Chapter 6: Angels Be Sharks Well-governed

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The Olympic Rainforest:

July 5th, 2010:

They walked around the small patch of grasses between the huge redwoods. Everything was green. The trees, the ground, and the rocks. Except for the places where the moss had been scraped away during the victim's struggle.

One of the cops from Seattle crept around taking pictures.

The coroner was unavailable, so Scully had been asked in to look at the physical evidence: two revolting lumps of flesh, bitten from the victim's body, and spit onto the ground. Each measured a good two and a half inches in diameter. Human-looking teeth marks were readily visible on them.

"You're certain these came from Sheila Cooper, and not another victim?" Scully winced, trying not to breathe.

"We found her purse over here," Charlie said grimly. "Any initial observations?"

"Well, it's ... a strange scene," Scully frowned.

"That's for sure," Mulder chipped in. "Blood spatter that high? It's almost like... she was ... thrown into the trees. And some of the overhead branches are broken."

"It does appear that way. And she had a lot of broken bones. You'd better have the trees checked for physical evidence," Scully advised the Chief. "Signs of ropes. Catapults. Use of levers."

"Yeah, okay," Charlie sighed, rubbing the back of his head. Hunting vampires was a real head ache. Especially since he had to not find them.

"Look here, Scully," Mulder called, squatting on the ground. Scully picked her way across the slippery moss carefully. Where Mulder was, the ground was rocky, and the moss had been scraped away in streaky scratches. They stood looking at it.

"Looks like she died here," Scully said softly. "These are fingernail marks. The ones there might have been made by the heels of her shoes. Excuse me? What kind of shoes was the victim wearing?" she called to Officer Call.

"Uh, black dress heels," he murmured. "She was a real estate agent. She had an open house that day. Might have been how the murderers ... chose her."

"Hmm. So the assailant, or assailants, held her down here. Make sure you get pictures and measurements of this," Scully ordered the photographer.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Hey, Scully!" Mulder barked, crouching beside a crevice between two rocks, nearby to where Sheila had fought for her life. "Chief? Officer, get your camera over here."

The three individuals hurried over to Mulder, and he pointed out what he wanted them to see: something made of paper was wedged down in the rocks. The photographer snapped photos, then Mulder, donning gloves, carefully pulled it out of its hiding place.

Charlie gasped, gobsmacked. "Oh, my god."

It was a popular wedding magazine, dated June, 2006. It was spattered with gore.

On the cover were Edward and Bella Cullen, dressed in their wedding finery.

Mulder set the magazine down on its spine, and it fell open. Out of it, tumbled another bite-sized piece of human flesh.

"Jesus," Mulder moaned, turning the magazine to look at the photo.

In it, Edward Cullen was wearing an Armani suit, and his wife was held aloft in his arms, wearing a minescule black dress. They looked deliriously happy. The image contrasted sickeningly with the smears of blood and tissue.

"One of their engagement photos," Charlie supplied. "Holy shit."

Across the photo, words had been scrawled in permanent marker: SHE WILL BE FIRST.

The police photographer snapped a series of photos. Then Scully grimly bagged up the chunk of Sheila's flesh.

"So, Carlisle Cullen and his family are definitely the targets,"Mulder grimaced, using his pen to carefully turn the page. Congealing blood made gooey, stringy patches on the paper.

"Fuck!" Charlie gasped, the breath scything in and out of his chest. Mulder and Scully looked at him with clenched jaws.

In the next photo, Edward Cullen lay supine on sand, asleep. Naked. Peaceful. Young and innocent.

"Guess the target's not Carlisle," Mulder corrected himself.

The writing, in black permanent marker, was elegant. It covered nearly the whole page:

I am coming for you.

I am going to tie you up, and fuck you.

Just as I will fuck your wife before killing her. Think on that, you pussy-whipped subordinate.

You were never meant to be a Dom.

Yes, pretty boy. I will fuck her mouth.

I will fuck her ass.

And I will fuck her cunt more thoroughly than you ever did.

Then, I'll do it to your daughter.

And then, I'll do it to you.

When I am done with you, I am going to flay

every strip of flesh from your body

with the barbarous teeth on my whip.

While you live.

