A/N: This story can be considered part of the further adventures of an imagined season 5. A season that we unfortunately didn't get on television after the legal lien forced the show to be canceled. I make many references to different characters and events from seasons 2-4. Enjoy!

The Adventures of Superboy: Who wants to be a Super-Billionaire?

Chapter 1

Lana Lang finished applying sunscreen to her arms and legs and laid on the lounge chair beside Shuster University's Olympic sized swimming pool. It was a beautiful and very hot Saturday afternoon. She had convinced Clark Kent to accompany her and they used the special passes they received upon graduation. Lana raised her sunglasses and stared to her left with a groan. Clark was late as always, and might as well have been dressed for a day in winter. Clark placed a basket beside her feet and smiled. He attempted to get comfortable on the lounge chair, but not before it closed up on him twice. He finally opened it and plopped down while Lana laughed.

"You'd think the chair was eating you alive the way you attacked it. Clark, seriously? Athletic socks, a Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants? Tell me you have swimming trunks on?"

"Umm, no, why?"

Lana sighed and rolled over. "Never mind. I'm talking to the guy who wears chinos and long-sleeved plaids on boating trips. Would you mind getting my back, please?"

"Sure." Clark grinned slyly. He grabbed the bottle from off the towel and adjusted his glasses, flipping the shaded lenses up. He gazed across the sparkling pool. The splashes of water from other swimmers felt wonderful. He took a deep breath and dribbled the lotion onto his palm, then carefully massaged it into her skin.

"You know Lana, I'm not in the mood to swim today. I'll just watch."

"Then why did you come? That's what you always do. You watch, but never participate. You know how to swim, so it can't be that…ohh, Clark, when did you get a masseuse license? That feels so great." Lana rested her head on her towel. There was something very familiar about Clark's firm, but tender touch and this wasn't the first time she sensed it. His roving fingers almost put her in a stupor.

Clark realized he wasn't only making sure she didn't sunburn. He was giving her a full massage. He moved up to her shoulders. "I feel a few tension knots, is something wrong?"

"Hopefully not today, Clark. But there's always something going down, isn't there?" Lana said.

"Who knew Florida could be so exciting?"

"Yeah. But I guess it's because of Superboy. He attracts danger, and aliens and all sorts of weirdos."

Clark chuckled. "That's true…there we go, I just loosened that knot."

"You sure did. Hey, how come you never told me you can give the perfect massage? I've been wasting money going to the spa!" She kidded.

Clark eased up as he wrapped his hands around her shoulder blades and burrowed his thumbs against her neck. His x-ray vision allowed him to see which muscles in her body needed the most relief.

"Hey, you never asked me for a massage, Lana. I'll give you an hourly discount. And sure, I know how to swim; I'm just not up to it. You wanted the company anyway, and it was nice to get out of Capitol City for a change."

"It would be nice to see you out of those clothes for a change too." Lana murmured. "Ahh, that's perfect. Thanks, Clark."

Clark lowered his hands and she sat up and returned to sunbathing. "I just don't understand it…hmmmaybe." Lana observed the other men around the pool.

"What was that?" Clark pretended not to hear her. He knew where her thoughts were going. She was always trying to find out Superboy's identity and had become more suspicious of him as the years wore on.

Lana stared at him, and a cautious smile crept upon her lips. "Nothing, Clark…thanks for bringing lunch, that was sweet of you."

"Sure, I'll set it up. I packed all the essentials."

He sighed deep within as he stared at the woman he loved. Lana looked exceptionally beautiful. She pinned her flaming red curls up in a loose bun. She wore a modest blue bikini that accentuated her well-toned curves and complimented her dazzling eyes. He wanted more than anything to have a fun-filled day with her–swimming and playing volleyball, even taking a few dives off the high board…but he couldn't risk the exposure.

Clark Kent the nerd was not supposed to have the chiseled, muscular physique Superboy possessed. For him, going to a gym and lifting weights was akin to picking up a balloon. Superboy at times, needed real challenges. He made agreements with the Capitol City junkyard, and they allowed him to come in the mornings a few days a week and toss cars around and compact them. The demolition and construction crews loved when he offered to swing the wrecking ball too. All the activity gave him some sense of a work out.

The awareness of his physical attributes forced him to cover up at all times, hopefully without looking too strange. Every day Clark felt like he walked a fine line. Lana was getting much nearer to the truth that he was Superboy. The thought of her knowing both frightened and excited him, but he had to be prepared for the confusion and consequences should she ever find out.

As Clark dressed a plate with salad and a sandwich, Lana's attention was drawn toward a commotion at the science building a few yards beyond the pool gate. She leaped from her chair and Clark almost dropped the food.

