It was 4:00 in the morning. Cloud and Zack normally got up at 5:00 every morning and left the house by 5:30 only to arrive at Shin-Ra at 6:00. Cloud stirred at the feeling of soft lips on his bare chest. He opened weary eyes as he felt Tifa's tongue lick its way up his body. He never once cared a bit if Tifa woke him up like this before the alarm clock went blaring off. "Oooh Tifa…" his voice was barely audible. He could feel her body straddle him and furthermore; he could feel the smoothness of her thigh high tights that she was obviously wearing. "What are you wearing?" he asked her groggily.

"Sssshhhh…" Tifa whispered as she pushed his arms over his head. She had something soft and silky in her hands.

"What….what are you…what are you doing?" Cloud asked her still not really awake.

"Relax." Tifa reassured him softly as she tied his hands by the wrists to their bed frame that they had finally gotten moved into the house the day before. Thank god they had gotten their mattress off the floor. Cloud had never before thought he was into this sort of thing…being restrained that is. But the way Tifa had just taken him, tied him up and was now rubbing her beautiful, barely clad body all over him was quite possibly the most exciting thing Cloud had ever experienced. He could tell that she was wearing lace by the way she felt and not a lot of it. However, he couldn't see her and he couldn't touch her. As Tifa rubbed her body all over him, Cloud wanted her more and more. He was awake now….awake and suddenly sweating all over as Tifa pulled his boxers off.

"Like I said…relax. I'm going to do it all." Tifa said as she kissed him. She left a soft trail of kisses down his chest until she had her mouth wrapped around a painfully hard arousal. The combination of Cloud not being able to touch Tifa, the fact that their room was still too dark to see her, and the feeling of lace and silky sheer tights rubbing against him made Cloud clench his fists in utmost desire for her. She could hear him whine for her as she let her tongue taste him.

It didn't take Tifa long to reposition herself, letting her body sink on to Cloud. She pushed her hands up his body and back down to his hips. "You want to touch me, don't you?" Tifa asked him.

"Yes." Cloud said faintly.

"But I think you like not touching me at the same time. I think…you're so excited to feel what I'm going to do to you that you can't stand it." Tifa said as she rubbed herself all over him.

"You're right….god you're right…Tifa…do anything you want to me…god…whip me, tie me up tighter, make me your slave…I don't care what you do to me, Tifa." Cloud pleaded with her mercilessly. She laughed and Cloud groaned at her with craving in his voice because her laughter was so sexy.

She didn't say anything; she let the motions of her hips do all the talking. She started out slowly moving her hips in a grinding circle. She loved the sounds that escaped Cloud. She had never heard him so desperate and faint of breath for her. Cloud could feel the lacey edge of whatever it was she was wearing tickle his soft skin. She may have started out slowly but she had picked up her pace, letting her body slam into him with great force. She loved listening to him moan in torturous pleasure for her. She could feel his body tense up and relax again as he tugged against the satiny fabric Tifa had him restrained with. The sound of her soft, whimpery voice nearly drove Cloud insane. The words they exchanged were heated, intense…down right nasty. It was the perfect way to start a Thursday morning. For a split second Tifa worried that they would wake Aerith and Zack. However, she only thought about it for a split second. After all the times Aerith and Zack had woken them she didn't care if they did wake up to the sound of her and Cloud crying out for each other.

Tifa felt Cloud come in a deluge of passionate fury. It's a wonder he didn't break free of his satin prison the way he buckled underneath Tifa. He trembled and shook all over in a way Tifa wasn't prepared for and as she leaned forward and put her hand on his forehead she could feel her fingertips covered in sweat. Tifa quickly and effortlessly untied him, letting weak arms fall limp beside him. Tifa knew what he needed now and so she quickly left a shaking and breathless Cloud in sweat-soaked sheets to get him a cool, wet washcloth from their bathroom. There was an empty glass in there was well. Tifa knew he would also need a glass of water. She didn't even turn on a light. Why would she want to ruin this erotically charged atmosphere with harsh artificial light?

"Ti…Tif…T…" Tifa knew Cloud couldn't talk as he grabbed her arm tightly with a trembling hand.

