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"Hanson! Penhall! My office, now!" The door slammed behind Fuller after he made his demands and a second later, his two officers were seated in front of his desk, waiting for their new assignment. The younger officer was playing with a Rubix cube as his partner watched their captain pass a folder over his desk. Doug read over the file as Tom listened to the briefing.

"There's a drug ring at East High. I need you two to go in and find out who's running the business. There are rumors that only the toughest seniors get to the source."

"Tom, you know what this means right?"

Tom and Doug both jumped up from their seats yelling "THE MCQUAID BROTHERS" simultaneously and slapping their signature high fives before shouting "HAH!"

In the main room of Jump Street Chapel, everybody heard the dreaded call of the biggest troublemakers any of them had ever heard. There was a collective groan as the two came bounding out of Fuller's office, jumping over desks and ducking under people as they raced to their desks where they kept the outfits for their favorite alias. Fuller walked as far as his door, closing it with a smirk to seal the noise off.

On their first day of school, Tom McQuaid drove into the parking lot arguing loudly with his brother about which baseball team was better. They jumped out of the blue Mustang and walked, side by side, to the middle of the parking lot, still arguing loudly. They stopped when Doug slapped Tom on the arm and Tom shoved him back and they ended up in a full out wrestling match. Some of the other students crowded around to watch the fight between the new kids. Tom had Doug pinned to the ground when the principal, Mr. Luther, finally showed up to break them up. He and another teacher pulled the younger boy off his brother while the janitor restrained the blonde when he tried to attack his younger brother. The other students scattered off to class, disappointed that no one had gotten hurt.

"What is going on boys?" At the principal's words, the McQuaid brothers both started cracking up and the adults just stared at them incredulously.

"Don't worry Prince-a-Pal Luther. We're just messing around!" Doug shot a huge grin in Mr. Luther's direction as the three adults loosened their grips, allowing the boys to move freely. Tom cracked his gum and shot his signature smirk in the same direction as he straightened his shirt. His bandana had fallen off in the fight so he bent down to retrieve it as Doug continued speaking. "If you don't mind sir, we have to get to class so, we'll just be seeing you." Doug nodded at them and took off, Tom following as he tied the bandana back around his head to keep his wild hair out of his face.

The three older men just stood by watching the duo walk into the school building just as the late bell rang.

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