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What is the price of peace?

The people of Earth had thought that they had shed that blood after the war was over. After millions had perished in the wars with Britannia, there was finally peace and the population rejoiced.

When Nunnally vi Britannia assumed the throne of the Holy Empire of Britannia after the death of her brother, she freed Japan as well as every other nation outside of North and South America. Working with Ohgi, who became the first Prime Minister of the newly restored Japan, and Kaguya, who assumed leadership of the UFN, a close partnership had been formed. Together with Zero, the four created a peace plan that would last forever.

The Order of Black Knights had disbanded with many of its members retiring or joining the Japanese Defense Forces. The group stayed in touch and even got together on more than one occasion to talk about old times. Kallen had gone back to Ashford to finish her schooling, having a desire to be a journalist.

With all conflicts resolved, it was thought that nothing could shake the peace of the world.

Or so they thought.

Three years after the conclusion of the war, a new conflict had arrived and had shattered the peace the Earth had spent so much to build. However, the conflict had not come from terrorists or other nations but from the stars.

Under Bastila, the Dark Lady of the Sith, the Sith Empire had invaded Earth. Though the population's knightframes had put up an impressive fight, the nations of the Earth were no match for the technologically advanced army of the Sith as well as their navy. In two months the planet was conquered when Nunnally, along with Kaguya and Tianzi, surrendered in order to prevent further bloodshed.

While the Sith maintained a small presence in the Sol system compared to other worlds in their Empire, they had sufficient firepower to ensure their control over the Earth and its population. Twenty vessels orbited the planet and were perfect position at all times to bombard the world if the slightest worldwide resistance was seen; nineteen of those were Interdictor Cruisers with the flagship being a Centurion-class Battlecruiser. Another means of control over the Earth was that Nunnally, Kaguya, and Tianzi were taken as hostages aboard the Sith flagship.

On the planet itself, a full legion of Sith Troopers and Battle Droids were placed in key positions all around the planet; most notably were the Forbidden City in China, Tokyo, and Neo Pendragon. All local military forces were disbanded except for a police force designed to keep the peace where there was a lack of Sith military presence; This police force had sworn loyalty to the Sith Empire and were made up of thugs who thrived on greed and corruption. So far, any dissenters were crushed under their watch.

Using the Earth population as slave labor, the Sith had built massive war factories in order to turn out military equipment for their war with the Republic. They had also adopted knightframes into their forces as well and harnessed sakuradite in which the Sith had found many uses for.

A puppet government had been setup by the Sith to run the day to day operations of the planet that did not need their immediate attention. Zero, revealed to be really Suzaku Kururugi, had been imprisoned aboard a Sith mining base on the moon and Cornelia li Britannia had been placed as head of that Government. So far she had done a satisfactory job in maintaining order on the planet as well as meeting the quotas imposed by the Sith.

Things were looking ever grim for the people of Earth who were losing hope everyday under the crushing oppression of the Sith.

Nunnally shivered as she sat overlooking the blue planet below. The atmosphere on board the Sith flagship Nihalis was stale and cold, making the young girl long for the warmth of the Earth. She stared down at the planet in longing.

Though she had regained her vision in the aftermath of the last war three years ago, Nunnally's legs were still paralyzed because of some unknown reason. The doctors could not explain it but theorized that the long nonuse of the limbs might be the reason. She was happy to see again and did her best to cope since she had long given up on walking again.

Sitting in her hover wheelchair on the observation deck, Nunnally watched as a single Sith cruiser passed her window. The ugliness of the warships made her cringe and she wished that the ship would pass quickly. After a minute, the ship disappeared from view and the vastness of space was the only thing seen once again.

Nunnally was not alone in the room. Two Sith guards stood at the door as part of her escort. They wore black and silver armor and their faces were covered by black faceplates attached to their silver helmets. She, Tianzi, and Kaguya were escorted at all times no matter where they went on the vessel so that they could be kept from causing trouble. The three maidens had been scared by the armored bodyguards at first, but had grown use to them in the coming months in their life on board the flagship.

The three former heads of state had been treated properly so far. The Admiral was cold but respectful to them as well as the other Sith naval and army personnel. Darth Visez, the overall Sith Lord in charge of the system, had given them a cold shoulder and had threatened to behead the three if they caused any trouble.

