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"To your left," a strict voice calmly said in Rex's ear. He made a tight swerve.

"No, Rex. Your other left," the voice said again.

"If I knew any better, Six," replied Rex, "I'd say that was sarcasm."

An Evo was currently terrorizing the landscape, so it was time for the 'local heros to claim the battle field', as Rex put it. It was hard to tell what the Evo was originally, but it was huge, wide eyed, not to be trifled with, and seemed to have an infinite supply of arms. Thankfully, Providence was called in before it reached any public areas.

The Keep, along with Bobo, had already retreated, leaving said Evo in the capable hands of an unauthoritve teen and a green ninja in a suit. While Six chopped off as many Evo limbs that came into a three foot radius of him and his hoverboard, Rex was Boogie Packing straight to the Evo's face.

Once Six chopped off the last of the rapidly growing arms for the moment, he looked over to Rex's progress. "You think you can speed this up?"

"One Evo down! Coming right up!," Rex screamed his battle cry as he reverted from the Boogie Pack to Smack Hands, and slammed head on into the Evo. It fell over on it's back, with Rex on top of it. Before it could get up or do anything else, Rex placed his hand on the Evo & started absorbing the nanites. With a flash of light, the Evo had turned back into a normal man.

Rex took a deep breath and looked over to Six with a smirk, who landed his hoverboard.

Six put his finger to the reciever in his ear. "Holiday, it's done."

Doctor Holiday's less official voice came through to both of their receivers, "Alright, dispatch is on their way. Holiday, out."

Rex casually walked up to Six with the same smirk, "So? How was that?"

Six glared down at Rex, although it wasn't seen because of his shades, and answered, "Didn't Holiday teach you your left from your right?"

"Oh, come on," he started whining with a pout. "I'm alive, you're alive, that guy-," Rex threw his arm back to the unconsicious man that probably needed medical attention, "well, I think he's alive. Anyway, we're all alive and happy and the world is saved once again. If you didn't want to thank me just say so next time."

Six stared at him with the same expressionless face. Then, pointing at Rex's arm said, "That's your right, the other's your left." He then walked over to the man, to at least make sure he was still breathing, leaving Rex in a state of shock.

Slowly, Rex turned around to his partner, who was now checking for vitals. "Was that... a joke?"

Satisfied that the man will live another day, Six stood, "Not a joke. Just something I think everyone should know."

Rex started waving an accusing finger, "Ok, I know that was sarcasm. For your information, I know my left from my right." To demonstrate, he raised his right arm, "This is my left." After a few seconds of silence between the two, Rex looked at his raised arm quizzically, "Right?"

It took all of the training Six had as a special agent to not face palm. He had to talk to Holiday about this one. Just then, the Keep floated down through the clouds. Once landing, Bobo opened the hatch & three men leapt down to the ground to take care of the the uncouncious man.

Rex pointed his accusing finger at Bobo, who stayed in the Keep with the air conditioning, "Monkey, pop quiz! Raise your right arm!"

The said monkey raised his right hand, "This some new excercise you came with?"

The teen evo hung his head in defeat and slowly shuffled his feet to the air ship behind Six, "Forget it."


Back in Providence, Holiday was finishing up Rex's latest medical report and shifting through his latest blood samples. A radio sat on the table next to her, quietly singing out a soft rock song that Holiday had recently fallen in love with. She started printing out the report when she heard the doors slide open with no footsteps accompanying it.


"I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing

Just prayin' to a god that I don't believe in"

She looked over her shoulder and gave herself a mental high-five for being right once again. "Why do you always do that?," she finally asked, since it's been on her mind since he started sneaking up on her three weeks ago.

"Do what?"

"Sneaking up on me," she answered, turning back to the now printed report knowing that's what he was there for.

"Cos I got time while she got freedom

When a heart breaks no it don't break even"

"I don't do sneaking," he replied, standing next to her. "Did you happen to realize Rex doesn't know his le-," he stopped to stare at the radio for a second. "What's this?"

She looked at the radio and looked up at Six with a blank face. "It's a radio, Six. It plays radio waves transmitted from-"

"Don't get smart. You know what I meant."

"What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you,

And what am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up that you're ok"

"It gets a little crazy sitting in here all day looking at blood samples and white walls."

Six looked at her for a second before responding, "Fair enough, but why that music. Sounds like Rex's style is growing on you."

"Is that a bad thing, Agent Six," she sarcastically asked with a smile while handing him the report.

"I suppose not." Six turned around and starting walking out. He stopped and, without turning back to her, said, "You should notice everything around you. Next time, it may not be me walking in."

"I'm falling to pieces, yeah,"

Without turning to him, she asked without thinking, "Are you impling that you care what happens to me or that you don't trust Providence?"

He stayed silent for a minute trying to decide if that was a slip of the tongue, honesty, or some more sarcasm. To be safe he replied, "if anything happens to you, I'll need to take care of Rex by myself. Plus, I never trusted Providence." Six promptly walked out before she could reply.

When she heard the door slide closed, she looked at them with a smile and a slight blush.

"I'm falling to pieces"


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