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Ch. 1: Red Boots


I parked my red M3 convertible in the first empty space I found then glared at the building across the street from the parking lot with incredulity. The Bar With No Name was the most popular western bar in Seattle and the last place I'd have expected to meet Alice. My pixie sister was a shopaholic fashionista that looked down on anything she felt was common. This place was more along Jasper's, her mate, taste. With a growing sense of trepidation, I reluctantly slid out of my car then headed for the bar. Several guys that were hanging out in the parking lot shot appreciative looks at my BMW before they leered at my outfit. Ali had wanted to go clubbing before we settled into life as high school students in Forks, Washington.

I was the last member of my vampire family to arrive in state from Alaska. Carlisle and Esme, our parents and Alice and Jasper had left Denali just before the start of summer to get the new house in order. We'd lived there before but it was seventy years ago and the house needed some work. Emmett, my other brother and best friend, flew in from Anchorage yesterday. I'd saved him from being mauled by a bear and our father changed him in the hope that he'd be my mate. The two of us made an honest go of it but I'd freaked out the first time we had sex and that ended the experiment. At first, everyone believed that because I'd been brutally beaten, gang raped and left for dead before my change had left me skittish about men in general and sex specifically. I set the record straight and revealed that I'd always been a lesbian. My parents found out then quickly arranged a marriage with the odious scion of the wealthiest family in Rochester, New York.

It was Emmett that eventually convinced me to start a friend with benefits with a member of our extended family, the Denali Coven. Kate Denali, like her sisters Tanya and Irina, was a somewhat reformed Succubus or vampire that has sex with human men before they drained them. The curly haired blonde had the ability to generate an electrical current over her skin. That power, along with centuries of practice using her tongue and inability to commit had made her the perfect casual sex partner. At least until this past week when she found her Soul Mate in the form of a nomad named Garrett. If I were being completely honest, I had wanted to settle down with a mate of my own for a while now and knew Kate wasn't it. That hadn't meant that I wasn't feeling the sting of rejection at the moment and had been happy when Alice suggested this girls' night out. I just wished she'd given me a heads up because my club wear wasn't exactly appropriate for this venue.

Even without my sexual orientation, my nature pretty much guaranteed those morons had no chance in Hell with me. Vampires were highly sexual creatures but we pursued our carnal pleasures the same way we hunted, by giving ourselves over to our instincts. I had perfect control over my bloodlust and I'd never tasted human blood but I doubted my record would hold if I had sex with a mortal. I knew Kate and her sisters managed it, even after they went "vegetarian" but why tempt fate. The bitch in me decided that didn't mean I couldn't flaunt what I had and give the boys a free show. I put a little extra sway in my hips as I crossed the street, bypassed the line then breezed by the bouncer to enter the bar without a backward glance.

The Bar With No Name exceeded my expectations. The overall décor way typical of every other western bar right down to the urban cowboys and girls line dancing on the dance floor, pool tables and mechanical bull. What surprised me was the fact that the place was packed with people in regular club wear as well as cowboy chic. The country song that blared over the speakers ended and was replaced with a techno mix. My eyes strayed back to the mechanical bull and stayed there.

The area was marked off by a wooden railing and twenty inch thick pads surrounding the device. A sign on the wall by the control panel read: Widowmaker, the World's deadliest mechanical bull. About fifteen drunken rednecks crowded the rail with cash in their sweaty mitts cheering the person currently riding Widowmaker. The rider was the reason my eyes refused to look anywhere else.

The woman on the mechanical bull was by far the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. Her alabaster skin had a sun kissed quality and her well toned body was sheathed in a red corset top under an unbuttoned faded denim shirt, an equally faded denim miniskirt that was frayed along the bottom seam and red leather cowboy boot with spurs. She waved a cowboy hat over her head with one hand while the other held tightly to the bull's handle. Her wavy brown hair whipped around and obscured her face but her body had all the right curves. Heat blossomed in my core, my panties dampened and I damn near came on the spot as I watched the girl's hips buck in time with the faux bull's gyrations. The beauty lasted for eight seconds and the machine slowed then stopped. The fools gawking at her chanted side saddle and I watched as she did just that. When the machine stopped the second time, she sat on it backwards and the beast started to jump again.

"Rose," a familiar silver-belled voice called out to me.

Reluctantly, I turned from the seductress that had captured my attention to look at my sister. Alice stood a little to my right and I noticed she was wearing some dark wash Levi's hip huggers but her black western shirt, cowboy boots and cowboy hat were pure Gucci. A dark blue Armani scarf was folded and tied around her throat like a neckerchief. She smirked after she looked over to what had originally captured my attention then beckoned me to follow her to a table. I noticed three bottles of beer and three shots of yellow liquid waiting for us.

"We have a new member of the family," my sister explained when she saw me raise a questioning eyebrow.

"Baby Girl, stop fooling around and come get your drinks," she continued in a normal voice to nobody in particular.

