Okay, this isn't my first attempt at fan fiction; but it is my first attempt at a Supernatural fan fiction. My friend and I are big fans of the show and since she knows I write fan fiction, she said I should try my hand at a Supernatural story, so, I sat down and came up with an idea. I don't know if its cliched or overdone, but I hope if you've clicked on the story to check it out that you like it. Please let me know what you think!

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Chapter 1

The sun was rising and Allison Farrell stood outside the old covered pick up brushing her teeth with a bottle of water in her left hand as she watched the sun break over the horizon and turn the wheat in the field pink and gold just as it did the sky. Her twin sister, Addison, was still sound asleep in the covered bed of the truck probably still wrapped up tightly in the multiple blankets she always insisted they bring for the nights they slept in the car. Despite the beautiful sunrise in front of her, Allison wished she would have kept driving to find a motel instead of pulling off the deserted rural highway and parking near a field. She really wanted a shower, but that probably wasn't going to happen until later that day when they finally found a place to crash.

As Allison rinsed the toothpaste from her mouth she heard her sister climbing out of the truck and after spitting the water from her mouth onto grass at her feet, she turned her eyes to the back of the truck. "Morning," she said when she saw her sister stumble around the truck, pulling on her shoes and scratching her head and messing up her already messed up short hair even more.

"Morning," Addison mumbled as she walked over to Allison and sighed as she leaned against the truck. "How are you up so early?" she asked and Allison smiled as she turned around and put her toothbrush back into her toiletry bag and screwed the top back on her water.

"A couple of birds woke me up about a half an hour ago and since the cab isn't the most comfortable place to sleep, I decided to get up," she said. "Why are you awake?"

"No idea," Addison said and Allison laughed. "You know there's room for the two of us in the truck bed. Why don't you ever sleep back there with me? Sure, that mat we got back there is about as soft as a piece of wood, but it's better than cramping up in the cab."

"You know I like to be ready in case something happens," Allison said as she turned back around and leaned against the truck next to her sister. "Besides, you hog the covers."

"Do not," Addison said as she shoved Allison's shoulder and Allison laughed as she shoved her back.

"Do too and you're feet are always cold, even through your socks," Allison said and Addison rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," she said and Allison smirked as she returned her eyes to the rising sun. The two young women were identical twins, Allison the oldest of the pair by two and a half minutes. They may have been physically identical, but in reality the two women were their own completely different person.

Addison considered herself the wilder of the two and Allison wouldn't argue with her on that. She hustled pool and played darts to earn money at the bars and dives they frequented during their drives back and forth across the country and she was damn good at it. She was also a fan of changing her hair style as often as she could, which sadly wasn't as often as she would have liked. Presently, Addison wore her dark brown hair in a short bob that rested at her chin and recently she had dark blue streaks put into her hair. The eyebrow and belly button piercings she wore, she had had since she was eighteen and the upright horseshoe tattoo on the back of her neck she had had since she was twenty.

Allison didn't have piercings like her sister and she her dark brown hair was long and always tied back in a ponytail, bun, or braid given the fact that it got in the way a lot of the time when they were working a job but she didn't have the will to cut it. However, like her sister she had a tattoo. It hadn't been her choice to get it, but it was out of necessity since she had lost her protective charm during a fight two years earlier. Instead of getting another one, she opted to have the symbol tattooed on her skin so she wouldn't risk losing it again. Addison had gotten one as well and they both now had the symbol tattooed on their backs just above and between their shoulder blades.

"So, breakfast?" Addison asked and Allison looked at her.

"Sure, as soon as you brush your hair," Allison said, which made Addison roll her eyes before she smiled and walked towards the back of the truck. Allison laughed and grabbed her toiletry bag from the hood. With one last look at the rising sun, she sighed quietly and climbed into the cab. Addison soon followed with her hair neat about her head and her toothbrush hanging from her mouth.

"Let's roll," she said, her voice muffled thanks to her toothbrush and Allison started up the truck as she laughed quietly to herself. Her sister was crazy, but she loved her anyway.

It had taken them a while, but they finally came upon a small town and after grabbing bite to each they checked into the motel. Allison had claimed the shower first and the hot water had worked all the knots out of her back surprisingly well and eased the aches of the various bruises scattered about her body. She had pulled her wet elbow length hair into a long braid and rested it over her shoulder, and since she had next to nothing left as far as clean clothes went she was wearing a white tank top and dark jeans. Thankfully, it was warm enough outside so she could get away with the look.

At that moment, Addison was in the shower while Allison was sorting through their bags and taking out their dirty clothes. Realizing they had left a bag in the back of the truck, she pulled on her boots and grabbed the keys to the truck and her motel room key before heading outside. She had no more stepped out the door when she ran right into a man passing by.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said as she stumbled back and looked up, brushing her damp bangs from her eyes.

