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Summary: Sequel to You Leave the World Behind. Harry continues to hunt with the Winchesters but his relationship with Dean is threatened by a dark secret. Unfortunately for Dean, Harry isn't the only one keeping secrets. Harry gains a surprising ally in the search for his godfather. SLASH.

Author's Note: Warnings for graphic SLASH below. But seriously if you've read this far then you should be expecting to see penis/prostate shipping by now.

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When the Lightning Strikes

Moriarty's Minion

Chapter 11:
"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Wizard Scorned"

"Some fools think of happiness,
Blissfulness, togetherness,
Some fools fool themselves I guess.
But they're not foolin' me.
I know it isn't true, I know it isn't true.
Love is just a lie, made to make you blue.
Love hurts. Love hurts…"

- Aerosmith, Love Hurts


"What are you doing to him?"

"I'm just putting him at ease," Harry assured her, palms up so that she could see he meant no harm. It didn't hurt that the Wizard flashed her his most charming smile. "As long as he relaxes the memory spell will work without damaging him."

"You… you mean… you're not… human?" She whispered the last word as if it might be considered impolite.

Harry chuckled. "Oh I'm human. I just come with some extras."

John glared at him warningly. "Harry has some skill with magic."

"Some skill?"

"You're letting him do magic on our son?"

The Hunter ignored them both. "Just get on with it, Harry. The sooner Adam forgets about this morning, the sooner he can go back to being a normal kid."

Harry placed both of his palms on Adam's temples. He closed his eyes and focused on the events that Adam had just described. He slowly let the world around him blur and go blank. Kate continued to argue with John but all of her heart had gone out of the fight; her desire to see her son back to normal overwhelming any other concerns. Soon all he could sense were the blonde hairs pooled between his fingers and Adam's drooping eyes as he stared into them.

Adam's relaxed mind opened before him like a well-read book.

He only wished it would be so easy to deal with the eldest Winchester when he and John returned to the cottage.


Dean had been pranked by the best; namely his father and his younger brother.

Their father had started the tradition of pranking when they had first been dragged along on hunts. John had started off with simple gags like hands being dipped in warm water whenever he or Sam had fallen asleep during their turn at watch. They were the kind of pranks that kids their age were doing at sleepovers all the time. It was a fun reminder of the life they were leaving behind in favor of a quickly darkening world.

Over time John had started to up the ante so that the pranking became synonymous with training. Trip wires across the bathroom doorway would unleash a torrent of paintballs. Car door handles would be laced with liquids that would irritate the skin. Each new gag doubled as a lesson in hyper vigilance and situational awareness. The ultimate lesson being that nowhere, not even home, was ever truly safe.

Eventually Sam and Dean took over the pranking tradition as a means of working off any built up anger towards the other. There were only so many miles two brothers could travel while being stuck in a car with their father before irritation turned to violence. Especially not when said siblings were combat trained and had easy access to weapons. Prank wars were simply a more responsible method of burning off that bad energy before the brothers lost all love for each other. John certainly didn't mind that it kept his sons' minds active as each boy tried to out prank the other with increasingly more complicated traps and tactics that could one day be used in the field.

But in the week since Dean had blown up at his father and Harry he'd learned that Wizards pranked on a completely different level.

"Are those boobs?" Sam asked, eyes wide in shock at the porn-star level tits that were straining against Dean's favorite Aerosmith shirt.

Bobby joined the over sized hunter in gaping at Dean's modified form over the breakfast Harry was serving. Said Wizard merely chuckled knowingly as he finished scraping an extra portion of egg onto John's plate.

Dean tried – and failed – to cover the breasts that had magically grown from his formerly manly physique by crossing his arms. "Stop staring, Sammy. I know it's been awhile since you've seen a girl but these are indeed breasts."

"Is there something you want to tell me, Dean?" John asked, fighting to keep a straight face behind the coffee cup he was casually sipping from. "Perhaps you're planning on changing your name from Dean to Deanna?" The sound of Bobby coughing down his eggs interrupted him. "I want you to know that I'll love you no matter what. In fact, your mother and I always wanted a girl."

The sight of Harry walking around the small table with a set of empty glasses had Dean quickly shuffling backwards in retreat. "What are you going to do with those?"