I will relish every scream.

I am going to spend weeks doing it.

And then, I will put you back together

and do it all again.

You have spoiled my fun.

You have taken my place.

For stealing my children I will steal yours.

You know of what I speak.

At least your sperm will live on.

You will be last.

Everyone you love will die before you.

"Christ!" Charlie yelped, taking three steps back and moving with increasing speed toward his car.

"Whoa-ho-ho! Hey, Charlie, you have to explain this. Don't run off," Mulder ordered.

"He's threatening my baby girl," Charlie barked. "And her husband. And my grand-baby. He's a madman, and he's ruthless. I have to go tell them. I have to ... p-protect them."

"Who is doing this?" Dana shouted.

"Some guy they met in Brazil. They ruined his drug trade. Picked up some young teenage girls that he'd abused. Helped them get away from him. Gave them ... support to raise their babies." Charlie continued hurrying to his car. Mulder managed to catch up. He grabbed Charlie by the arm, and swung him around.

"Don't panic," he ordered. "If you tell Edward and Bella this way, they'll run, and they'll be in danger, going where we can't protect them."

Charlie laughed incredulously. "You can't protect them, Agent Mulder. Not even the fucking FBI is strong enough to protect them from this guy. He's just about the scariest guy I've ever heard of. Now let me go. He may have been waiting for us to find this information, and he could be on his way to the kids' cottage right now."

Charlie Swan ran for his car, and the agents let him go.

Scully turned and snapped at Sergeant Mark. "Bag everything and take it to the station. I want a look at that magazine before you send it to the coroner. And then, I want a thorough analysis of the handwriting ordered."

"Yes, Ma'am," Mark said, hands shaking. He'd never imagined working on a case this horrifying, especially involving his Chief's family. Made him sorry he hadn't gone into a different line of work.

Scully and Mulder ran for their SUV.

They hurtled down the road after Charlie, speeding toward the Cullen House, near the Callawah River.


It was an architectural gem, nestled in the middle of forest. Isolated, but welcoming. The front wall was made entirely of glass.

Charlie Swan screeched to a halt. He exited his cruiser at a dead run, leaving the lights flashing, and bypassed Emmett Cullen, who was weeding the flowerbed beside the front porch.

"Hey ... Charlie..." Em said, his smile fading as the doors on Scully and Mulder's SUV crashed open. "What's up!" he demanded. The agents did not stop to talk. They hurried after Charlie, who was barrelling at top speed down a path running parallel to the side of the house.

Emmett shouted something to his wife, and hurried after them.

Mulder, Scully and Emmett caught up to Charlie, who was inserting a key into the front door of a charming little cottage covered in old-fashioned climbing roses as big as tea plates. "They turned off their phone," he informed the agents.

When he pushed on the key, the door fell open with a squawk.

"Oh, God! Please, please no," he wailed. "They always lock up."

"Charlie! What the hell is going on?" Emmett demanded.

"Caius." Charlie rushed into the sitting room.

"Holy fuck!" Emmett said, heading straight for the back of the house. "Ren's not here," he said curtly.

There were no lights on. Music played softly on the CD player.

Rosalie and a Quileute barged through the front door. They appeared to be ... sniffing?

"Bella? Edward?" Charlie called frantically. He also hurried to the rear of the cottage, throwing open the door to the master bedroom. The sheets were rumpled. The room was empty. To the right of the bed was a French door, partly open. Charlie threw it open and stormed through it.

The rest of the party followed him.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" Edward yelped, ducking down in the submerged outdoor jacuzzi, with a splash, attempting to cover his junk. Bella ducked too, covering her chest in alarm.

Queequag was lying on a sumptuous chaise longue, dreaming doggy dreams.

"Oh, thank God! Thank God!" Charlie moaned, pacing and covering his eyes with a hand that shook.

"Would someone mind explaining to me what's going on?" Edward asked calmly. Water dripped into his eyes. He looked much younger with his hair wet, Scully decided. A nice male specimen. But not old enough for her.

She'd like to get Mulder in that tub.

"I was so afraid something had happened to you, with the door left unlocked," Charlie said weakly, halting his pacing.

Edward appeared confused. "We never lock the door when Ren is out," he related calmly.