"No problem," the man said with a grin as he looked down at her. Allison felt a light blush grace her cheeks as he stared at her a bit. He was terribly good looking with beautiful green eyes, defined features, and full lips; plus he was tall. Allison and Addison weren't terribly intimidating at five feet five inches, but they could hold their own on the job just fine. He opened his mouth to say something when a voice cut him off.

"Dean, come on, we gotta go," another man's voice called. Allison looked away from the man in front of her and down the walkway to see a very tall man with slightly longer hair coming out of a room, closing the door behind him. Allison looked back at the first man and he sighed as he gave the other man a look and then turned his beautiful eyes back to her.

"See ya around," he said and Allison gave him a small smile and a curt nod as he turned away from her and walked away towards a black classic car where the taller man was waiting. Allison didn't know the make or model, but she remembered seeing a car like that in one of her dad's old muscle car magazines. Shaking her head and laughing at herself, she walked to her truck and around it to the bed. She opened the tailgate and then the door of the topper before she climbed up with ease and got their third bag from the back.

"There you are," Addison said when Allison went back into the room and Allison smiled as she held up the bag.

"We left this in the truck and I want to get the laundry done so we don't have to worry about it later," she said as she put it down on the bed and started sorting through the whites and the darks.

"Allie, we just got here," Addison said as she sank down onto the bed she had claimed dressed in her pajama pants and camisole. "Get some sleep and then we'll go to the laundry mat together."

"You go ahead and rest, Addie, I won't be gone long," Allison said as she put their whites in one bag and their darks in another.

"I got more sleep than you did last night, why not let me go?" Addison said as she stood and Allison laughed.

"Remember what happened the last time I let you do the laundry on your own?" she asked with a raised eyebrow and Addison rolled her eyes.

"That was one time and we were thirteen!" Addison said and Allison laughed again, which made Addison smile as she sat back down on the bed. Lately, her sister didn't laugh as often as she should, and Addison was happy to hear the sound.

"All the same, I'd like my whites to stay white; not pink," Allison said as she picked up the bags and Addison laid back, grabbing the remote from the television.

"All right, all right," Addison said with a soft sigh. "I live such the rough life, don't I?"

"Of course you do," Allison said. "I have my phone if you need me, but I shouldn't be too long." With that Allison left Addison to her own devices while she walked the block to the laundry mat, her mind still wondering to the green eyed stranger she had ran into. Something about him had been so familiar, but she couldn't place it and who knew if she would ever see him again anyway.

Later that night, Addison had dragged Allison to the local watering hole for their first 'proper' night out in weeks. The duo had been going from one job to the next for the last six weeks and had decided to take a couple of days for themselves before looking for a new hunt. "Why are we here again?" Allison asked as they entered the hazy bar that was pretty packed, but it was a Friday night so they shouldn't have expected any less.

"To have some fun and to make a few bucks," Addison said. "We're starting to run low and I feel like playing a few rounds, don't you?"

"You know I suck at pool," Allison said as they drew closer to the bar. Allison had remained in her tank top and jeans, but she had thrown on her black cotton jacket to ward off the evening chill and pulled her hair free of the long braid she had let it dry in leaving her long dark hair in slight waves down her back. Addison had gone through the clean clothes Allison had brought back and had settled on a tight red t-shirt and her favorite black skinny jeans. She wore her leather jacket that night and like the good hunters they were, each had flat bottles of holy water in the pockets of their jackets and silver knives tucked into the sides of their boots.

"What can I get you ladies?" the burly bartender asked as he came up to them and Addison smiled.

"Two shots of Jack and two beers," Addison ordered and the bartender winked at her before he put the shot glasses on the bar and poured the whiskey into the glasses. He watched the girls with mild fascination as they clinked the shot glasses together and downed the burning liquid in one go, neither making a face as it went down.

"Impressive," the bartender said as they slammed the glasses upside down on the bar and he put two bottles of beer in front of them. Addison smirked at the bartender as she put money down on the counter.

"We can handle our own," Allison supplied sweetly and the bartender's smile grew as he looked between the two identical women in front of him.

"When you're ready for it, next rounds on me," he said and the girls pushed away from the bar, beers in hand.

"You got it, big guy," Addison said with a wink that made the man laugh before they turned away from the bar and headed towards the pool tables. Allison nearly dropped her beer and came to a stop when she spotted the man from outside the motel sitting at a tall table in the corner watching a couple of guys play a game of pool. "What?" Addison asked when she noticed Allison wasn't beside her anymore. She frowned when Allison didn't say anything and followed her sister's gaze. "Oh, see something you like, Allie?" Addison teased and Allison's cheeks flamed red, but thankfully in the dim lighting of the bar it was barely noticeable.

"I ran into him outside the motel," she hissed at her sister when she was finally able to tear her eyes away from the man.

"Well, go and talk to him," Addison urged. "He's hot." Allison bit her lip uncertainly and Addison rolled her eyes. "Go!" Addison urged before she pushed Allison in the direction of the man and Allison stumbled forward before she shot a glare over her shoulder at her sister who snorted a laugh and then walked over to the man at the pool table.