The Sith Lord was a mystery to Nunnally. He was always wrapped in his dark robe with the hood covering his face at all times. His hands were covered by black gloves and when he moved, the man almost made no sound. She knew in her heart that there was much to be feared from the Sith Lord.

The door to the observation deck opened and Kaguya strolled into the room. Dressed in a simple long blue skirt and white t-shirt, the girl made her way to Nunnally's side and giving her a smile in greeting.

"Morning, what are you doing up so early?" asked the former Empress as she wrapped herself tighter in the pink cloak she was wearing. Still clad in her sleeping wear, which was made up of a pair of purple pants and matching shirt, she had awoken early to watch the sunrise over the planet.

"Couldn't sleep and breakfast hasn't been cooked yet; what about you?" asked the UFN leader. The young girl had gotten a lot taller and her hair was the same length due to the attention it got. The young woman had begun to fill out in the chest area and Nunnally believed that if they were still on Earth, Kaguya would probably cause a few heads to turn.

"The same; I also wanted to see the sunrise," stated the young woman.

"Sometimes, when I am here, I forget what is going on," Kaguya said. Nunnally nodded in agreement.

"Where's Tianzi?" asked the handicapped woman.

"Still asleep and will probably stay in bed; it's that time of the month," informed the young woman.

"I see," said Nunnally, knowing full well what she meant. All three shared a room and though space was limited, it wasn't cramped. It was hard to keep any secrets or have any personal time to oneself.

There was a sudden flash of movement from the surface which caught the attention of both girls. A freighter rose from the planet and headed out into deep space. Though not as large as the ship they were on, it was still a large ship being long and rectangular. It had a black hull and the large three thrusters propelled it into hyperspace.

"How many is that so far?" asked Kaguya.

"The third one I've seen so far; God knows how many before I arrived," answered the former Empress solemnly.

"We know the Sith are at war with someone, I just wish we knew who," Kaguya said.

"I just hope they are better than the Sith; I hate to think that there are far worse people out there than our current conquerors," Nunnally stated.

The doors opened up again and the two women turned to see Admiral Hern enter. He was a well built man with green eyes and grey hair. Dressed in a black uniform with insignia on the shoulders, there were medals that lined the area covering his left breast. He walked up to the two girls with his facial features being hard and neutral.

"I have just been informed that there was an attack on one of our facilities near Tokyo; though there was no major damage, there were some arrests made in connection to the crime," informed the officer.

"Who?" asked Kaguya, fear in her voice.

"Kyoshiro Tohdoh and Kaname Ohgi have been arrested as well as other members of the former Order of the Black Knights," answered the Sith Admiral.

"Why? They wouldn't think to do something like this. Ohgi, as former Prime Minister, understands the power you yield," protested the young Japanese woman.

"An example must be set; these are former terrorists who have a history of violence. They must be considered a threat to Sith authority. As long as there are any attacks, we will detain people who have had ties to terrorist cells and other military groups," announced the man, stunning the girls.

Kaguya choked down a retort and kept silent. There was nothing she could do and not only did she know it, Admiral Hern knew it as well. The former leaders were hostages after all with no voice whatsoever. The only thing the young woman could do is fear for the rest of her friends and hope that the Sith did not harm them.


Miles Jones hid in the dark as he watched a squad of Sith Troops march past him.

The night concealed him but the young man still silently cursed to himself for not leaving his house earlier to attend the meeting. He had heard about the attack in Tokyo on the news and knew that the Sith would be on alert in all their areas of control.

The moon was bright over the sky of San Diego. The city was peaceful at the moment and the streets were empty of people. When the Sith had taken over the knightframe factories in the industrial district, they had induced a curfew of the rest of the city. Anyone seen after 8pm who were not connected to the Sith were arrested on sight; some even shot without warning.

Slipping from the shadows, Miles quickly ran across the street into the opposing alleyway. He did his best to keeps his steps quiet in order not to attract the soldiers who were still marching loudly down the street. Taking a deep breath, he moved down the alley silently.

So far, the only encounters he had but avoided were just regular Sith troops. He counted his blessings that there were no battle droids attached to the squads. The droid's sensors would have picked him up in a heartbeat and the young man would be dead. Luckily though, the Sith kept their droids in guarding the more important areas of the city.

