintings and decorations. "Love it, Hermione." He said. The two of them made amends after the winter ball, both admitting that they had done wrong to the other, and just went back to being friends.

"Where's Drakie?" Ginny teased. Hermione blushed. "He went to invite Blaise."

"Seriously?" Harry whined. "Another Slytherin?"

"Shut up. It was the only way I could get him to agree to let you come over."

"You guys are like a married couple already!" Ginny said. She plopped herself down on the couch and opened her bag. From inside it, she pulled her laptop and turned it on. "One sec, I need to check my em-"

"Ooo let me see that!" Harry snatched the laptop out of Ginny's hands. At the end of their Muggle Studies project, Professor Merridew took back their laptops for the next class. Ginny and Ron had sent home for some, which Mr. Weasley had enthusiastically provided. Hermione had one from home too, and Draco had offered Merridew an offer she couldn't refuse for a class one. Harry was the only one without a computer, and he was dying to get back on it.

"It's nice to know that a computer matters more to you than I do." Hermione muttered as Ron sat down next to Harry. It was then that the dorm door swung open again, revealing Blaise Zabini. Upon hearing this, Draco came out from his room, sending Ron and Harry scathing looks.

"And they have arrived!" hissed Ron.

"I'm not deaf, Weasel." Draco said. "I heard you."

Blaise frowned at Harry and Ron. "Draco, did you 'forget' to mention that they were going to be here?"

Draco looked sheepish. "Hey mate, I needed mental support."

"Draco, you've needed mental support for a long time now." Blaise said, rolling his eyes and sitting down on the couch.

"Hear, hear!" agreed Ron.

"Shut up." Draco said. Then he looked smug. "I'll have you know that four reviewers thought that Hermione and my kid's will look better than yours!"

Harry looked surprised. "Hermione's pregnant?"

"No!" Hermione blushed furiously. "He meant if we ever have kids in the future!"

"To avoid continuing this conversation because I'm afraid of where it will go, I am going to change the subject!" Ginny said. "Um… what are you doing there, Harry?"

"YouTube." Harry said simply.

"Ah yes, my boyfriend's little haven."

Hermione nodded in agreement. "Same here. What do you do on there anyway?" she asked Draco, who immediately turned a nervous red.

"Nothing! Nothing…"

Hermione looked skeptical. "Sure… nothing…"

Harry spoke up, still looking at the computer screen. "Hey Malfoy, what was the name of that song?"

Draco frowned. "What song?"

Ron grinned. "You know… the one you sang for your precious Hermione at the dance!"

Draco stammered. "I… I don't remember." It was an obvious lie.

Blaise smiled. "I do! It was called 'Granger Danger'."

"Yeah, she can be dangerous." Ginny mused.

Ron laughed at whatever was on Harry's screen. "Ha! I love your new look, Malfoy!" Draco stood up sharply and leaned over, checking out the screen.

"Hey! No, no, let's watch something else."

"Wait a second!" Harry said, leaning the computer away from Draco's reach. "There's a whole play where this came from!"

Ginny and Blaise shared a devious smile. "Oh yeah… I remember that…" Blaise mentioned.

"Really?" Hermione was curious. "A whole play?"

"A Very Potter Musical," read Harry. "Let's watch it!"

"No!" Draco groaned. "Not something that's very Potter… and a musical… and I'm played by a girl!"

"Suck it up, Draco." Hermione said, nudging him on the arm.

"You know, you are such a supportive girlfriend." Draco said sarcastically.

"You love me for it."

"I am now going to interrupt this lovey-dovey moment." Ginny announced. "C'mon Harry! Let's watch it."

"Well, alright then." He scrolled down to Act 1, Part 1, and clicked the play button. Music began to play.


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