Isom: (has a microphone and is speaking ridiculously loud like an announcer in a fighting match) I have to admit this has been one heck of a show. For those of you just tuning in Sasuke and Naruto began their match. Kakashi intervened but was knocked away but revealed Naruto's identity by breaking his mask. Afterward Naruto called on the power of his dragon armor and destroyed him. Now begins the destruction of konoha. Prepare for Final Battle!

Previously on Naruto Dragon Prince

Naruto floated up. "Konoha," he yelled, "your day of reckoning has come!"

Chapter 13: Fall of the Leaf

As Naruto said those words a team of root ANBU came out of nowhere and attacked Naruto. Earth Dragon jumped in the way and with one swing of her ax sent them flying. She reached up for her mask and took it off to reveal Ino's face.

"Ino?" Sakura screamed seeing her old friend.

The other girls revealed their faces causing everyone to gasp.

"Traitors," Danzo yelled, "you'll die with the demon!"

Even more root came up but Naruto brought on Shinigami's power and destroyed their hearts just be looking at them. Danzo was about to summon more ANBU when the water daimyo jumped up from her seat and ran a hand of claws over his face.

The water daimyo the turned to look at Tsume. "Hey there Auntie," she said smiling under her hood.

"R-Rin?" Tsume asked as the daimyo took of her hood to reveal a young woman with Inuzuka marks on her cheeks. Tsume smiled and ran up to hug her long thought lost relative. Danzo got up and tried to kill them but Bahamut got to him first and slammed his fist into the side of his face sending him through the concrete. By this time the civilians in the stands had started running and every able bodied ninja had come to the arena thinking that they could kill them because they had numbers on their side. Of course they were either frozen by Gray then shattered by Erza or burned to death by Natsu.

Naruto jumped up to the kage booth to see the ninja clan heads, the daimyos, Jiraiya and Tsunade. With them surprisingly were Rose and Sakura Haruno.

Naruto glared at Sakura. "I got a bone to pick with you," he said.

An root ANBU tried to get him but he was pierced by some bone bullets courtesy of Kimmimaru. Efore joining the fray again he winked at Tsume who gave him a feral grin in response.

Sakura looked at Naruto with fear in her eyes then she remembered who this was and was unaware that Naruto hated her guts with a passion now. She smirked as she said the words she thought would save her.

"Save it Naruto," she said with a knowing smirk, "We both know you don't have the guts to hurt me. I'm your Sakura-chan so why don't you just drop the act and let yourself die already."

Naruto's answer was to let loose a strong punch to her jaw that sent her flying out of her wheelchair and into the far wall.

"My baby!" Rose screamed as she went to check on her daughter.

"Zabuza," Naruto called and the swords man appeared behind him.

"Yes, my prince?" Zabuza asked wondering why he had been summoned.

"Take the Daimyos, the clan heads, the hokage and Jiraiya out of her. Tell Haku she's to grab the people that our spies marked."

"Marked?" Tsunade repeated.

"I remembered people who were nice to me," Naruto said, "I had some of our spies mark them with a special seal that will take them out of here. Then I will blow this who darn place sky high."

"Good riddance to bad rubbish," The fire daimyo said. He and the other daimyos had made their decision when Kakashi had entered the ring to try and kill Naruto and sent a message to their samurai to come in and take out all who got in their way. Zabuza sent the message to Haku via radio and shushined along with everyone he was instructed to take leaving him alone with the Haruno females.

"You monster!" Rose yelled as she charged at him. She met his fist and she was sent flying farther then her daughter who was just now waking up from her unexpected fight.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked, "This was your home, your village. Why are you destroying it?"

"Why?" he asked, "Because this village beat me, hurt me, and tried to stunt my growth. I finally found a place that I can call home. A place where I finally know love." he glared at her as he continued. "I loved you at one time Sakura, but every time I tried to get close to you I was pushed away and hit for no reason. Know you are nothing but a stain in my heart that I plan on getting rid of her and now!"

He took his sword out and raised it high. As Sakura saw the sword raise up her life flashed before her eyes. She saw how she had treated him how the village had treated him and it brought a tear to her eye. She saw how Naruto had been kind to her while Sasuke wouldn't even give her the time of day. She realized then that she had missed out on something great. She wished she could go back in time and take it all back but his time her wish wouldn't be granted. She closed her eyes as Naruto brought down his sword.

Meanwhile Rose crashed into the ground and groaned in pain. She had multiple broken bones and could barely move. A few seconds later she felt someone's presence. She opened her eyes despite the pain and saw a Kodomaru standing above her with a solidified web in his hand. She screamed. It was the last sound she ever made.

Meanwhile somewhere outside the village in an underground base Homura, Koharu, and Danzo sat at a table surrounded by root ANBU.

"That brat," Homura growled, "he should have died years ago. If he did we wouldn't e having this problem."

"If he was in my program," Danzo huffed, "The we would be invincible."

"Well," Koharu said, "What are we going to do know? The village is being destroyed as we speak."

