Yeah I know I'm working on that Breach/Rex chapter story, but I have a tendency to get impatient! I wanna write a Brex kiss NOW! Okay, here's the scenario: Van Kleiss has succeeded in capturing Rex and is holding him prisoner. Rex is half-dead and unable to use his powers. Breach is doing something very unexpected... It's fluff...but kinda dark fluff. Like really dark blue cotton candy... NOTE: At some points, it may SEEM like a potential Lemon story. I DON'T write Lemons, so it is NOT one! Enjoy!


Breach gazed down at Rex's still form. He didn't have the strength to move. His eyes were wide and fearful as they looked up at her. He was afraid of her. If he had the strength, he would be moving as far away from her as possible. But he didn't have the strength, not now. Her eyes took in his wounded body. His pants were ripped and had tons of red-stained holes in them. His jacket was shredded, as was his tee-shirt. Multiple cuts and bruises covered his face. The only unscathed part of him were those ever-vigilant reddish black eyes.

Van Kleiss had hurt him. She didn't like that. Rex wasn't supposed to be hurt. He wasn't meant to be hurt, no matter what Van Kleiss wanted. He wouldn't kill Rex. That was certain. He just wanted him to be in a position so that he couldn't run away.

'I could have done that...' Breach thought angrily. 'I could have sent him back to my special place. He'd be free there...and I could play with him too...We'd be able to play together...yes...that would be fun...' Still, she knew that that wasn't the truth. If sent back to her special place, Rex would ruin everything again. He hated her special place. Why?

He was beginning to tremble. It was pretty cold in this particular area. Breach started to reach for him. He flinched and his eyes flashed nervously. "I won't hurt you..." Breach crooned softly, feeling that familiar tenderness in her heart. That tenderness that made her like him so much...that made her want him so much... "I'll never hurt you..." She gingerly picked him up and cradled him in her larger arms and hands. Her smaller hands rested gently on his chest and lower back.

He began to shiver a little more, this time out of terror. Breach felt a pang of sadness. Why was he so scared of her? He was her favorite! He should know that he had nothing to fear from her! She had never done anything bad to him! She had shown him favor! He had been the first outsider to ever be allowed in her special place, yet he treated it like she had done something wrong. His trembling became a little more violent.

"Shhhh..." She pulled him closer so that his head was nestled in the crook of her neck. Her smaller hands softly caressed him, her touches as light and gentle as a butterfly's wing. His shivering slowly ceased. She looked down to see the scared expression on his face slowly melting away to curiosity. Her yellow-green eyes glittered with deep affection. Even broken, he was just as beautiful and shiny as ever.

Why was he so different from her other toys? Why did she still want him, even though he was clearly broken and messed up now?

A trickle of blood ran down the side of his neck. Without thinking, Breach leaned in. Her tongue snaked out and ran across the red trail, ending at one of Rex's many cuts. This one started just below his left ear. He shuddered, though more out of surprise than anything. Breach paused, slightly startled by her own actions. What really threw her for a loop was the searing heat that tarted in her chest.

What was this burning feeling? It didn't actually felt wonderful! It was the most intense emotion that she had ever felt! She couldn't put a name to it. Passion? Desire? Neither word seemed to completely sum it up.

She didn't pull away. She continued to delicately lick the areas of his neck and face that were still bleeding, not because she enjoyed the taste of blood or anything like that, but because there was something strangely intimate about this: Holding him, feeling his skin grow warm under her touch, seeking out the places where he was hurting and trying to make it a little better.

Rex wasn't moving. In fact, Breach could feel him relaxing into her embrace. Could it be that he was enjoying this too? Was he feeling this sudden...need for human contact? Maybe...just maybe...did he like her?

When there was no more blood on his face and neck, Breach began to softly touch her lips to each of his cuts and bruises. There were so many... Why had Van Kleiss felt the need to hurt him this badly? When she momentarily pulled back, she was shocked to see that Rex's eyes were closed and the smallest of smiles was spread across his face. So he did like it! Maybe this was one of those basic wants: Being held, comforted, fondled, loved. Love? Was that what she was feeling right now? Yes...maybe it was...

She had felt an odd warmth in her system when she had first laid eyes on him. That was when it began. As she had battled him, watched him, listened to his voice, seen him, she had begun to realize how beautiful he was. He was shiny, interesting, kind, pretty... These feelings had grown and grown until they had filled her to near bursting. Maybe that's what they call love... Could it be?

She couldn't keep her eyes off of those lips... Their slight upward curve... That small scratch on the bottom lip... How full and soft they looked... She moved closer once more and brushed her lips lightly against his. She was pleasantly surprised when he moved his head upwards a few centimeters, giving her a full kiss. She brought her hand up behind his head to support it and keep it close to her face. His lips were parted slightly... She heard him moan quietly as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and twined it with his. He still had a lingering taste of blood in his mouth, mixed with the flavors of salt and dark chocolate. His tongue responded to hers, stroking and tasting her. A tingle ran down her spine and she felt an endearing moan escaping her own throat. Rex slowly withdrew his tongue and moved his lips back slightly, ending the kiss.

Breach gazed into his eyes...those beautiful eyes... She could see now. There was a certain light in them, a light that hadn't been extinguished, a light that she had just helped to keep alive. She whispered softly, in the quietest of voices: "You aren't broken yet, are you?"

It's midnight and I'm half asleep. NO FLAMES UNLESS YOU WANNA BURN VAN KLEISS THE PEDO! I think I might make this into a Twoshot so that Rex's point of view of this moment can be expanded on. Now, for those of you who think that Rex surrendered too quickly or that he doesn't know Breach well enough, remember that he was all too willing to kiss Circe even though he only knew her for less than a day! Just keep that in mind. This is meant as a drabble, not as a real plot. *yawn* I'm off to bed...Night!