Harry tilted his head in mock-innocence. "I was just going to ask you to fill these up? The milk in the fridge went bad and you've clearly got some to spare."

The three hunters at the table burst out laughing.

"Don't you think you're taking this little spat a bit far?" Dean muttered, his face burning in humiliation. "It was just a fight for Christ's sake."

"Oh, Dean, this is me taking it easy on you." Harry's bright smile promised only darkness, pain and the pranking knowledge one inherited after years spent hanging out with the Weasley Twins themselves. "If I was going all out you wouldn't have grown something… you would've shrunk something."

Dean quickly stopped trying to block the view of his gigantic breasts in favor of protecting his groin. He couldn't help giving a quick squeeze of Big Dean and the boys just to make sure Harry hadn't traded them in for a vagina.

Sam shook his head at his brother with a disappointed look on his face. "You could just say you're sorry."

"I did!" Dean exclaimed quickly, pausing at the odd sensation of boobs jiggling around his chest after throwing his arms up in exasperation. "Like a million times."

"And I'm absolutely going to forgive you," Harry stated happily as he sat down at the table and poured himself some orange juice. "Eventually."

Dean's answering groan was met with a second chorus of laughter.

"Whatever. Even as half a chick I'm still hot."

It was two days after Dean's boobs finally dissolved back into his defined pectorals that Sam finally decided to intercede on his brother's behalf. Harry was his best friend and, in light of Dean's spectacularly douche-tastic behavior, entitled to some revenge. But there had to be a limit to the punishment he could put Dean through. The boobs thing was funny but making him burp spiders every time the man thought about sex was going a bit far. It was also a painfully uncomfortable demonstration of just how often Dean's thoughts took a dip in the gutter.

So Sam decided it was in everyone's best interest to broach the subject. Years of being Harry's roommate had taught him that the Wizard was most helpful right before bedtime. Harry tended to be exhausted and eager for sleep, which meant he was quick to agree to Sam's demands just to get some peace. The downside was that Harry also tended to be short tempered if kept from his beauty sleep for too long.

"So, buddy, I think we should have a little talk…"

Harry immediately flipped Sam the bird, his head already burrowed deep into his pillow. "It's bedtime, Sammy-boy. That means it's the magical time of night I get to recover from cooking for three hunter shaped black holes, putting up with your father's incessant need to mock all things magical, and your brother's whining about spousal abuse."

"Well you have been giving him the magical cold shoulder lately," Sam replied, getting comfortable on his own bed in anticipation of a long fight. "And Dean did apologize."

"He didn't trust me," Harry griped. "I find out he has a secret half-brother and instead of helping your father hide Adam's existence I immediately tell him the truth." A sea of unruly black hair bent side to side as Harry shook his head into the pillow. "Also when did our lives start sounding like really bad soap operas?"

"Probably around the time you, a Wizard, started rooming with me, a Hunter's kid," Sam mused.

Harry chuckled, finally freeing one side of his face from the protection of his pillow long enough to quirk an eyebrow at his best friend. "Sounds more like a Chuck Lorre comedy."

"Two and a Half Hunters?"

"The Big Fang Theory?"

"We are so lame," Sam declared chucking his own pillow at Harry only to have it magically caught halfway across the room by an invisible force before it flew right back at him. He caught it just before the pillow smacked him in the face. "No fair using your powers, Mary Poppins."

Harry glared at him. "Call me that again and I'll shove my magic, flying umbrella so far up your – "

" – I thought you people rode brooms – "

" – that you'll be choking on the handle – "

" – and, hey, is that a wart on your nose cause it sure looks like – "

" – which is fine because you won't need a throat to eat anymore – "

" – how many flying monkeys do you have by the way – "

" – because I only feed my friends my amazing cooking and you, sir, are no longer – "

" – or is Dean supposed to be your flying monkey?"

Which was, of course, the last comment made before the bedroom door slammed open and the flying monkey in question barged into the room. Sam laughed at the pouted lips and bed head that his big brother was sporting. Dean grunted his anger at him before turning his attention to Harry. The glare only lessened slightly in its intensity.