Seeing the entrance to the meeting, Mile moved to the door and knocked silently. The door was blanketed by darkness and could not be seen from the streets. After a minute, the door opened and the young man was let in.

"You're late," said Ashley testily as she led him down the hall and to the basement where the meeting was going to take place.

"The Sith are out in full force tonight; it took a while to get here," stated Miles shortly. The young woman nodded in understanding.

Miles could hear the shouting as he walked down the steps and into the basement. Inside were a group of fourteen men and women whom were all leaders of the various resistance cells throughout the city. Miles himself was a leader of a cell made up of seven members.

"Those stupid Elevens; thanks to them, we lost the opportunity to hurt the Sith where it really counts," yelled a male leader.

"What gets me is that they did not accomplish a single thing," remarked another cell leader.

"So I guess the operation is canceled?" asked Miles, taking his seat.

"Yes; Lord Null contacted me personally and stated that we are to remain inactive until the situation calms itself," answered Ashley.

Three years after the Sith invasion, a mysterious person by the name of Lord Null had secretly contacted all the resistance cells in Britannia; uniting them under his leadership. Through his guidance, the cells had become greatly organized and well equipped, even sporting some Sith weaponry to use without the knowledge of the UFN or the Sith. While no one knew his true identity, Null's leadership was greatly respected had earned the cell's loyalty.

"Do you think he is upset enough to cancel his plans to establish a relationship with the resistance in Japan?" asked a cell leader.

"If he is, then he didn't sound like it over the radio; but I would not be surprised if he was disappointed. The Japanese Op was a mess and future attacks will not be easy," Ashley said.

"I find that surprising too since Japan is the origin of the Black Knights," commented Miles.

"Well it just goes to show that the Black Knights aren't anything without Zero, even the fake one from before the occupation," stated Josh Henderson, head of munitions of all the cells in San Diego.

During the brief war of resistance against the Sith, Zero led the forces of Earth against the invading army. Though he was a masterful Knightframe pilot, his strategic abilities fell short and the Sith won many victories. It was during this time that people started to believe that man behind the mask wasn't the true Zero; their beliefs were confirmed when the Sith unmasked the fake as Suzuka Kururugi, the former Britannian Knight.

After that, only one question was in many people's minds: What happened to the true Zero?

"Makes you wonder if that rumor we heard back in the day had any truth to it," Ashley said with a frown. As a former soldier in the Britannian Army

"What rumor?" asked Miles curiously. Before the occupation, he had been a Baron and in charge of shipping goods for trade.

"When I was in the military, I had been placed under the command of Schneizel during the 2nd Battle of Japan when the UFN invaded. In the aftermath when FLEIJA decimated a big chunk of Tokyo, it was rumored that the Prince with a delegation went to the Order of Black Knights and somehow convinced them to turn on their leader. It was never confirmed but I had my suspicions at the time," Ashley informed.

"If it's true, I wonder what was said to make the Black Knights turn on their leader?" asked a cell leader.

"It isn't important; Elevens are barbarians and always will be. What's important is that we stay hidden until the commotion has calmed down. Let the Sith unleash their anger on Japan; they deserve it," Josh said. It was well known that he was a purist to the core.

There was a general agreement and the group began to break up. Slowly the cell leaders made their exits, slipping past the Sith troops on patrol and making their way to their homes. When the last cell leader left, Ashley made her way upstairs to her apartment and plopped herself onto the couch.

"Damn Elevens," she growled, turning on the television.


Kallen Kozuki sat in the empty safehouse, furious at the stupidity of it all.

Not only was she angry that everyone had ignored her and gotten themselves killed, she was enraged that she was now the only one left out of the entire cell.

After the botched nation-wide raid that she had been left out of, the Sith unleashed their revenge on the residents of Japan. While no civilians had been killed outright, collateral damage was high. The brutality of the purge of any remaining resistance cells was something that put Britannia to shame; instead of taking them to detention camps, resistance fighters were simply rounded up and shot in the streets. Their flesh cooked under the hail of blaster fire.

Rebel camps located in the country side were taken out by starfighters and Sith Knightframes. Kallen had heard on the radio that the entire Kobe Resistance Cell that was based in the mountains had been wiped out by bombardment from capital ships in orbit. A reporter had described the scene as if it were raining energy fire; burning the land as it fell.

