From the feedback that I have received so far - I decided to go ahead and release the prologue before going to bed... just to give you guys a taste of what I have in mind for the story. Again - you all know how much I appreciate the feedback I get.

I hope you guys do enjoy this introduction and again - thank you for taking the time to read it. 3


"Kill him." The command was issued in a thoroughly controlled voice. The calm that resounded from the speaker's smooth, velvety voice was nothing short of chilling. His mossy green eyes took in the sight before him one last time before he turned away from the latest traitor. The look of fear and despair in the young man's pleading eyes burned and left its mark in his mind's eyes. He walked away at a leisurely pace, his shoes made soft tapping sounds against the pavement. He heard the whimpering, the begging yet chose to ignore it as he closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh.

Edward Anthony Masen walked beneath the dark, almost starless sky with a huge weight on his broad shoulders. He looked older than his 25 years – but then again, being the youngest mob boss in the city could have no other effect. He ran his hands through his messy bronze hair and looked out into the ocean – concentrated on the soft waves until he heard the drop of the now lifeless body into its very depth. A loud splash resonated amongst them as its sound became drowned out by the speeding cars and their honks. Edward turned his back on it, the heavy weight on his shoulder seemed to intensify rather than lessen.

"It's been done." Came the hard voice of his brother Emmet.

"So I see."

And with that, they both turned and walked away from yet another death - fully prepared to fall back into the natural rhythm of their lives.