"Is there a reason you two are giggling in here like two teen-bopper, Justin Bieber loving, nail painting, perfume sharing girls at their first sleepover?"

"Dean," Harry greeted completely devoid of emotion. Only the quick look he shared with Sam revealed the smirk he was hiding. "We were just talking about you."

Sam rolled his eyes. His brother was ridiculous when he was sulking. "We're sorry if the noise was keeping you up."

Dean shrugged a shoulder. "I was already awake. That couch sucks."

"You could always just sleep in here," Sam suggested, ignoring the betrayed look Harry shot him from his side of the room.

"Yeah?" Dean asked hopefully before catching sight of the surly expression on Harry's face. His eyes narrowed and a scowl blossomed. Sam had seen that look before. It was Dean's stubborn look; one meant to intimidate with his ability to keep his feet firmly planted on an issue. Dean clenched his lips as if to hold back whatever nasty reply he was thinking of before turning around and leaving the way he came.

Sam sighed. He was disappointed in his brother's choices. He was disappointed in Harry for not trying to work things out. Sam was about to say just that but the guilty look on his best friend's face made him hold his tongue. He was beginning to think that Harry wasn't being as hardheaded about their fight as he'd originally thought.

Apparently Sam was also wrong about what Dean had decided to dig his heels in about. He could see through the open doorway that Dean hadn't gone back to the doghouse that was the living room couch. Instead his brother was angrily packing up his things. Just before it looked like Harry was about to get out of bed and apologize, Dean went storming through the bedroom door. With a pillow tucked under one arm and a thin wool blanket dangling from his other hand, Dean didn't cut a very imposing figure. More like a kicked puppy in Sam's opinion. It was probably the only reason Harry didn't immediately start in on him.

Harry and Dean seemed content to just study each other in awkward silence. Well… silence that was awkward for him. They looked like they couldn't decide whether to beat down or start humping each other. Either way Sam did not want to be a spectator.

Sam cleared his throat. "I'll just give you two some time alone."

"No," Harry and Dean said at the same time.

Dean shook his head and added, "There's nothing to discuss. I'm not going to keep letting you punish me for something I've already apologized for."

Harry crossed his arms over his chest. "And that's good enough?"

"Probably not," Dean acknowledged, brow furrowed as if the admission was painful for him to make. Frankly, Sam thought it probably was. His brother had never been very in touch with his feelings and he certainly didn't apologize well. "But that's our bed and you're my – my – mine and we're not going to figure anything out if we're not even in the same damn room as each other."

"And if I don't want to share a bed with you yet?" Harry pressed, the slight upward curve of his lips taking most of the sting out of the question.

Dean snorted and hooked a thumb in the direction of the other bed. "Then you can bunk with Sammy and you girls will have a real slumber party."

Harry studied him for a minute before nodding slowly and scooting to the side of the bed closest to the wall. Dean seemed frozen in the doorway, not sure whether he was about to face another prank or getting everything he'd wanted. Harry smiled, pulled back the covers and patted the empty space next to him invitingly.

"I thought you wanted to sleep?"

Sam laughed as Dean practically tripped over his own feet in his hurry to get into the bed. Turns out he didn't need to have that awkward conversation with Harry after all. All he had to do was wait for Dean to get pissed off enough.

Dean had thought that sleeping on the couch had been torture. But lying in such a small bed with Harry right next to him was unbearable. He wasn't sure where they stood. Was he allowed to touch him? Would Harry leave if he tried to explain himself or apologize again? Could Harry hear how hard his heart was beating as he struggled to control himself?

The man in question wasn't helping matters either. If Dean didn't know any better he'd say that Harry was going out of his way to make him uncomfortable.

Dean had forgotten what it felt like to have Harry's slim figure curled up next to him. Even though their combined body heat had made the comforter completely unnecessary and therefore been discarded onto the floor, Harry had still stripped off his shirt. The thin cotton sheet did little to hide the sleeping wizard's toned form. The bed sheet had fallen just low enough to show the top of his ribs. Dean licked his lips, staring at the exposed nipples and remembering how he used to suck and lick them into attention.

Harry's mouth was open slightly in what Dean would normally have taken as an invitation. Dean could already feel himself getting hard in his briefs at the thought of prying those lips apart with his tongue or a more pressing part of his anatomy. As if hearing his thoughts Harry made a slight moan that sent shivers through Dean's body before rolling over to face the wall.

