I can only come to one conclusion; I am going to die. It's over from here on out; we don't stand a chance. The sounds of bombs dropping, swords clinking, blood flowing; they all tell me that this is the end. This is one battle we won't win, can't win.

I accept that though. There's nothing left for me here. My family's all dead, they were killed by Snow; and the person I love doesn't even love me back. I have no one left. She chose the baker's son; the "boy with the bread," as she likes to call him.

I'm alone now, there's nobody left for me to care for. To care about.

All around me I see people dying. All of them are from my team. None of this was supposed to happen! We were on our way to the Capitol, but they must have figured out our plan, because they ambushed us when we were half way there. We came into the clearing only to find bombs being dropped on us. Some Capitol soldiers came out of the bushes and trees and started attacking us. They're sending a whole army now, they'll be here soon.

I stand there, taking in my surroundings. To my left is the boy I hate, the boy who stole my best friend. We're in the same crew and we're both going to die now.

Katniss, I think. She'll be all alone. No, that can't happen. I have to make sure he makes it back. This, "boy with the bread."

"Peeta!" I shout to him. "You have to go. Leave this area!" He looks at me in confusion. Then he starts shaking his head. "No, listen to me," I protest. "You have to leave, we're all dead here. There's no chance." He still doesn't go, so I start pushing him to the tree line.

"I can't! I'll die fighting if I have to," he says, digging his heels into the ground.

"You have to go! Katniss needs you," I say. I flinch as another bomb drops. "The rebellion needs you. We're done here, there's no chance to win this. You'll die if you stay."

"What about you then? If I leave you-" he says before I cut him off.

"No. I'm done here. There's nothing left for me. I'm alone. I have to stay here," I tell him, swinging my head from side to side. He looks at me for a moment before nodding slowly. "Go!" I urge him, pushing him along.

With that he turns and runs. Just in time, because the Capitol army starts breaking through the trees on the other side of the clearing.

I watch him leave before he stops and turns around. I give him a half smile before turning around myself and pulling out my sword.

"Here we go," I mumble to myself. Then I run into the jumble of battle.

I won't die in the mines. I refuse to.

I won't die getting caught hunting. I refuse to.

But I will die fighting for freedom. That I can deal with.

And so I do.

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