Mulder still thought Edward was odd. Who on the planet swore like this supposed-kid? 'Jesus, Mary and Joseph'? Come on...

Charlie stared at Edward meaningfully, and as the seconds ticked by, Edward's eyes dilated until no colour was visible. "Tell us, Dad," he demanded, reaching for the large white towel Emmett was holding out. He exited the tub swiftly and gracefully, wrapping the towel around himself.

"We examined the place where Sheila was murdered," Charlie began. Edward nodded and signaled for him to get on with it. "We found a copy of the wedding magazine at the site. You know, the one with the pictures of you kids. There was a chunk of human flesh being used as a placeholder. Caius scrawled threats all over the pictures of you. He said... well, he said he was going to rape, torture, and murder everyone you love, and save you for last. And he said... he said he was going to steal your sperm, because you stole his children from him."

Edward blanched. "Ren!" he gasped through bloodless lips, rushing into the house. The young Native was right on his heels.

Edward stopped by the phone, turning it back on. It rang immediately, and Edward snatched it up. "Alice?" he barked, and listened carefully, watching the Native boy, who was holding his breath anxiously.

"They're fine," Edward informed everyone, sagging with relief. "What, Alice?"

"Thank God!" Bella cried from the bedroom. She shut the bedroom door to get dressed.

"No. You can't stay out. We've had a bad scare," Edward informed his sister. "Have you seen anything?" He listened for a few minutes. "Call Jazz. Mulder and Scully are here. Please bring Ren home now. I'm sorry about her dinner. Yeah. We'll make her some grilled cheese when she gets here. Alice? Tell Mom to take a safe, public route home, okay? Yeah. You too. Bye." He set down the phone shakily, considered a moment, and picked it up again.

"Who are you calling?" Emmett asked.

"Dad." His eyes flicked up. "Oh, hi Vera. Dad there, please? Emergency. Yeah, I'll wait." Bella came out of the bedroom, and dropped a small towel on Edward's neck. He nodded his thanks, rubbed his hair with it absent-mindedly, then froze.

"Dad! Yeah. We need you home. Charlie and the team found evidence today. Definitely Caius, there's no question at all. He's threatened to torture and kill all of us in retaliation. Yeah. Twenty minutes? Okay. Yeah, we'll see you there. Yeah. Bye."

Edward set down the phone, looking at everyone solemnly. "Dad wants us to meet him over at the house in 20 minutes."

"I'll notify the boys and Leah," Jacob volunteered.

"Yes, please. We need everyone."

"Billy and Sue?" Jacob checked.

"Yeah, better. Just in case."

"You leaving?" Jake winced.

Edward grimaced, looking thoughtful. "Not yet. Let's see what Carlisle says."

"You... won't leave without me, right?"

Edward cuffed Jacob playfully. "If only getting rid of you were that easy," he teased. Then, he ruffled the young man's hair. Jacob left at top speed.

"Edward," Rosalie moaned, trembling.

"It's okay, hon'. Don't cry. It has nothing to do with the magazine. It's just ... what the sadistic bastard is like.

"You're not mad at me... about the magazine? You don't think... I handed Caius a vehicle to hurt you with?" she demanded, jaw trembling.

"No, dear. He just found it ... convenient to his melodrama. Now stop fussing. Can't change the past."

"Thank you, Edward. Can I... have a hug?" Rosalie asked timidly.

"Sure, sure," Edward said, extending an arm. His sister-in-law hugged him, sighing.

A few moments later, they all heard a wolf howl. Mulder and Scully, unlike the others, jumped.

"Don't fret. There are lots of wolves here. They don't harm people," Bella said, patting Scully's shoulder reassuringly.

Edward walked into his bedroom, shut the door, and returned in what seemed like an impossibly short time, fully dressed. "Let's get up to the main house," he suggested.

The door opened, making Scully and Mulder jump again. Jacob hurried inside.

"You called Sam?" Edward checked.

"Yep," Jake confirmed.

"Wait! We should do a rec first," Mulder suggested anxiously.

The Cullens and Charlie exchanged worried looks.

Edward spoke up again, taking charge. "Not necessary. We ... have cameras everywhere out here."