The sheet caught between Harry's arm and side, dragging it off of Dean completely. The slight chill of the night coated the hunter's skin before exploding in goose bumps. Dean's eyes greedily checked over the newly revealed flesh of Harry's muscular back. He reached out a shaking hand and let his fingers hover over the back of the wizard's neck before tracing the path of his spine. Never once touching but always just close enough to feel the heat wafting off of Harry. He didn't stop until his knuckles were above the spot where the two plump mounds of Harry's ass rose up under the paper-thin material of his boxers. The temptation to snag the elastic waste and tug was just too powerful.

So Dean went ahead and did it.

"You always did have a problem with impulse control," Harry muttered. Even facing the other direction Dean could tell he was smirking.

"I fucking knew it!" he hissed, trying to act indignant despite being caught red handed. "You were awake the whole time weren't you? Stripping off your shirt like that when we both know you'd wear a freaking parka to bed if you could."

Harry turned his head to look over his shoulder before promptly bursting out laughing at the streaks of blush on Dean's face. He quickly smothered his face into his shoulder to try from being any louder and waking Sam up. It was only after several minutes of non-stop chuckles and gasps for air that the wizard finally managed to regain control of himself.

"You should have seen your face," Harry said, bare chest still vibrating in amusement. "I honestly thought I was going to lose it after that moan."

Dean was not so amused with the situation. "Happy I could entertain you, asshole."

Harry pinched Dean's side in retaliation. "Like you weren't enjoying yourself. I could feel you digging into my back, you know."

"This wasn't exactly how I planned on 'enjoying myself' tonight."

"Well excuse me for not just rolling over for you, Dean," Harry replied stretching out on his back and rolling his eyes at the ceiling.

"Did I say I was expecting sex?"

The wizard narrowed his eyes at the sulking man next to him. "Are you saying you weren't?"

Dean shrugged. "I'd have settled for a handy."

Harry shoved his laughing boyfriend off the bed. Though Dean figured he got the joke since a layer of magical cushioning kept him from bruising anything on the hard floor. Eventually Harry's head popped into existence above him. He expected Harry to look mad but was pleasantly surprised to see the bright smile spread out across the wizard's lips. Dean couldn't help but smile back.

"Hey," Harry greeted softly.

"Hey back," Dean answered, eyes tracking the way Harry bit at his bottom lip.

Deciding to take a shot Dean leaned up onto his shoulders. He moved in slowly in order to give Harry time to back away if he wanted. There was a brief flash of hesitation in Harry's eyes but as soon as their lips met it melted away. At the first touch of tongue Dean was off the floor and pressing Harry into the mattress.

Or at least he was until some invisible force lifted Dean into the air. He was surprised by how quickly he got a hold of himself. Harry was always finding new ways of introducing the supernatural into their sex lives. Dean wasn't stupid he knows how Harry worries about how Dean is adjusting to a relationship with a wizard. It's not an unfounded concern but Dean was getting better at not freaking out every time Harry did something magical. He'd found that just relaxing and going along with it during bedroom time only added to how hot the sex got.

Harry smirked up at him once he realized that Dean had settled into the invisible magic restraints above him. "You tore my boxers."

Dean grinned fondly at the reminder. "Guilty."

"I think you should give me yours," Harry declared with an overly serious expression.

"Sounds fair."

Harry kept his grin even as he sprawled out on the mattress below him. Dean's muscled tensed as Harry's fingers slid up his body, replicating the same patterns Dean had made earlier… or been tempted to. Harry actually touched skin, which, in Dean's opinion, was clearly the better option. Even if it did tease Dean more than the almost-touching had.

His body finally relaxed into the touch once Harry started caressing his throat and jaw. Fingers teased the opening of Dean's lips until he greedily swallowed them down. Dean moaned around the single digit before a second and then a third were added. Harry's other hand wasn't just sitting around idly either. It sneaked down to the torn boxers and removed them slowly, teasingly, until the wizard's cock flopped up and onto his bare stomach.

Dean felt his mouth lubricating Harry's fingers even further at the sight.

