Samantha Puckett sits on the couch with the excuse of watching television. Her head is facing the screen but her eyes are turned towards the Shay's dining room. She watches Spencer sit at the table with a sketch pad, focused on whatever he's drawing, which he'll hopefully show to her later, sitting close as he explains his inspiration and what his artwork means, looking for her approval. She already knows she'll say she loves it, and pictures how his eyes will light up when she says it. She wishes the way he will look at her would never stop. Sam swings her legs onto the couch and imagines if things were different. If there wasn't such an age gap. If Carly didn't disapprove. If Spencer loved her, like she loved him. Every day she came over to see Carly, and every day she pretended it didn't hurt to see him. There he'd always be, drawing, sculpting, or sitting in the exact spot she was now. All Sam could do was watch. And the one time she'd let a tear roll down her cheek, he noticed, and asked her what was wrong. He came right up to her, took her hand and looked into her eyes, and asked if he could help. And all Sam could do was walk away. Samantha Puckett sits on the couch, watching Spencer draw, and wishes it didn't hurt so much.

Spencer Shay sits at his dining room table, absentmindedly drawing in his sketch pad. What started out as random geometric shapes begin to turn into blonde curls, and he forces himself to not look up into the living room. Because in that room is everything he's ever wanted, but the one thing he can't have. Sam is the girl he has dreams about, the one he imagines he's kissing, the one he wants more than anyone. He can barely stand to be here right now without walking up to her and getting on one knee, and telling her that she's the only reason he can force himself up in the morning, the only reason he keeps living and to please never leave his side again. And when he sees her sitting silently with tears running down her cheek, it takes all he has to not take her in his arms and promise to let whatever it is hurting her never do it again. But her secret isn't for him to know, because she won't even meet his eyes when he asks her about it. Spencer berates himself because he shouldn't be so in love with his little sister's best friend, so hopelessly in love with the most perfect girl he has ever met. Spencer Shay sits at the dining room table, trying to not watch Sam just breathe, and wishes it didn't hurt so much.