A few seconds later, I heard a slow heart beat and a rhythmic jingling approach our table. I thought it might be the waitress but when I turned to wave her off, I came face to face with the girl from the Widowmaker. The features that had been hidden by her brown locks were on full display now. She had a heart shaped face, chocolate colored eyes and blood red Cupid's bow lips. The rest of her features and bone structure were similar to Jasper's. She was counting a fistful of cash as she dropped into the vacant chair between me and Alice. After she finished counting, she handed part of the money to Alice then downed the shot that I recognized as Cuervo Gold tequila and the beer.

"Howdy Sugah, I'm Isabella Marie Whitlock but everyone calls me Bella," she drawled in a Texas accent that completely soaked my panties and held out her hand. Her nostrils flared and I would've blushed if I were human when she scented my arousal.

"Rosalie Hale but you can call me Rose," I replied after quickly recovering the momentary embarrassment then shook her hand. Bella's body temperature was warm and fell between human and vampire norms. She smiled a breathtaking smile and winked.

"I'd love to stay and chat with y'all but these boots were made for walkin' and they're takin' me out to the dance floor," she laughed as she got out of her chair.

"Momma, could you order me another round while I'm gone," Bella asked the pixie before she sashayed out to the dance floor.

The 5' 4" brunette danced two line danced then the music changed. Country was replaced by Salt n Peppa's Push It. She started to bump and grind in ways that would put most hip-hop dancers and strippers to shame. Fuck me up, down, sideways and running, I thought and noticed several men on the dance floor admire her lustfully. The song changed to an '80's classic rock tune, Bella transitioned seamlessly into an appropriate dance. I needed both a drink and a cigarette after watching her performance. Contrary to popular belief, vampires can drink alcohol but it took a lot more to get us drunk.

I slammed the shot and the beer then looked at the bottle. Part of me was mildly surprised at the brand; I figured it would be Busch or Budweiser. My sister held up a hand to a passing waitress then indicated another round for the three of us.

"Bella's strictly a Dos Equis girl," she explained with a smile that told me there was a double meaning to her words. I pushed puzzling over what the second meaning was and focused on the two most important questions.

"Who is she? What is she," I asked and hoped the explanation would be finished before Bella came back from the dance floor.

"What she is, is a hundred and forty-five year old Dhampire – half human, half vampire," Alice answered the second question first then continued, "She's Jasper's biological daughter. During the late summer of 1865, that psychotic bitch, Maria, decided to reward Jazz for another successful campaign. She gave him a virgin to feed from but the girl's scent triggered his physical lust. He ravaged her and pissed Maria off because he was only supposed to fuck her. The Hispanic vampire threw him off the deflowered girl then ordered him locked up to await punishment. She went to deal with Jazz and thought the girl would bleed out from the brutality of the encounter. After two days of torturing Jasper, Maria went back to retrieve to girl's body but found her still alive. Her scent was off and the bitch realized the human was pregnant with a hybrid.

"Maria knew that members of the Whitlock family were gifted thanks to Jazz and his older brother, Peter; both of whom she changed. She felt the child would be as equally gifted and would be the perfect weapon. The demented midget kept the pregnancy secret from everyone, especially Jasper and his brother. A sneak attack by a rival provided the perfect cover for the human to escape. She managed to find the Whitlock family ranch on the outskirts of Houston and convinced them she was Jasper's wife.

"Of course, the pregnancy was far from normal and eventually they asked questions. She told them the truth and at first, they hadn't believed her. A few nights later, Jasper's father heard one of the ranch hands scream. He witnessed the man being attacked by a Newborn. He threw the lantern he was holding at the monster then watched it burn. After that, the remaining family members were true believers. A month and a half after conception, Isabella ripped her way out of her mother's stomach. The mother died as the result of the violent birth and the older Whitlock's were too disgusted to raise the baby.

"At the same time, they were unable to let their last link to Jasper go so they convinced another of their ranch hands to raise the baby as his own while they watched from a distance. Daniel, the ranch hand, did as instructed but truly came to love the child. Over the next year, one tragedy after another struck the Whitlock family until Bella was the last living member. After he secured her inheritance, her foster father moved the two of them out of state to escape possible bad memories.

"Because Bella grew rapidly during the first seven years of her life, the two had to move every couple of months. Eventually, Daniel used the proceeds from the sale of the old Whitlock ranch to buy a new one in northern Utah. He passed away after Bella's seventeenth birthday and she spent the next several decades traveling the world then went back to Utah where she was joined by some friends. Peter and Charlotte came across them and after they learned the truth decided to contact us. Because she never really had a family, she jumped at the chance to come stay with us. There's still a lot we haven't learned about her but we have the rest of eternity for that."

I stared at Alice for a few seconds then switched to the brunette hybrid that was currently grinding against some slut in hooker wear while my vampire mind quickly processed what I'd just heard. My sister's eyes glazed over with a vision as the music stopped and Bella made her way back to the table. Alice came back to reality with a panic stricken expression.

"What the Hell," Jasper hissed so only we heard and I had the feeling the fun was over.