At some point Dean's eyes had closed but they shot open as the fingers disappeared from his mouth with a slurping sound and a trail of mess down over his lips. He looked below him to find that Harry's head was no longer in front of him on the pillow. Instead the wizard was almost out of his magically restrained sight as he scooted further down the mattress.

He shivered at the night air as his underwear slid down to his knees. Dean awkwardly flailed, unsure of how to help with the process while suspended in the air. Harry chuckled from somewhere around his bellybutton before tugging them over his feet and onto the floor by the bed. A chaste kiss was pressed to each of Dean's abdominal muscles to provide some measure of reassurance. Warm palms pressed against his muscular thighs, parting them until Dean looks as if he's humping the air between them.

The hunter is all set to complain about the indecency of it all when a warm mouth sucks him in all at once. Dean gasps as lips circle the head of his dick, pulling it away from its resting place on his stomach and easing the thick length further and further into slick heat until it hits the back of Harry's throat. Their moans echo one another at the sensation.

Dean cries out in surprise and pleasure as he's rotated through the air. Harry doesn't have to move a muscle, just keeps licking and sucking as Big Dean revolves in his mouth. Finally Dean comes to a stop at the one place that gives him the best vantage point to see Harry's sculpted ass. Even better he's just in time to see those three slick fingers opening their owner up. His dick twitched in anticipation, the heat around his cock all the more prominent. That the fingers' pace matches that of Harry's lips sliding up and down on his shaft only adds to the experience.

In his mind, Harry's face is a thing of beauty. He remembers what the younger man looks like with fingers up his ass. The way his eyes are always shut tight as he flexes his ass to help fuck himself on whosever fingers are filling him. Dean doesn't have to imagine the small grunts of pleasure as said fingers curl to hit his prostate because he can hear Harry making them. He can feel the vibrations from the low moans around his dick.

It's only when Dean's balls start to tighten – the threat of climax looming – when he's unceremoniously dropped onto the bed. He knows Harry's close. He's been watching the precum leak from the wizard's swollen head for a while now. It's only seeing the frantic movements of his lover that remind Dean that he wasn't the only one suffering without sex since they'd had their fight.

Dean lets himself get manhandled up against the wall as Harry climbs into his lap. Dean is happy to help things along by lifting him up by the shoulder and scooting that naked ass even closer to his dick. Their lips meet, teeth biting and banging in their desperation for release. It's so good to finally, finally, finally have their mouths meet that Dean keens into the kiss. Tongues slide into mouths, mapping out the ridges of their gums and the points of teeth as if to remind each other that nothing has changed since they last got the chance to explore.

Harry's hand leave his face just long enough to slide down his sides and grab his hips hard. With the leverage he'd needed finally achieved, Harry lines up and impales himself onto Dean's cock in one sharp movement. Dean groans before immediately kissing at Harry's face where he can see that no amount of stretching can prepare you for a hard entrance like that. Especially not when it's been so long and Dean is so wide.

It doesn't seem to deter Harry any. If anything the pain from the tightness just spurs him on. Dean knows he won't last long with the rate that Harry is using him so he decides to even things out. His fist finds Harry's cock and he starts to tease it. It's ridiculously vanilla compared to Harry's fierce fucking speed but it does the trick. Dean is overly gentle about it. He's sure to only brush his fingers along the red thickness, spreading that impressive collection of precum over the head and then down to the balls with his other hand.

Harry must know what he's doing and eagerly meets the challenge. He goes after Dean's greatest sexual weakness: his nipples. The damn things are so sensitive and Harry's mouth is a master manipulator. Whatever leverage Dean had gained over his partner is lost as soon as Harry's tongue and teeth start their work first on the left and then on the right.

It's too late. Dean's lost. But it's the best kind of losing.

He latches his teeth onto Harry's neck and sucks at the flesh there through his orgasm. It helps to muffle his cries of pleasure. Harry has no such decency. He moans – loudly – with every spurt of hot cum that splashes up between them. Dean doesn't stop stroking him through the process until Harry's pushing at his shoulder because he's too sensitive for any more attention.

Dean gives him one last, long stroke before bringing his thumb up to his mouth and licking at the remnants of Harry's climax. Harry's beautiful green eyes bulge at the sight before he, too, leans forward and sucks his own cum off of Dean's hand.