"Lana, what is it?"

"Clark, something happened at the Science lab, I see an ambulance and police cars!"

Clark scanned the area with his x-ray vision and listened in. It was not good news. Someone had broken into Dr. Winger's lab and shot him, he narrowly missed being killed. A blonde woman was seen fleeing the building after the two shots were fired, and she was carrying a black device in both hands.

"Oh no! Not the inter-dimensional portal!" Clark rushed to the gate with Lana behind him.

"The portal? That thing is huge!"

"The hand-held version, Lana."

"But they moved it all to a hidden Government facility. How did you know? Clark, where are you going?"

"To see what happened…uh…wait here, eat lunch, I'll be right back!"

"But Clark, I want to…"

Clark disappeared in the growing crowd of onlookers and students. Lana stomped back to the deck; she couldn't leave all their stuff behind. The pool area cleared out everyone hurried to see what had happened. Superboy flew into view and kept the crowds at bay while he spoke to the police. As Lana waited she noticed a short woman in a flashy white and gold swimsuit cut through the pool area. She clutched a large beach bag. The platinum hair that peeked from under her kerchief could only belong to one person. Lana broke into a run.

"Darla! I knew it! Stop right there!"

Darla gaped at Lana and attempted to escape, but her poor choice in heeled-sandals slowed her down.

"Dammit, Lex! Why'd you make me do this?" She screeched. "Stay away from me!"

Lana couldn't allow Lex Luthor's bombshell cohort escape. She had stolen the hand-held inter-dimensional portal device. The memory of being kidnapped by Darla and held for ransom in a walk-in freezer attacked Lana. The ransom she demand was that Superboy had to go into the main portal and rescue Lex from another dimension. It humbled Lana afterward when Superboy explained that there were millions of other dimensions in the universe very similar to their own. Superboy returned Lex that night with little time left to spare and Lana survived. However, Lana made up her mind that Darla was just as insane as Luthor.

Lana had to act fast. She made a running leap and slammed Darla into the pool. Both women screamed and commenced fighting as the beach bag sank to the bottom.

"Get off me, red! I can't swim! Ouch! My hair!"

"Good! I'll drown you first before you take that device!"

"You're really askin' for it, red! Lex'll get you and your super man will find you in pieces all over the Everglades!"

"Shut up, Darla! I'm warning you!"

Lana knocked Darla in the cheek and pushed her off. Darla choked and flapped her arms. She called out for Lex to help, but the maniacal genius was nowhere to be seen. Lana ignored her and dove toward the bottom of the pool. She grasped the device and a sudden blue charge of energy expelled from it and stunned her.

Superboy was about to fly off when he heard the women fighting. He immediately flew over the pool and saw the beam of energy cloak Lana beneath the water.

"No! No! Lana! Stop!"

Superboy dove into the pool, hoping to make the portal trip with her, but she was nowhere to be found. On his way to the surface, he grabbed the terrified Darla and brought her to safety on the edge. Darla curled away from him and stumbled to her feet, gasping. She felt a sense of gratitude wash over her and even smiled at him. Despite all the evils she and Lex committed, Superboy always saved their lives. Superboy however, glared at her, his eyes turned up with pure anger.

"Hey, hey, hey big boy! Don't blame me because your girlfriend attacked me! No one told her to go under for the device, so if she's lost in space, then it's her fault!"

Superboy grasped her by the waist. "I know exactly whose fault it is! When I find him, he's going straight to the chair!"

"That's what you say every time! It never works!" Darla laughed snidely. "Lex will always outsmart you!"

"Oh yeah? Well, I'll just have to settle for less."

"What? What are you doing? Put me down! Put me down!" Darla screamed as Superboy flew her to the police. "Help! Police! He's abusing me!"

"Officers, arrest this woman, she's the one who shot Dr. Winger and stole the portal device. She's working for Luthor, but I haven't seen him yet."

The officers gladly handcuffed Darla and she spat at Superboy. "You'll never get away with this, little boy blue! Lex will come for me, he'll get me out."

Superboy actually laughed at her. "You're crazy if you think that. Especially after his last stunt threatening the world with nuclear destruction! You of all people should know he doesn't care about anyone but himself and his sister Lena. He's a wanted man, and if the authorities lay eyes on him he's going to serve his death sentence with no pardons. Looks like you're stuck, Darla."

"No! LEX! Where are you? Get me outta here! LEX!"

Superboy flew into the air as Darla tried to kick at him. She was shoved into the police car. He didn't have any more time to waste dealing with the trashy crime queen. Dr. Winger was still unconscious. Superboy had to get to the Government facility and once again use the portal to find Lana, before she was lost forever.