Before I begin Part 2, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. It would be unfair to say that the idea for this fic is all my own. I'd like to thank Imagemaster4 on Deviant Art, whose picture "My New Favorite" gave me the idea to write this little beauty. Check out the pic when you get the chance to go on Deviant Art and you'll see the similarities. Of course...I probably made it a little more fluffy than the picture scenario...heheheheh... Anyway, thanks Imagemaster4!

Anyway, those who read Part 1 know what happened. Well, in Part 2, the exact same thing happens from Rex's point of view. Enjoy!


Rex could hardly stand the pain. It was close to unbearable. A few times before now, he had blacked out from sheer exhaustion. He was hurting and he was wet with blood. Worst of all, Breach was coming toward him with an almost hungry expression on her face... And he couldn't fight back, no matter what she did! She was leaning over him now, her eyes reminding him of a wild cat looking down at her helpless prey.

'So cold...' Despite his body's need for rest, he began to shiver as another chilly wind swept by. 'Why'd he have to put me in the freezer section?'

Breach was beginning to reach for him. He flinched involuntarily, causing another wave of pain to go through his body. He mentally braced himself for whatever she was about to do.

"I won't hurt you..." She said in a soft voice, almost a purr. Her large hands picked him up and drew him closer to her. "I'll never hurt you..."

What the heck was she doing? Her larger hands held him while her smaller hands rested on his back and chest. What was she planning on doing? He stared up into those yellow-green eyes, searching for a clue of some sort. He couldn't tell anything... Another breeze swept by and he began to tremble even more, partially from cold and partially from fear. The pain was getting even worse...

"Shhhh..." She drew him even closer and he braced himself for the worse. Instead, he felt his head coming to a rest in the crook of her neck. He could catch the slightest scent of carnations and rain. Her hands moved in such a way as to shield him from the damp cold. He could feel the cold slowly melting from his bones. She was a lot warmer than he would have thought... Her smaller hands began to move in slow, soothing circles on his chest and back. Despite the felt kinda nice... From where his head rested, he could hear the faint "thump, thump" of her heart beating. For some reason, that calmed him down a little. Hearing something so alive and human while being held like began to take away his terror.

'She's not going to hurt me... What's she doing this for?' He moved his eyes up toward her face. She was looking back down at him. Her eyes were glittering, making them look like two yellowish emeralds. There was an emotion being conveyed through those eyes...a very simple and tender emotion. Fondness? Affection?

Rex's mind wandered back to that creepy doll house that he had been sent to. He thought of how empty he had felt while there. Maybe Breach felt like that all the time. Maybe that's why she had sent him there before. Could it be that...she had wanted him to break her loneliness? Maybe she was different than the other members of the Pack. Maybe she was just confused, like Circe had been.

Rex was broken out of his thoughts when Breach suddenly leaned in and licked his neck. He shuddered at the unfamiliar sensation. 'Okay! Red flag! What the heck was that? Weird-o-meter hitting ten! Why did she just do that? Freaking out!'

He noticed that her tongue had lingered on one of his cuts. Was she trying to make the cut feel better? He knew that cats sometimes did that when they were hurt, but still... He felt her tongue flick out again and run softly across the base of his neck, just above his collar bone. There wasn't a cut there... Then he felt her tongue trail a path up his neck to where another cut was. 'Is she...' He was faintly aware of a wet sensation moving down his cheek. He felt her tongue gently lap up the wetness, trailing up to its source: another cut.

She was licking the blood off of his skin! 'Is she some kind of vampire? What's she licking my blood for? Calm down, Rex... Don't spazz out...' Maybe she was some sort of vampire could be an explanation for how pale she was... He couldn't help but be a little worried when she licked up all of the blood on his face and neck. 'Will she bite me now or something?' He thought in a slight panic. 'If she does, will I turn into a vampire! Oh that would be awful! I'll never be able to eat garlic bread again! I'll have to have blood in my Mountain Dew! EUGH! What'll happen to my machines? Will they get a new red and black pain job or-"

His thought process stopped completely at the soft, warm sensation on his cheek. 'Did she...' He felt it again, another gentle touch on another one of his wounds. Breach was kissing his cuts and bruises! He felt a warm flush on his cheeks as she continued to gently kiss him. He was completely at ease by this point. He knew he had nothing to fear. He started to ponder about the situation...

He'd never been touched in this way by anyone! Not by Bobo, Six, Holiday, Noah, anyone! There was something new about this...something strange but...sweet. From those soothing caresses, to those tender kisses, everything about this moment suddenly felt so...good! He closed his eyes and smiled a little as her lips pressed lightly to a cut on the very corner of his lip. He was almost disappointed when she pulled away again.

Before he could think about it too much, however, something else happened that threw his head for an even bigger loop: Her lips were lingering over his own! It wasn't a full kiss. It was only a soft brush, as light as a feather. For some reason, it didn't fell like enough. Summoning up some strength, Rex moved his head up a tiny bit so that his lips were fully on hers. He wasn't thinking straight! He surely would have never done this under different circumstances...right? He felt her tongue snake into his mouth and felt it beginning to passionately wrap around his own tongue. A weird, warm, tingly explosion went off in his chest, leaving him feeling nearly numb with pleasure. Even though his vocal chords were aching like heck, he could still feel a quiet moan moving up his throat. He allowed his tongue to respond a little, moving softly against hers. He could taste a strange combination of spring water and kiwis... He heard her moan at his advance and almost smiled in the kiss. 'She's more human than I would've ever thought...' He mused to himself as he pulled back.

Their faces were still impossibly close as Breach's eyes locked with his. He noticed that, along with major happiness and passion, there was a hint of calculation, as if she was figuring something out.

"You aren't broken yet, are you?" She finally breathed into his ear.

Not broken... Rex gazed up at Breach as he pondered her words. There was certainly a lot to learn about this girl... She didn't belong with Van Kleiss! Maybe...when Providence came for him...

Hmmm...I think I actually did pretty good with Rex! Whaddaya think? This is a lot darker than the fics I usually do but I like how this one turned out! Like I said before, flames are for burning Van Kleiss. Noting else! Later!