E/O challenge. WOW: Trash.

Word Count: 100

Spoiler alert: I'm afraid you should've been in the show until the bitter end

Summary: Turns out that you can't simply switch from "Apocalypse now" to "Apple-pie normal" like switching a meat suite.

Many thanks to Katydid43 for always making me think it over twice :-)

He stepped through the door into the lazy evening sun, barely aware of his surroundings.

Today he'd mown the lawn. They'd had a picnic near the lake, and he'd taught Ben how to throw his new silver knife into a tree. When Lisa found out she was royally pissed. Blames, tears and helpless silence – the whole shebang.

Who had said: "Be careful what you wish for"?

Whoever, he was damn right.

He lifted the trash bag to put it in the bin. And there it hung, softly swinging, gleaming warm and golden.

Like a sign.

Like a promise.

His amulet.