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Chapter 1: Rise of a warrior

Naruto was in complete pain. He was currently carrying a beaten and bloody Sasuke over his shoulder. Sasuke had left the village in search of power. Tsunade had sent him, Neji, Chouji, Kiba, and Shikamaru after Sasuke to bring him back to the village. Naruto had done this to keep a promise to Sakura.

A little ways away Kakashi Hatake saw Naruto with the Uchiha over his shoulder. He scowled. He had seen the fight Naruto and Sasuke had. He had seen Naruto use the Rasengan to beat Sasuke.

'Why Jiraiya taught him an A-ranked Jutsu to him an not Sasuke I'll never know,' Kakashi thought bitterly.

"When we get back home, I'm putting you on a diet," Naruto groaned as he hefted Sasuke's weight on his shoulders. Because of the fight they had Naruto was weak and was having a little trouble walking.

Kakashi noticed and mentally a smile ran across his face. He immediately started doing hand signs. Pakkun, one of Kakashi's summoning dogs who was helping him track the two, noticed what Kakashi was doing.

"Kakashi what are you doing? What are those hand-," Pakkun started to say but was cut of when Kakashi ended the summoning.

Naruto started to hear birds chirping. He had a bad feeling cause he knew that all the birds had left from the damage caused by the fight he and Sasuke had. He looked around and when he found the source in front of him Kakashi jumped out and slammed a chidori into Naruto chest. Naruto fell to the ground coughing up blood.

"K-Kakashi sensei," Naruto coughed, "What a-are you doing?"

"Don't call me sensei," Kakashi spat, "You have no right to call me that."

Naruto recognized that tone it was the tone that almost every person in the village talked to him with. A voice full of disgust and hatred.

"I'm taking Sasuke back," Kaskashi said, "but you aren't coming back."

"Why?" Naruto asked more blood coming up from his throat.

"You died fighting Sasuke who was driven mad by the curse mark on his neck," Kakashi said, "when he killed you he lost consciousness when I found him and you were dead on the spot."

"Why are you d-doing this," Naruto asked feeling betrayed.

"When Sasuke awakens," Kakashi explained, "I'll tell him that he killed you and the final part of his Sharingan will awaken."

"Your doing this for him?" Naruto asked. He face was fallen then it got angry. "You traitor!" he growled, "If I don't die here I'm coming back for you head!"

"Unlikely," Kakashi said picking up Sasuke and leaving.

'More power,' Naruto thought bitterly, "I need more power to make him pay.'

Meanwhile high above the realm of earth. Three women watched this scene with growing hatred. The first was a woman in a white kimono with starts on it. She had black hair and startling blue eyes. The second was wearing a black Kimono with skulls on it. She had red eyes and long white hair. The third was wearing a green and brown kimono with leaves on it. She had long brown hair and bright green eyes. In order they were Kami, Goddess of heaven, light, and life; Shinigami, Goddess of Hell, death and darkness; and Tozi, Goddess of nature.

"That is the last straw!" Shinigami yelled. Her voice was dark like a shallow grave. "I don't know what Minato saw in this village when he saved it."

"I agree sister," Tozi said. Her voice was like a soft breeze, but strong and firm, "That village had the nerve to ignore Minato's dying wish."

"And now Minato's own student has killed his son," Kami said, her voice was heavenly even though she was mad. Her normally calm face showed a rare look of anger. "This village has gone unpunished for the last time!"

The sisters nodded at each other and flew down from their home to help the boy. When they arrived they found multiple people in black robes with red clouds on them. They Akatsuki had found Naruto.

Shinigami smirked. "Hello boys."

All the Akatsuki turned to see the three goddesses.

"Who in the name of Kami are you?" one asked.

"Don't you know it's rude to stare?" Kami said noticing some of the looks they were getting from them.

"This is a private matter," Itachi said looking at her, "Stay out of it."

"I don't think so Uchiha," Shinigami said.

She charged forward and put two fingers on his chest in front of his heart. A few seconds later Itachi dropped to the floor dead.

Kami soon joined the fight. She focused a ray of light in her hands and sent it flying at some of the members. They were disintegrated in the blast.

Tozi joined in by controlling the water, earth and wood around her. She either crushed members with rock, drowned them in water or pierced them with wood.

Even though some of the Akatsuki were considered immortal they were no match for the power of the Goddesses. Soon all of them were gone. Their remains laid on the forest floor, except Madara's, for the wolves and birds to eat.

They turned to Naruto's body. "Let's get to work girls," Kami said.

She walked up to Naruto's fallen body and laid her hands on his chest. Her hands glowed brightly and worked their magic on Naruto. Slowly his wounds healed.