Scully and Mulder's brows were on the ceiling. "Why don't we have record of that?" Mulder asked.

"Because they haven't picked up anything. There hasn't been anyone here who doesn't belong," Edward shrugged. "Come on, we'll all be safer up at the house."

"Let us take Point," Mulder suggested.

"He's got a point, kid," Charlie said.

"Guns will not be effective against him," Edward reminded his family solemnly. Mulder and Scully felt a thrill of horror. What were they dealing with? Both sincerely hoped Caius was not a Super Soldier.

"Better than nothing," Charlie shrugged.

"Fine," Edward huffed, rolling his eyes. Scully and Mulder looked at each other, confused. Didn't the Cullens want protection? Mulder gave Scully a look that meant to say 'See? I told you they were odd'.

Edward called Queequag and tucked him under his arm. The dog was picking up on the tension. He was quivering with fright.

Charlie, Mulder and Scully drew their service revolvers, and peeked cautiously out the front door. They grouped themselves around the Cullens and Jacob, senses honed for any threat. Nothing seemed out of place, so Mulder motioned them to move out. Quietly, the group crept along the path to the Cullen mansion, searching the trees carefully.

When they turned the corner to the house, they were startled to hear a loud motor rev and cut out. Jasper was home, on his black Ducati motorbike. He dismounted and hurried to the group, embracing Bella and Rose. "Tarnation! Alice is in a right tizzy. You all alright?"

"So far, Jazz. But it's serious," Emmett stated.

"I can see that, since you've decided to talk in front of the Feds," he drawled, appraising Scully and Mulder.

"Carlisle's on his way. We need to decide how to handle this," Edward informed his brother-in-law.

"You considering involving Aro, now?" Jazz wondered. Who or what was an Aro? The agents wondered.

"Maybe." Edward punched in the key code to the electronic lock beside the door: 285536. Mulder noted the numbers, changed to phone text, spelled 'Cullen'. He ought to have a talk with them about beefing up inadequate security.

The group filed into the lobby of the gorgeous, modern house. Jake went straight to the kitchen, asking Scully and Mulder whether they might care for a soda. They mightn't. They cared for answers. Everyone but Jacob proceeded into the living room, and pulled up spots on the sleek, modern furniture.

"Maybe we should check the house," Mulder suggested.

"Not necessary. Our house has motion detectors throughout," Emmett shrugged. "It's totally safe."

"I'd like to see your security equipment. And your tapes," Mulder stated.

"Later," Jasper said curtly. "First, we get everyone present and accounted for, and we discuss the threat."

Mulder's eyes widened. Who were they dealing with? What kind of family were the Cullens? Were they some kind of crime family?

"Jasper trained as a SEAL," Edward said softly. "We rely on his expertise when this problem rears its pug-ugly head."

"This has happened before?" Mulder gawped angrily.

"Uh, not like this. And not in the States. We had... trouble... from Caius a few years back. When Bella and I were on our honeymoon, we discovered his nefarious activities, and managed to involve the appropriate authorities. I actually had him in my grasp, knowing he had murdered at least one innocent woman. I had a gun to his head, but there were a large number of civilians present, and I was afraid they'd get hurt. So I turned him over to Law Enforcement, who were going to extradite him to Italy. Somewhere along the way, he escaped. I wish to God I'd killed him when I had the chance.

"None of this is in your file," Mulder said angrily.

Yeah, super-young geniuses. Just the type of people intelligence agencies opt to woo and use.

"Top Secret," Edward shrugged. "Anyway, Bella and I stumbled across some of his ... operations. We got a bunch of his drug runners out of Rio. We found out he'd been brainwashing, seducing, and impregnating girls as young as fourteen for years. Five of them, in 2005 alone. All but two of the mothers were murdered. He'd wait for them to give birth, kill them and steal the babies to raise in his cult. So, we set up a secret refuge in the Amazon, and relocated and rehabilitated them, there. And while we were at it, we set up the Aid Station near Manacapuru, to protect other children from monsters like him.

"Some of the authorities in Brazil are corrupt. We trusted the wrong cop. He set us up with Caius, and Caius came in with his armed men, and had a huge battle with my good guys. Our side managed to cut down his men. He suffered bad losses. But we missed catching him. He's very slippery.