"Don't worry," Danzo said reassuring the old man, "as long as were down here we don't have to worry about being found. When the destruction is over we'll rebuild the village and kill that brat."

The old war hawk grinned under his bandages until there was a loud booming above them they looked up to see the ceiling give way and down came Bahamut along with three wingless dragons.

"You!" Danzo yelled.

He charged at Bahamut tearing his bandages showing a right Sharingan eye. In response Babahmut vanished and Danzo did a Kakahsi and clutched his face screaming in pain. Homura and Koharu watched on in horror as Bahamut took out a sword and cut off Danzo's arm that had a ton of Sharingan eyes in it. Bahamut motioned to the dragons behind him and they carried Koharu and Homura away. He turned to Danzo and shook his head and left. Danzo died slowly due to blood loss.

Back in the village Koharu and Homura along with most of the village were gathered in the center of the village. They looked around to see Naruto standing on a building in front of them still in his armor.

"Why have you brought us here demon?" a civilian yelled.

"Insolence," Naruto said. "Has it ever occurred to you why I haven't tried to take out this village until now?"

The question surprised everyone.

"I loved this village despite the hardships I had to go through," Naruto said, "If I was the monster you said I was then why didn't I kill the ones who hurt me? Why didn't I destroy the place that wanted me dead no matter what happened?" The civilians were silent listening to the boy. "I found happiness with some people here, but when this village betrayed me I found that I had no loyalty to it anymore."

"Yeah Right!" someone yelled, "Don lie to us demon you don't deserve life you should have died when the Yondaime confined you to this form! Now release us or we'll have to take matters into our own hands."

"Arrogant until the end," Naruto said as he rose into the air and raised his hands. He yelled out. "Bahamut let us show the true power of the dragon king and prince.!"

Bahamut flew up next to him and brought on his power as well. They both shot a golden beam into the sky and the blasts mixed to form a massive energy ball. (Think spirit bomb only gold)

"Gold Dragon Fury!" They both yelled as they brought down the energy ball. The civilians screamed as they saw their lives flash before their eyes. The ball of energy crashed down on the village square and everything seemed to freeze for a moment before there was a massive explosion. From space it looked like there was a large dome of fire covering the village and everything for a few miles. Luckily when they had been taken out everyone was in the other world so they didn't have to worry about getting hurt. With their work done Naruto opened a portal to the other world and entered it.

As soon as he did he saw his new home, his friends and everyone else. He was immediately tackled by his brides and was knocked to the ground. Naruto got up and gave each of them a hello kiss including the three goddesses. Kiba normally would have been jealous of the blondes luck but he was busy checking out Tayuya who gave him a smirk in return. With everyone in the same place and some rather lengthy explanations to those who did not know what had happened since then they headed to the village to get aquainted with the new world.


Naruto stood on top of a large mountain. It had been ten years since the destruction of Konoha and Naruto had was now the current Dragon king. Bahamut had stepped down and given the mantel to Naruto. He and the girls married about a year after that. The honeymoon was pretty much uneventful except for when Naruto caught Jiraiya trying to peep on them. The result was Jiraiya nearly getting burned to death. The honeymoon ended with all the girls tired and sore but happy none the less. Hinata was the first on eot get pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The others gave birth and Naruto was happy. The ones Kami, Shinigami and Tozi had to be taken to the world of the gods to train in their powers.

Almost everyone else managed to find love as well. Kiba and Tayuya ended up inb a love hate relationship. Though Tsume was glad because Kiba had someone to straighten him out if his ego ever go the better of him which it usually did. Jirobo ended up going out with Chouji's cousin. They are now married and expecting a child in a few weeks. Speaking of Chouji he wound up dating Ayame due to them both being great chefs. Kidomaru found a lover in Anko due to his habit to play with his enemies. They both hit it off and Anko is expecting his child in a month. Kimmimaru and Tsume are currently married and she is expecting a new pup in a few months. Zabuza found a swordswoman and they wound up falling in love. Haku found love with Shikimaru due to the fact that they were both strategists. Shino is still single though his mysterious lifestyle has brought on a few girls who are interested in him. A real shock came when Tsunade accepted a date with Jiraiya. They are supposed to be married within a month. Ukon and his brother Sukon are with one of the girls in the interrogation department. They see Anko and Kidomaru from time to time and tease them but that is usally when their girlfriend Arlene comes up. Back in the ninja world Kankouro was still single because he came of as perverted to some women and got slapped in the face. Gaara was Gaara so he doesn't have anyone. Carrie leaves the dimension to see her boyfriend Inari. Now over twenty they are happily married back in wave country.

It was true Naruto had a new home, a family and a place he ruled. Naruto smirked as he went to his chamber to sleep. When he opened the door however he found the girls waiting for him. Even the three goddesses were there.

"Play time stud," Shinigami said as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him into the room.

'Looks like I won't be getting any sleep tonight,' Naruto thought as he was pulled into the room by his lovers. As soon as he did you could hear giggling and groans.

Life for Naruto Uzumaki had never been sweeter.

The End! Sorry no sequel.