"That was amazing," Dean whispers into Harry's mouth.

Harry nods. His body is still shaking with the tremors of pleasure coursing through him.

"That was a nightmare!" Sam calls from the other side of the room. His voice is muffled from where he's smashed it around his head in a fruitless attempt to keep the sounds of their lovemaking away.

Dean and Harry both freeze. They'd been so lost in each other that they'd forgotten about their roommate. Dean feels the blush cross his face but still can't help but tease his brother. It's an instinct that he's not yet found a way of pushing down.

"Guess you should have given us that minute alone after all, huh?"

Sam's defense pillow turns offensive as it smacks Dean in the face.

Dean tosses it aside with a smirk. "Just for that we're going for round two."

"Oh my God," Harry groans into Dean's shoulder, mortified.

"That's the spirit!" Dean chirps happily.

Sam lets out a little screech of terror before burrowing under his bedsheets.

John couldn't sleep and he wished that Bobby's booming snores were the only reason. Though that was definitely a factor since the Bobby Singer version of snoring sounded more like a ship's foghorns trumpeting through a low-visibility night. When one added on the pounding headache going on behind his eyes and the stress of introducing the supernatural into Adam's life… well it wasn't exactly a surprise to find John slipping out of his bedroom in an effort to tire himself out.

However it was a surprise to John that his eldest son was no longer taking up residence on the lumpy couch in the shared living room. After the blow up that had followed the revelation about Adam, John had expected Harry to continue to torture Dean for some time. Once again John was forced to revise his estimation of the wizard. The boy was softer than he'd thought to settle things with Dean so quickly.

A soft warmth spread through him at the thought that Dean had someone in his life willing to forgive almost anything simply because they cared for him. John wasn't sure when but at some point he'd given up hope of that kind of happy ending for his eldest son. When Sammy had left them for college he'd purposefully hurt him so that he wouldn't return; so that his boy could go out and find himself that kind of love and never have to feel the pain of losing them.

He'd been painfully wrong on both counts. Just like he'd been proven wrong about Adam never encountering the dangers of the supernatural.

Now John even worried about something tragic happening to Harry. There was so much about the raven-haired man that John couldn't stand. He was every bit as stubborn as John ever was which is probably why they ran up against one another so often. That Harry was also dating Dean was another; it was the God given right of all parents to not like the people stealing the innocence of their children… not that Dean had much innocence left to steal by the time the two had met.

Clearly Harry's magic was an issue. It went against every instinct in John's body to trust the wizard with his children… but he had. It had been Harry who protected Sam and given him friendship when even his own blood had abandoned him. Harry had been the first one to reach that tender part of Dean that had been crushed under the weight of responsibility and tragedy. Hell, Harry had even helped John to shield Adam from the dangerous life of a hunter.

It was then, as John was gazing down at the empty couch, that he truly accepted that Harry Potter wasn't a threat to his family. He'd had the thought before, of course, but never really bought it as reality. Sometime between stabbing John in that dank hospital basement and erasing Adam's memory Harry had become someone that John cared for.

Family, John thought wryly. The little shit is family.

And just as suddenly as the words crossed through his mind, that pulsating headache began to burn. The back of his eyeballs ached so badly that he couldn't even manage to scream his pain. His limbs quivered and John dropped onto the couch feeling absolutely boneless. It took nearly a minute for him to pass out from the pain.

But it wasn't into darkness that John's mind fell.

It was into his memories…

Sirius was ahead of him on the sidewalk. Usually John was the power walker of the pair but today he had good reasons for dragging his feet. They'd left Sam and Dean in the motel room to finish sleeping off the effects of Sirius' memory potion. John felt his stomach churn with the guilt of slipping his own sons something meant to harm them. No matter what good was supposed to come from it.

"Are you sure about this?" John asked yet again.

"Yes," Sirius sighed. "I was sure when I sold my house. I was sure when I bought the new place all the way in freezing-my-balls-off Michigan. I was sure when we moved Kate and Adam into the house across the street. I was sure when we drugged your kids. I will be sure when we get to the house and finish the spell. And I will continue to be sure for the rest of our lives." He stopped in his tracks and turned around to glare at his hunter friend. "A lifespan that will end for you the next time you ask me that ridiculous question."