Naruto slowly woke up and he saw the beautiful faces of the goddesses.

"A-Are you angels?" Naruto asked getting giggles from the girls.

"No but I rule them," Kami said making Naruto back up.

He looked around and saw the women around him.

"Don't worry," Tozi said in a calm voice, "We're here to help you."

"Who are you?" Naruto asked still a little scared.

"I am Kami Goddess of Heaven, light and life." Kami said smiling.

"I am Shinigami Goddess of Hell, Death and Darkness," Shinigami said with an evil smile.

"And I am Tozi Goddess of Nature," Tozi said putting on a friendly gaze.

Naruto knew that he was currently standing with the most powerful beings in the universe. He instantly sat up and bowed.

"Do not bow Naruto-Kun," Kami said, "You're going to make us blush."

"So why are you here?" Naruto asked as he got up.

"To help you get your revenge on that village that did this to you," Shinigami snarled.


"We give you these gifts in hope that you will use them to punish evil in the world and to take revenge on the village that did this to you," Kami said seriously.

"All right," Naruto said grinning, "I accept your gifts and the terms that come with them."

The three goddesses smiled at Naruto's words. They knew what he was thinking and though they knew he thought it would be cool to have such power they knew he was pure at heart and that he wasn't going to abuse it.

"Me first," Kami said stepping up to the boy, My gift is the power of light and life. You will be able to heal any wound to the mind, body and soul." She placed her hand on Naruto's chest and a white glow ran over him.

Shinigami stepped up next, "Mine is the gift of death. You can cause any injury to whoever is dumb enough to be your opponent." she placed her hand on his chest and a black glow ran over him.

Tozi stepped up. "Mine is the gift of Nature. You can now control all elements, understand all the animals and insects, and your senses will be sharpened to where they are equal or better to the animals." She placed her hand on his chest and a green glow ran over him. Naruto felt his ears and nose become more sensitive. When he opened his eyes he noticed that he could see a bit clearer.

"That's not all we've got for you," Kami said. She, Shinigami, and Tozi put their hands on Naruto's face. As they did Naruto's eyes suddenly started to burn. When they lowered their hands Naruto yelled in pain as his eyes stung from pain. When they stopped burning he looked at the goddesses quizzically.

"What was that?" Naruto asked them.

"We gave you a dojutsu," Kami answered him, "We call it the Twilight Eye. It has the powers of all three forms of the Sharingan, the Byakugan and the Rinnegan."

"What's the Rinnegan?" Naruto asked.

"An eye techinique that belongs to the Namikaze clan. It allowed them to see sound so they could easily tell where an enemy is in the dark." Tozi explained.

Naruto was wide eyed at that. He had the power of the most powerful clans in Konoha.

"Want to see it?" Tozi asked taking out a mirror.

Naruto nodded and focused chakra into his eyes. He took the mirror from Tozi and looked into the mirror. The whites of his eyes had turned black, the iris was a forest green, and pupil was always changing colors. The pupil was also in the shape of a star that you find on a compass rose.

"Now for our next gift," Kami said as she and her sister placed their hands on Naruto's forehead. Naruto felt an electric surge through his brain. Then before his eyes he saw jutsu. All kinds of them. Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, all of them. Even ones he had never seen.

"You know now every Jutsu there is," Tozi said as they removed their hands, "As a bonus you don't have to use hand signs for them."

Naruto grinned as he started to comprehend the power he now held.

"And now," Shinigami said, "For our final gift." she held up her hands and closed her eyes. As she did the sky blackened and lightning struck.

'What is she doing?' Naruto thought as he watched.


The village hidden in the leaves was waiting for the return of their precious Uchiha.

"That idiot better bring Sasuke home," Sakura said huffing, "He promised me he would."

Ino was standing next to her waiting, but she wasn't waiting for Sasuke. She was waiting for Naruto. In the beginning she had a crush on Naruto because he had helped her when she was being picked on by some bullies. She was originally shy but after Naruto helped her she became more outspoken. The only reason she pretended to have a crush on Sasuke was that it kept her close to Sakura so she would have a friend.

Hinata was with them along with the others who were waiting. She was nervous as she waited for Naruto. She had a crush on him since the beginning because he had always shown determination and strength. She found that very admirable.

"I knew I shouldn't have counted on that idiot," Sakura yelled getting impatient, "That loser always messes things up."

"Y-You shouldn't talk about him t-that way," Hinata stuttered getting annoyed, "He could hurt you if he wanted to."

"Oh please," Sakura scoffed, "That loser wouldn't dare hurt me. I'm his Sakura-Chan."

Hinata let out an inner growl. She really wanted to grab Sakura by the neck, rip out her throat and dangle it in front of her.