She had to admit it but the Sith were greatly efficient in dealing with any organized resistance against their rule. It could be years before any new resistance organization could be put together; there was too much fear in the Japanese people after what has happened.

There were arrests, which surprised Kallen, but they were of people that had not been involved in the raid. Tohdoh and Ohgi had been a complete surprise to her, the redhead felt that the Sith did not need to detain them and she hoped they were okay. Those who were detained by the Sith were never seen again; though the invaders made sure that they were still alive.

Kallen made a mental note to check up on their families to see if they were alright.

As she lay on the couch and clutched the blaster at her side, Kallen wondered how long it was before the Sith raided the place. Mostly all the other safehouses had been taken out by now; the enemy operated efficiently far greater than Japan's previous occupiers ever did. One safehouse had been taken out by fighters with a hail of energy fire engulfing the building in fire.

The former member of the Order of Black Knights wondered why she even joined the newly organized JLF. Was it because her mother was killed accidentally by Sith soldiers who were chasing another criminal or the sheer cruelty of the invaders from the stars? The JLF were nothing like the old days, there were a few members that had been in the Black Knights but none of the higher echelons in the organization.

There were too many amateurs and that is why they were slaughtered.

There was a sudden knocking at the door and Kallen looked up at the front door while brushing aside a part of her red hair. With all the work she put into fighting the Sith, she had very little time to keep up with her appearance. Not only did she need a haircut, but her clothes were rags and she hadn't showered in a few days.

The knocking persisted and Kallen finally got up to answer the door.

"I don't believe the Sith would knock," Kallen said aloud to herself. Her blaster still sheathed in her holster, she opened the door and stared in shock at the person standing at the other side of the doorframe.

"You!" exclaimed Kallen staring at the green haired woman.

"Me," said CC right before she shot Kallen with a stun blast. The redhead crumpled to the ground unconscious. Making a motion with her head, people dressed in Sith soldier uniforms moved into the building and picked up the unconscious woman, carrying her outside. Before she followed them, CC looked around in contempt.

"What a dump."

Shinji Kazaki winced as he watched another one of his comrade's die in front of him.

The small group of Akatsukis had been ambushed in their retreat from the rebel camp. The headquarters of the Hokkaido Resistance Cell had been attacked a little over an hour ago by Sith forces. The force was made up of battledroids, troops, repulsar tanks, and even newly built Sith Knightframes.

The Sith Knightframe was a machine that truly inspired fear in an enemy soldier. Standing at just below eight meters, the Sadow-class Knightframe was completely silver with its head resembling that of ancient Sith warbot that Shinji had seen in a holo. The main weapon was a blaster carbine that tore thru enemy frames far more efficiently than what was normally wielded by Knightframes in the last war.

"Damn this is not good; I had hope to get you out before the enemy arrived but it looks like we will have to fight our way out," Kazaki said to young woman hunched in the side of the cockpit.

Nina Einstein looked up at the Japanese man with fear in her eyes. He had promised to get her out of here once everything started going to hell; she knew that she could not blame him. Everyone assumed that there was more than enough time before the Sith moved in.

"Do you think we can make it?" asked Nina as she sat there. She was dressed in a grey mechanic's uniform that was a size too big for her.

"We have to try; my orders from Lord Null were to smuggle you out of the base and to evacuation site. Though the Sith are keeping the resistance fighters busy so that they don't know you are missing, they are making it hard to escape. But I'll get you out, I promise," said the man with a grin.

Nina nodded and let the man get back to his piloting. She was regretting signing up with the Japanese Resistance; Kallen had talked her into it. Nina's knowledge of Sakuradite tech as well as Knightframe construction that she had learned from Lloyd had made her invaluable. While she was glad to be needed, it bothered Nina that once again her intellect was being used for war.

She wondered if Kallen was still alive.

According to Shinji and his team, they had orders by this Lord Null to get both her and Kallen out of Japan before the Sith caught them. Nina had heard of Lord Null in passing and that he was head of a coalition of resistance cells in North America. However, there was a lot of speculation that he was a myth; a way to create a new Zero to give hope to the people.

That speculation ended when Shinji's team arrived just after the failed strike against the Sith.

"Sir, we can't stay here," stated Jeb Hersen as they were hunched behind a bolder.