John scowled. "It's not ridiculous. You know what's ridiculous? Your plan."

The wizard rolled his eyes before turning back around and continuing down the picturesque suburb street. "My plan is what's going to keep my godson – your son, I'll remind you – safe from those asshole demons. Add to that that it will also save my ass and I can't really see what's wrong with it."

"Can't see what's wrong with it?" John repeated, outraged. "You want to erase our memories. You'll essentially be invisible and trapped outside of reality potentially for the rest of your life. Oh, yeah, I'll also hate your guts and live with being the guy who killed you."

"If I had known beforehand you were going to be such a whiner I'd have brought Bobby along instead." Sirius shifted the small duffel bag to his other hand. If it also gave him the opportunity to throw up his middle finger at John then so be it.

"Bobby really would have killed you," John snapped, letting his anger get the better of him and picking up his pace. "And I'm not whining! I'm trying to say goodbye to you, asshole."

That brought Sirius up short. Dark eyes squinted at John, assessing him in one long look. Eventually the skinny man's shoulders slumped in acceptance. Sirius nodded briefly before dragging John into a hug. John struggled half-heartedly before letting Sirius wrap himself around him like an octopus.

"This isn't your fault, John," Sirius muttered into the other man's leather clad shoulder. "This is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Adam is my godson, my family, and for once in my life I am going to protect the ones I love."

John pulled back. "You know you aren't responsible for what happened with those Potter people, Sirius."

Sirius shook his head. "Just like you're not responsible for what happened to Mary but you won't ever believe it either. So leave me to my guilt, John."

They walked the rest of the way in silence.

As soon as they reached the small Victorian home, Sirius conjured two shovels. He used the metal tip to point out the back corner of the lot. John nodded and took one of the shovels with a sigh of regret.

"One stone in each of the foundations, right?" John asked if only to fill the weighted silence that had settled over them.

Sirius nodded sharply. "I'll take the Southern and Eastern points. Meet me in the house when you're done and we'll… we'll finish this."

"I could always refuse to drink the potion," John threatened weakly, his legs feeling like lead on the soft grass. In his mind it was a miracle the weight wasn't sinking him into the ground already.

"You could," Sirius agreed amiably before snapping his fingers and shooting a bolt of bright yellow light across the yard. "But then I'd just force it down your throat."

"You wouldn't dare."

"I would when it's this important."

John let the defeat finally settle in his gut. The future was set. Sirius would disappear from their lives forever. Adam would be protected and John would be left to handle Sam and Dean's fates on his own. It was all for the best.

He glanced across the street where Kate and Adam were sleeping in their bright, shiny new home. They were the priority and Sirius would always be right there to watch over them. Sure the wizard would be invisible thanks to that Fidelius spell but there all the same.

And there was always the hope that one day the memory spell would come undone and their broken family would be reunited once again…

John gasped as he returned to the land of the conscious. His brain hurt with the mixture of fake and real memories just restored to him. On one hand John could still feel the lingering hatred he held towards the Sirius Black that he believed had betrayed him to the Yellow-Eyed Demon. On the other hand John knew now just how close he'd been to the Sirius Black who had given up everything to protect his youngest child.

Above all his heart hurt knowing where Sirius had been all of this time.

It was time for that reunion.

Author's Note: So a year later and there's finally an update… and I have no excuses beyond working on my original novel and getting caught up in a new fandom (Teen Wolf – it's so much better than it sounds. It's like Supernatural Junior with all the feels).

My plan was to finish this up as my NaNoWriMo project and that we'd be seeing a years worth of updates all in one month. Clearly that didn't happen the way that I'd planned. The outline for this fic was atrociously out of order so I had no choice but to take a sledgehammer to it. Thankfully it's all back in an understandable order now and I'm estimating 8 more chapters after this one and an epilogue. Each chapter being about 5k in length. Just because NaNoWriMo has passed doesn't mean that I won't keep updating. It won't be as fast as I'd planned but it certainly won't take me another year to update!

Still, the site's 'Story Alert' option will be your friend with this fic.

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