Dean smirked when he saw Sam setting up the pool table and trying to pull a poor sucker into playing him. Sam was good at hustling, but Dean knew he was better. He had just brought his bottle of beer up to his lips when a soft voice broke through his thoughts. "Hey," the voice said and he turned his eyes to the right a bit and lowered the bottle from his lips and smiled at the woman he saw standing on the other side of his table. It was the woman that had run into him at the motel and his smile grew when she smiled back.

"Hey," he said and she gestured towards the empty stool at his table.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked and he shook his head negatively.

"Not at all," he said and he liked the shy smile that filtered its way across her lips. She put her beer down on the table before she hopped up on the stool, crossing her right leg over her left. "I'm Dean by the way," he said as she rested her forearms on the table and turned her bottle of beer with her right hand.

"Allison, but you can call me Allie," she said, tucking some hair behind her left ear.

"Well, Allie, what brings you here?" he asked as he leaned onto the table.

"My sister and I are on a road trip, and we're giving ourselves a couple of days rest before we move on," she said.

"Your sister's here with you then?" Dean asked, curious as to what the sister looked like since the girl in front of him was very easy on the eyes.

"Mm-hm," she said as she took a swig of her beer. "So, Dean, you a local or are you just passing through too?"

"Passing through, my brother and I are here on a job. Once we're done we'll be back on the road." Allison nodded and took another drink of her beer, and Dean did the same.

"The guy that called for you earlier, was that your brother?" she asked and he nodded.

"Yeah, he's over there playing pool," Dean said as he gestured towards the table where Sam was currently setting up a new game, going against a girl with short brown hair with blue streaks. Dean couldn't see the girl's face, but she had a nice figure that he noticed as she shrugged out of her leather jacket and picked up a pool cue. Allison followed Dean's gaze and smirked when she saw Addison readying a cue while the man Allison now knew to be Dean's brother was setting up the balls.

"Is your brother any good?" she asked and Dean looked back at her to see her smirking as she slowly returned her eyes to him.

"He's not bad, why do you ask?"

"Because if they bet, my sister is about to clean him out," Allison said and Dean raised an eyebrow.

"Your sister?" he asked and she nodded her smirk still in place. "You think she's going to clean out my brother?"

"Oh, I know so. Addie . . . she's got skill."

"Does she?" Dean asked and Allison nodded. "What do you say we go and watch then?"

"Alright," she said as she hopped down from her stool and picked up her beer, Dean doing the same only he stepped down from the stool, not having to jump like Allison did. They weaved their way over to the pool table and Allison settled up next to her sister. "Hey," she said and Addison smiled at her twin before she put the chalk down on the side of the table.

"Damn," came Dean's sudden voice and both women turned their eyes to him as he stood next to his brother, who wore a similar surprised expression on his face. "You said nothing about her being your twin . . . literally."

"You didn't ask," Allison said with a grin, "and close your mouth before something flies in there." Dean's mouth snapped shut and Sam grinned as he looked at the longer haired version of the girl that had challenged him to a game. "I'm Allie," she said as she held her hand out to the insanely tall man that stood next to Dean and Sam chuckled as he moved his pool cue to his left hand and took her hand in his.

"Sam," he said and they shook hands firmly.

"Don't go easy on him, Addie," Allison said as she let go of Sam's hand and looked at her sister, "he looks like he can take it," she finished as she looked back at Sam with a smile.

"Don't worry, Allie, I got it covered," Addison said and Allison laughed before she pulled Dean off to the side and to the table where Addison had left her jacket.

"So, is she the wild child with the hair and the piercings and you the goody two shoes?" Dean asked as he looked at the long haired woman next to him. Allison smiled and looked up at Dean. She opened her mouth to respond when a large man pushed past her, sending her stumbling forward and right into Dean's chest. With quick reflexes Dean easily caught her and Allison tossed her bangs from her eyes with a flick of her head and looked up into Dean's green eyes. "You must like running into me or something," he said softly as he put his bottle of beer down on the table and settled his left hand on her hip while his right was pressed tightly on her back. Allison swallowed hard as she looked up at him before she smiled.

"Or something," she said and Dean grinned. "To answer your question, Addie is a little wilder than I am on the outside, but inside I'm not as straight edge as you think I am."

"Oh?" he asked, intrigued, and Allison nodded as leaned up and poised her lips right next to Dean's ear.

"But I'm not that easy to break," she whispered before she pushed herself out of Dean's arms and turned around just in time to see Addison break and settle two striped balls into the pockets. Dean smirked as he looked at the back of her head before he settled himself behind her and leaned down so his lips were at her ear. Allison suppressed a shiver when she felt his breath against her skin.

"I like a challenge," Dean whispered and Allison smiled as she brought her beer bottle to her lips. Suddenly, Allison was thankful for having such a bossy sister.