Have you ever really sat down and thought about Robert Hammond's death? Or Dustin Prince's? The Phoenix Wright series treats death very lightly, since you're introduced to at least one murder or other violent act per episode, especially since many of the victims are "bad guys."

But not always. There are always innocents. I mean, think Cedric Diggory but times thirty-five or forty. How badly would that have scarred Harry Potter?

This is an Edward-Gorey-esque little ficlet series to show you just how disturbed I was at some points during our favorite happy-go-lucky Capcom game Ace Attorney.

~~ #1 Misty Fey ~~

I sat down in the middle of my room, patting my hair into place. It looked as Dahlia's should, at least according to her last prison photograph. Now came the hard part.

Pearl Fey was indubitably struggling right now to acquire the concentration needed to channel a spirit, and I had to hurry. Morgan's note had indicated that Pearl should channel Dahlia at the "lights out" bell… and that had rung more than a minute before.

I began chanting the words of the Sacred Kurain Writings, but in my mind I was still reviewing what needed to happen.

Iris was waiting in her room, and would emerge when called by either myself or Mia's old friend, the prosecutor. Maya was safe—thank Mystic Ami!—in the Sacred Caverns.

Once I channeled the spirit, I would have to control her only long enough for Pearl to give up. If Iris were to see Dahlia wandering around, she would aid my soulless body in keeping the spirit under control.

And if that failed… then Prosecutor Godot would act as a failsafe.

I took a brief moment to purge my mind of such disturbing thoughts, still chanting… then slipped into the trance and called Dahlia Hawthorne.

There is no spirit while the body channels that of another.

All was darkness but for an instant.

I awoke freezing, blood staining my lips. A scream was still sounding in the air. What was cradling me? Snow?

The time had changed: the stars had moved in the sky. I could see them above me. I clutched at the monstrous pain in my abdomen.

I was leaned against a pillar: upside-down in blood (my blood?) it read Maya.

"What—" choked a young girl's voice nearby. I didn't recognize it. "What happened?" There was a sigh, as if the girl were fainting, and then a thud.

I had only an instant to see in the darkness: three red lights, blindingly bright as they approached me. There was the sound of a man's sob, the flash of those red lights on a blade.

Darkness closed in for the last time.