"Ssshhh…sshh…sshh…sshh…relax." Tifa said taking his hand and rolling his body over until he was flat on his back. She put an arm behind his head and pulled him up far enough to drink the water she had brought. "Here baby…drink this water." Tifa tipped the glass toward him. It was amazing that she actually managed to not spill it all over him in the dark. "There you go." Tifa took the glass away and reached over him to sit the glass on the nightstand. Cloud was laying listlessly in the pillows still shaking all over. Tifa wiped the cool cloth over his forehead and down his cheek. She left a trace of coolness down his neck and over his chest. Cloud was still shaking though not as profoundly. He kept reaching for her and Tifa kept pushing his hand back and forcing Cloud to lay there and rest. She continued wiping him down, doing what she could to cool him off. A few minutes later she threw the washcloth on the floor beside their bed and finally let Cloud put his hands on her the way he had wanted to.

"Oooh Tifa…Tifa…you are…unbelievable. That was…ooooh my god…give me the phone." Cloud said sighing.

"What for?" Tifa asked reaching for it. He was still weak in voice and body. The time was now 5:00…Cloud needed to get up and get dressed.

"I'm calling in to work today. I'm going to lay right here beside you, I'm going to put my arms around you and we are going to fall asleep and not wake up until 9:30." Cloud said dreamily. Cloud dialed the phone in a bit of a daze. Tifa leaned over him and kissed soft lips while Shin-Ra's automated phone message began listing options to select. Shin-Ra employees had a passcode to bypass all that bullshit. Tifa must have really lit Cloud on fire because in two years of working for Shin-Ra he had missed three days…and all three of those days he had been sick. He may start missing more now that he had Tifa in the same bed with him. Tifa kissed his neck amorously, letting her hands caress him as he left a message. Cloud dropped the phone off their bed, there was no telling where it landed. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard. "I don't know for sure what you're wearing….but oh my god don't take it off until it gets light enough in here for me to see it." Cloud said holding her even tighter against him. Zack would probably come pounding on the door at 5:15 wondering why Cloud wasn't up. On a typical weekday Cloud and Zack were always the first to leave for work. Aerith left the house at 7:30 and Tifa was home alone all day until she left at 12:30. Today however, she was working 3:00-10:00 so she wouldn't be leaving until 2:15.

Tifa had worn Cloud out and frankly, she had worn herself out too. Just as they were both nearly asleep here came Zack pounding on the door.

"Cloud! Cloud! It's 5:15! You up? Cloud!" Zack yelled through the door without even thinking that Tifa might be asleep. Both Cloud and Tifa shot their eyes wide open. Tifa gasped.

"Clo….oooooh shit you…have obviously called in today…" Zack said as he opened the door, letting harsh light from the hall penetrate the room. One thing was sure….he got an eyeful.

"Fuck Zack! Close the damn door for god's sake!" It was the meanest thing Tifa had ever said to him. She knew she would feel bad later for yelling at him like that but right now she really wanted him to go to hell.

"I'm sorry! I am so sorry! See you later today." Zack quickly closed the door and headed downstairs.

"I'm sorry baby." Tifa mumbled. She realized now that her body hurt a little.

"It's okay, he's such a pain in the ass sometimes." Cloud squeezed her against him. He was too relaxed to deal with Zack anyway. It was okay though, they would fall asleep again quickly in the quiet pre-dawn hours.

By 8:45 that morning Cloud and Tifa were stirring once more. Their room had filled up with sunlight that poured through the slits in the blinds. They hadn't heard Aerith get up and leave. This was the greatest morning ever…laying here with Tifa on a weekday when Cloud should have been at the Shin-Ra facility. As he slowly opened his eyes he realized that he could no longer smell that awful paint smell in the house. It was becoming a home quickly. He looked at Tifa to finally see what she was wearing. She was the most angelic devil he had ever seen. Tifa yawned and squirmed around to face Cloud. "Good morning." She said smiling.

"It is a good morning." Cloud said kissing the top of her head. "You know what I think?" Cloud said quietly.

"What do you think?" Tifa asked.

"Do you remember when you and I first officially got together and I cooked for you after you came by the apartment after work?" Cloud asked her.