Shinji agreed and peered briefly around their shelter to see what they were facing. Currently their opposition was four tanks with a handful of battledroids supporting them. Though slower than the Akatsukis, the blaster cannon on the square-shaped hover vehicles were more than enough to tear the knightframes to shreds.

He considered attacking head on; there were five of them with each carrying a rocket launcher. Shinji was confident that he could take out the tanks without losing any of his remaining comrades. However, in war there were never assurances and they still needed to get out before enemy knightframes appeared.

"What about that cliff over there? If we can get over it, it would be a straight shot thru the forest," suggested Lance Hawson, pointing to the area to their right.

"We'll have to move fast; those tanks are not going to let us go," Shinji said realizing the plan had merit. Once they were down in the trees, they could follow the forest line to the ocean.

"The enemy still have fighters in the air; it will be only a matter of time before they carpet our cover with blaster fire," Melissa said; she had been with Shinji the longest and was a veteran of the past wars before the arrival of the Sith.

"We'll have to deal with that when the time comes; if we stay here, then we risk battling Sadows and we lack the strength to do that right now. When I say three, everyone make their way to the cliff as fast as they can while firing your rockets into the ground in front of the enemy. If we kick up enough dirt, we'll blind the bastards," said the group leader. When he got acknowledgment from his people, he prepared to make his move.

At the count of three, the five knightframes raced from their cover towards their destination. As they moved, each Akatsuki brought his or her rocket launcher and fired blindly into the enemy position. One rocket hit a tank head on, causing slight damage to its right side while the rest of the ordinances hit the ground. Dirt erupted into the air and covered the area, temporarily blinding the enemy.

"Hold on tight," Shinji commanded Nina as he brought his knightframe over the ledge and into the sea of trees below. The young woman held the man's seat as tight as possible as the mech encountered violent shaking. Her glasses fell from her head and onto the ground, making a small crack on the right lens.

Soon all five knightframes were safe in the trees and everyone took a moment to rest.

"Okay; spread out and head directly to the extraction point. If you encounter any enemy, do not engage if you have to; the trees should provide us with enough cover and the Sakuradite in the ground should help us hide from Sith scanners," ordered the young Japanese man. The knightframes began to move.

"You all right back there?" asked Shinji, turning his head towards Nina.

"Yes; thank you," responded the young Britannian woman as she put her glasses back on. She wished she had started wearing contacts.

"If everything goes according to plan, we should get to the sub as soon as we his the ocean," stated the young man with an assuring smile.

"But won't the Sith detect your vessel? They do have excellent scanners," Nina said.

"The Washington is the first of its class and sports a stealth system unlike any other. In the months that we have been using it, the Sith have yet to detect it even from orbit," explained the resistance member.

"I see; this Lord Null seems to have quite a number of resources at his disposal," Nina observed.

"You got that right; don't know where we be without him," laughed Shinji from his seat.

As they continued their way, Nina sat down and wrapped herself in a fetal position. She had lost a lot of friends today and the young woman was resisting the urge to cry because of it. Though she had disliked them at first, Nina had grown attached to her Japanese comrades in arms over the last couple of months. They had been friendly with her and thought of her as a very important person.

They became the family that Nina had lost when the Sith invaded. Neo Pendragon had been hit hard by the invasion when Sith fighters and their warships bombarded the city with energy fire. Nina had lost both her parents when the family estate went up in flames; she later found out that the mansion had been hit by laser fire from an Interdictor cruiser in orbit. Nina herself was visiting Milly when the attack happened, safe in an Ashford family shelter.

Not since Euphy's death had she felt such anger and hatred. When she met up with Kallen a few months later, Nina had followed her into the Japanese Resistance as a technical advisor; in charge of coming up with new technologies to fight the Sith. It had been hard, but she was making progress in reverse-engineering Sith tech so that it could be harnessed by the resistance.

It was not an easy process. The Sith were light years ahead of Earth when it came to advance technology. Knightframes and sakuradite gave Earth some edge, but not enough to make a difference in opposing them currently. What Nina was trying to do was bridge many of the two types of technology in hopes of creating something new; like what the Sith were doing themselves.

The problem was that the young woman did not have access to that many resources; the JLF lacked any major production facilities, instead relying on old weapons caches left over from the Britannian occupation. Even the resistance cell's knightframes were antiques by comparison to what was used in the modern era. Nina was left salvaging scraps from both sides in an attempt to jury-rig something that could be used.