"I'd listen to her," said a familiar voice.

They turned to see Gaara of the desert with Temari and Kankouro. With them were Shizune and Tsunade.

"What are you doing here?" Ino asked.

"We were an insurance policy," Temari said, "We were brought here to help the guys who went to get that punk. Good thing we did cause we found that fat guy in bad shape and three others in rough predicaments." After they had finished off the sound ninja they were fighting the sand ninja brought the leaf ninja back. Tsunade managed to get them in stable conditions seeing as a lot of them were hurt pretty badly.

At that moment Kakashi was coming over the hill. Sakura smiled when she saw Sasuke on his shoulder. Ino and Hinata looked nervous when they didn't see Naruto.

"Where is Naruto?" Tsunade asked Kakashi as he got close to her.

"He's dead," Kakashi said getting a gasp from Hinata, "He was killed by Sasuke in the fight and he asked me with his dying breath to bring Sasuke back."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow. She heard Gaara scoff.

"There is no way the blonde would lose to that weakling," Gaara said.

"What are you talking about?" Sakura asked looking at him like he was crazy, "Sasuke obviously beat Naruto. He beat you after all. Witnesses say that Naruto weakened you for him."

"Your sources lied," Gaara growled, "The Uchiha fought and lost. The Uzumaki beat me."

"Your kidding," Sakura laughed, "He could fight his way out of a wet exam paper."

Everyone except a few people laughed. Naruto's test scores were made public every time he failed. Everyone continued to laugh until Sakura was pinned to a wall by a massive hand made of sand. They all froze as they felt the killing intent that Gaara was giving off.

"Listen to me you pink-haired pain in the butt," Gaara growled, "When it comes to fighting strong, worthy opponents I do not lie. The Uzumaki defeated me not your pathetic Uchiha."

"Watch your tongue," Kakashi growled.

"Kakashi," Tsunade said, "You said Naruto died. Well, I gave him something and I would very much like it back." She knew that Naruto would want to return her necklace that he had won off her in a bet.

"What?" Kakashi asked not believing that someone would willingly give the demon anything of value.

"Liar!" she yelled suddenly and punched Kakashi in the face. "Know where is he?"

"I killed him with a chidori so Sasuke would gain the next level of his Sharingan," Kakashi stuttered as he looked at the enraged woman who's features darkened with rage. She gave Kakashi the beating of his life.

"Tsunade what are you doing?" a civilian asked, "That man is a hero for killing the demon."

The man was struck down by an angry Kankouro. The puppet user had grown a liking to the kid since he helped his family at the Chuunin exams.

"Jiraiya!" Tsunade yelled.

"Yes," Jiraiya asked as he appeared next to her.

"Did you get all that?" She asked. Jiraiya nodded. "Good," she said, "Now go find Naruto maybe he is still alive."

At that moment thunder struck and the sky turned black. Everyone was wondering what was going on when they heard Gaara groan. They looked at him to see a look of pain on his face. Suddenly he glowed a low brown and then a burst of pure chakra burst from his stomach. The Chakra formed Shukaku who threw back his head and roared. Then he turned into a stream of chakra and flew away. Jiraiya managed to get over the shock and ran after it.

All over the elemental nations the same thing was happening with other Jinchuuriki. They felt pain and then the monster inside them burst out and shot off. Luckily the ones who held them survived. Though they would be sore for a few days.

All the streams formed together and headed for one location.

With Naruto he was wondering what was going on. Then he saw the streaks of light and they all came down and slammed into him. He yelled in pain as he felt the chakra merge with him.

"What was that?" he grunted as the pain faded.

"For our final gift," Kami said, "We merged you with the other Biju along with the one you already have. You know have all their powers."

"But what about-"

"Don't worry. The ones who contained them survived and they still have the powers they had when they contained them."

Suddenly a portal opened right next to them.

"What's that?" Naruto asked.

"That," Tozi explained, "Is where your going. Someone there has been wanting to see you for a long time. He is an old friend of your family."

"How will I know him?" Naruto asked.

"Believe me, he is impossible to miss."

Naruto turned to enter the portal when Kami stopped him.

"One last thing," she said.

She suddenly lunged forward and captured Naruto's lips. Naruto was thrown back by the sudden lip-lock but closed his eyes and started to kiss her back. After the kiss was broken Shinigami came up and kissed him. When she was done Tozi did the same.

"We'll be waiting for you sweetheart," Kami said with a giggle.

Naruto nodded and entered the portal.

"Let's go girls," Shinigami said, "Next stop Konoha."

So Naruto has become incredibly powerful and the goddesses are on their way to Konoha. They are in for a whole new world of hurt. Heaven help them. See you next chapter.