"We haven't heard from him in over three years. We were kind of hoping he'd come to a well-deserved bad end, you know? But when the threats against Carlisle's reputation started, we wondered. And when you told Charlie the victims' bodies were drained of blood, we grew more certain."

"But when we found out the bodies had human bite marks, and actual chunks of flesh bitten off? That told us right there," Charlie added. "That's his signature. And the threats written on the photos are conclusive proof."

"Yeah. Caius has re-established his cult of blood-drinkers," Emmett growled. "And he has a lot of resources at his command."

"I'll say," Rosalie growled, eyes rolling.

"We should bring in the NSA," Mulder sighed.

"Hah!" Edward sneered. "They won't even see him. No, Agent Mulder. Our Secret Ops have been tracing Caius a long time. Let us update our own operatives. We've got a better chance of catching him than you do."

"You haven't been doing such a great job so far," Mulder countered. "There are a lot of civilian bodies piling up."

"We weren't sure it was him before now," Edward protested. "You're here now. You let us in on details the idiot in Seattle has been withholding. Now. We'll let you in on our operations. Tell you everything we know. Everything we can do. If you think he NSA can do any better, or the NARCs, or your people, or whoever, you can call them, after you hear our plans. Just don't call fucking FEMA. They're corrupt as hell. Look how they're handling the bloody Alien Problem, in the name of all that's holy."

"Aliens! What do you know about the aliens?" Mulder exclaimed hotly.

Edward allowed a small smile to creep onto his face, but his eyes glittered blackly. A shiver crept down Mulder's spine. "We don't know nearly as much as you do," he said softly. "You, Fox, are indispensable. As is Dana. We will do everything in our power to keep you safe, so you can fight the alien threat. Let us.

"Last thing we want is another human casualty. And this guy is not above setting off a bomb in the local school, or hospital, understand? In fact, he could easily set one that would wipe out all of Forks and LaPush, just like he did in South America. We're trying to keep a low profile. We piss him off, he makes a grand gesture. I don't want any collateral damage. Your agency doesn't have the same scruples. Give us a chance to catch him. I caught him once before. Is that fair?"

"Can we at least put out an APB on this guy?" Mulder asked, feeling frustrated.

There were snorts from those assembled. "Sure," Edward said, hands on his hips. "See if your database can pull up anything we haven't hacked already. There's no ID on this guy. No picture, no fingerprints, no DNA, nada. It's as if he doesn't even exist. We've put together a composite drawing of him that we all agree is highly accurate. Put it out there. See if you get anything. God knows, we want to catch him, so if you can help with that-"

"Why the hell didn't you tell us all this from the beginning?" Mulder snarled. "I thought you said we were friends."

"We are. I don't like harm to come to my friends, Fox. The last time we had a fight with Caius, fifty of my Mapuche villagers died. I have a good man down there, thank God. He was badly injured in that battle. He's a man I can trust to look after the welfare of innocent people. A man like you."

"So, is that why we are here, then?" Mulder shot at the assembled Cullens, arms crossed.

"No. We lucked out with you. You're just the kind of people we're looking for. But we didn't seek you out. That was the Cumquat in Seattle," Charlie sighed, eyes rolling. "Because of him, buying into the 'Carlisle is a vampire' bullshit of Caius's, that sick bastard has added a few more bodies to his count. It served Volturi's purpose, see? There's nothing that Caius di Volturi likes more than attention. He adores the thought of people living in fear of him. Really makes him feel big."

Mulder sighed, swallowing his anger. A wave of calm swept over him. For some reason, he trusted these people. Trusted their motives. Trusted them to get the job done. Resolute, he eyed Edward calmly, his mouth set stubbornly. "So what's your plan?"

Edward relaxed his posture slightly. "First, we pow wow with my father, Billy, Charlie, Jasper, Jacob, and Sam. We sort out our options, then make an attack plan."

"Why this team?" Mulder wondered.

"It's unorthodox. It works. Once we decide the best approach, we choose what other teams to bring in. Which people to notify."

"And you honestly think you can catch this guy?" Mulder checked.