"Of course I do." Tifa said. "You also gave me stamps and I still have the last one in the book." Tifa said. Cloud smiled.

"Well, that wasn't all that long ago and I haven't cooked for just you since then. But, this morning Zack and Aerith are out of the house which means I can cook for you today that way I wanted to be that night…'cause it will just be you and me." Cloud said.

"It will be won't it? Just you and me on Thursday morning. Wow, that is weird." Tifa said laughing. She was tickled by the thought of this.

"In one week and three days you will have officially been my girlfriend for a month. What should we do to mark that milestone?" Cloud asked her. Tifa gasped.

"We could order pizza, get a case of beer and watch seasons two and three of Shark Explorer!" she suggested. Cloud laughed at her and tightened his arms around her.

"This is nothing in this world I would rather do than that. If that's what you want, then that is what we'll do." Cloud told her.

"Well, you can add something. It's your celebration too." Tifa said.

"Okay, I'll think about it." Cloud said.

Cloud and Tifa had a wonderful morning alone in the house. It had been the first time they had been alone since the four do them had moved in. It broke Cloud's heart a little that by 2:15 that day and Tifa had to leave and go to work. He had already texted her 15 minutes after she was out the door. Now, he was laying here on the couch in the living room with the TV on. He knew Zack would be home soon. Normally, they always caught the 2:00 bus to come home because they were done with their shift t 1:30. Like clockwork, the front door opened at exactly 2:20.

"Hey, hey I am so sorry about this morning. Oh my god, had I known you had called in I would have never…but my god Tifa…WOW." Zack said throwing a set of keys on the kitchen counter. Cloud was a little upset with him but he was too distracted by Tifa texting him back to care.

"It's okay. We fell asleep again in no time." Cloud said. Zack opened up the refrigerator in the kitchen and took out the iced tea pitcher.

"You want something to drink?" he asked Cloud.

"Zack, have you…ever been tied up…in bed, I mean?" Cloud asked completely ignoring Zack's question. Zack immediately sat is full glass down on the kitchen counter and shot his eyes over at Cloud.

"Nooo…but oh my god….I'm getting you some tea and you're going to tell me something because if you don't I'm going to make you since it sounds like you have. Wait, wait…have you? Tell me now!" Zack said.

"Yes." Cloud said as he was once again distracted by another text message from Tifa.

"Oh my god…please Cloud, I'm begging you as my best friend in the world to tell me every graphic detail. I will pinky promise you I'll never say a word." Zack said. That comment snapped Cloud out of his daze a bit."

"Zack…only eight-year-olds pinky promise." Cloud said.

"Oh…well…you talk…I'll listen and I won't say a damn thing to a soul I swear!" Zack said.

"Okay, you have a deal but this is only because you're my best friend. Well, except for Tifa, she's my other best friend." Cloud said. Zack sat a glass of tea in front of him.

"Hey, before you tell me anything though, I got to thinking today. Since we now have this amazing house do you realize that you and I can throw the most kick ass 'god I wish I were on that guest list' New Year's Eve party ever?" Zack said. Cloud sent Tifa another message and looked at Zack.

"It's August." Cloud said wondering what the hell Zack was thinking.

"Exactly! Which gives us five months to have a few practice parties and plan the absolute best New Year's Eve party ever! Tifa can wear exactly what I saw her in this morning and she can bartend and you can tell everyone at our party that you're hittin' that. Okay, I can tell by the glare in your eyes right now that your hormones are still out of control so I'll sit here and shut up and let you talk now." Zack said.

"Oooh Zack if I had one gil for every time you and I have talked on this couch." Cloud sighed and put his phone on the table in front of them. Zack laughed.

"Oh god, I know. It's strange isn't it? We started out as roommates confessing everything on this couch…and we still are." Zack said. Cloud laughed.

"Yeah, yeah we still are." He said.

Thank you so much everyone for reading my story! I hope so much that you loved it! This is my last chapter but I am writing a SEQUEL! I'm writing it for all my loyal readers and fans! The title is going to be: Oh, Those Roomates. I hope that you will read on with me. First chapter will be up soon! Thanks everyone, you are so special to me!