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Sensible Love

Fuji Syuusuke loved physical sensations. He cherished them, craved for them. He lived to seek sensation, the thrill that would put his body into a beautiful sensory overload, broke him to pieces then mend him back together into an entirely new person.

Syuusuke traveled extensively. Sometimes he would go to popular tourist destination; other times he'd go to places few dared to explore. Seeing was believing and Fuji loved to look for new sights, new faces, new cultures. He loved the explosive colors in a festival and the calming shades of Mother Nature. He'd keep his eyes wide open, absorbing every little detail to be kept in his precious memory. He never wanted to miss a thing.

Sometimes he would stay in his room and listen. Occasionally he would listen to some music and let the words and the rhythm carried him away to a world he'd never traveled to. He'd hum along with it as it took his imagination to another level, reminded him of the boundaries to breach. On other days he would lay down in silence, listening to the soft gushing of wind outside or the distant chirping of birds or the conversations from other rooms or the creaking of furniture and once again be grateful for another day here on earth.

Syuusuke had always loved spice. He loved the texture, the taste, the scent, the sensation it created in his body. It was a treat he very often indulged himself with. He added spice in almost every meal he had -much to other people's annoyance sometimes. He'd close his eyes and enjoyed the richness on his tongue, tasting a little piece of heaven on earth.

On free weekends he would go to a flower field. He'd lay under the shade of a tall tree as the clouds moved slowly above him and winds carried the natural fragrance. The combined scent of old woods, soil, and flowers always excite Syuusuke to no end. It reminded him of freedom, of endless possibilities, of heaven, of happiness. Of everything human sought and fought for.

Nighttime was Syuusuke's favorite time. The gentle strokes, the light kisses, the kind caresses set him afire. He felt patience and kindness in every touch; he felt the restrained desire, the control, the passion, the affection. Damp skin slid against damp skin, creating the most delicious friction that overwhelmed his mind. He would reach out to trace the outline of Kunimitsu's face and body and smiled and knew for sure that this was where he belonged.