"Frankly, Mulder, I don't just plan to catch him," Edward said, mouth set firmly. He looked deadly as a shark.

"No?" Mulder said, brow raised.

"No. I'm going to tell you this, because I know you for a man who will believe me."

"I'm listening," Mulder said, arms crossed.

"He's not human," Edward stated. Fox opened his mouth with more questions. Edward growled, "Need to Know only, Mulder. No, he's not a Super Soldier, although he might as well be. And he's not one of your Grey Aliens either."

"What is he, then?" Mulder asked angrily.

"He's a monster, Mulder."

"And what are you?" Mulder demanded.

A growl passed through the group, almost like a thrum. It vibrated in Mulder and Scully's chests, unnerving them.

Edward's eyes flashed angrily. Then, an unnatural feeling of calm descended. He sighed, and exchanged a self-deprecating smile with his brother Jasper. "Let's just say... my family and my friends -a large number of us- are dedicated to the preservation of human life. And I do mean life, Fox, in all its glory, not just existence. Human life is a beautiful thing. We will fight with our dying breaths to keep you all safe from monsters."

"Why should I trust you?" Mulder growled bravely.

"What choice have you got? Besides, maybe I should be asking why I should trust you. An awful lot of the people who try to help you end up dead, Fox. Deep Throat? The Well-Manicured Man? The Lone Gunmen? How's Gibson doing these days?" Edward asked narrowly.

Mulder blinked, startled. "You know Gibson?"

Edward moved in closer. "Like I said. We fight to preserve mankind."

"I need more assurances from you," Mulder argued softly.

Edward stared at him for a few beats. "What do you want to know?" he conceded.

"I want to know about you," Mulder stated boldly.

"Edward!" Rosalie objected, her brow furrowed with worry.

The man in question shook his head at her minutely. "It's alright. Thank you, Rose."

Regarding Mulder thoughtfully, Edward answered. "I may or may not answer, based on what is safe for all of us. Knowledge about my kind cannot become public. Or retained by any government other than my own. Whole towns have been obliterated to preserve this secret. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Mulder said, solemn as any boy scout.

"You may ask," Edward said coolly.

"What are you?" Mulder asked equally coolly.

"Mulder!" Scully objected, wincing. She had taken as much as she could take without reining him in.

"Next question," Edward said stiffly.

Scully turned surprised eyes on him. He hadn't said 'human'. Hadn't laughed. Could Mulder be right?

"Who do you work for?"

"Myself. Humanity. God. People I love."

"Were you human once?" Mulder asked.

Edward considered. He raised his eyes to Mulder. "Yes."

"Dude," Emmett groaned. "Watch it. 'Need to Know'."

Edward nodded, eyes dwelling on Fox.

"No way you're 24. How old are you?" Mulder asked, eyes kindling with excitement. He was finally talking to an actual X-File-worthy non-human creature! He just knew it.


Mulder frowned, considering carefully. "Do you age?"


Gasp! He was getting to it, now. "Can you be killed?"


"Did you turn your wife into one of your own kind?"

Edward and Bella shared a look, then Edward returned his eyes to Mulder. "Yes. Inadvertently."

Mulder squirmed with curiosity. "Do you really have coro... corpo..."

"Coproporphyria?" Edward finished, head tipped to one side. "No."

"Do you eat human food?"


"What do you eat?" Mulder asked quickly. Vampire, vampire, vampire...

"Animal proteins."

"Like blood?" Mulder pressed.

Edward growled softly, inhumanly, and Mulder jumped.

"We are not cannibals," Edward declared. "Last question. My father is nearly home."

"How do you know?" Mulder blurted out.

"I can hear his car," Edward shrugged, smiling crookedly.

"Hah, hah," Emmett chuckled throatily. "You totally blew your last question, Mulder."

"Aw, come on!" Mulder protested, practically stamping his foot. The sound of the garage door opening could be heard. His time to ask questions was running out. He eyed Edward desperately.

"One more," Edward said patiently.

"Uh... Renesmee. She's your biological daughter, isn't she?" Mulder waited, holding his breath.

Edward looked at Bella, who blinked once. His topaz eyes bore into Fox's, evaluating. He made a decision.