It wasn't going very well.

Still she pressed on; hoping that she could accomplish something. Nina had hoped that she could have gotten in contact with Lloyd or Rakshata; but the two were rumor to be locked up by the Sith and working on weapons for the invaders. So the young woman was all alone.

"Can I ask you a question?" asked Nina, turning her head to her savior.

"Go ahead," said Shinji in a neutral tone, keeping his eyes on the screen in front of him.

"Were you with the Black Knights?" the young woman asked.

"Nope; was a soldier in the German State Army during the last war. I was part of Japanese volunteers to fight off the Britannian invaders. My unit's job was hit and run attacks on enemy convoys. Got a medal for that; the Iron Cross which has never been awarded to a foreigner," answered the man.

"I see," Nina said; the conversation was calming her nerves.

"When the Sith came, I joined up to fight them off; did not exactly work out though since my whole division was almost wiped out at the Battle of Berlin. You know we actually thought we would win that one since we outnumbered the Sith ten to one. Was going pretty well until that Sith Lord appeared on the battlefield," the Japanese man said grimly.

"You've seen a Sith Lord? I have only seen them on the news," Nina stated.

"Be glad of that. I don't know what magic those guys use, but I watched a single Sith Lord somehow take down a group of Panzer Hummels. He shot lightning from his hands and just simply waved his arms, throwing a knightframes into the air. General Franz, the division commander, was killed when the Sith Lord used his lightsaber to stab into the man's cockpit. It was pretty grisly to watch," stated Shinji.

"Lightsaber?" asked the speckled woman questionably.

"It's a type of laser sword; more complex that that but the simplest explanation for it. It can cut through just about anything. Only the Sith Lords themselves or their Acolytes wear them," explained the resistance soldier.

"Huh," Nina said, having a thought; it was an interesting idea for a weapon.

After a minute of silence, to trees started to clear and the knightframe found itself at the shoreline overlooking the Pacific. Stopping his knightframe, Shinji looked around for his comrades and blew a sigh of relief as they emerged from the forest unscathed. When all five gathered, the Japanese soldier activated the homing signal.

"INCOMING!" screamed Lance as his knightframe looked upwards.

Shinji looked to see two Sith Fighters descend on the group. Green blaster fire ripped from the enemy craft and poured onto the beach. As sand was thrown into the air, the group scattered to avoid the energy fire. A knightframe was hit, the legs being blasted off and causing the mech to fall to the ground on its back.

The knightframe however was not idle. Using his assault rifle, he fired wildly into the air in an attempt to hit the aircraft. A few of his shots hit the Sith fighters, bouncing off the armor and doing no damage. The enemy curved their flight and dived down on the damaged mech, blasters blazing. The green energy fire ripped into the knightframe and caused it to explode.

"Damn it!" Shinji yelled in frustration. He had lost a lot of men in his time as a soldier and it infuriated him to no end.

Using his rocket launcher, he took aim and fired. The rocket was launched into the air but missed its targets due to the fact that the Sith aircraft were too fast. Firing another rocket, he quickly moved out of the flight path on the oncoming fighters. Both aircraft swerved around the projectile and fire upon the beach in an attempt to destroy the remaining four knightframes.

As a fighter was about to descend on Lance's akatsuki, red blaster fire tore into the Sith aircraft and destroyed it. The fire came from the ocean as a large submersible rose from the water; its two-quad blaster turrets pouring energy fire into the sky. The second fighter was hit as it tried to turn, sending debris everywhere onto the ground below.

"Sorry we're late," said a voice over the radio. Nina was surprised to hear that the accent of the voice was Russian.

"We were delayed as well; we have the package and are ready to board Captain Ramias," stated the Japanese soldier.

"Understood comrade; prepare for the boats," ordered the Russian captain, signing off.

"We're not taking the knightframes?" asked Nina, standing up and peering over the pilot's shoulder.

"Not enough time; the Sith will be all over this place soon enough. We'll take a boat to the Washington and head out as fast as possible," informed Shinji.

Nina nodded and Shinji opened the hatch of the knightframe so that they could get out. As Nina dropped to the ground, the Japanese man activated the akatsuki's self-destruct device. As soon as they were clear, the knightframe blew apart. The remaining three pilots did the same thing. As soon as they were done, the five headed to the small speedboat that arrived onto the shore.

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