Summary: Bella offers herself in place of her father when pirates attack her town, looking to kill him, and is dragged into their filthy deeds. As they journey across the seas, she uncovers secrets that she was never meant to. Loyalty is tested and dangerous bonds are formed. Can she escape the one who murdered her family? Or, even worse than being stuck there: could she love him? AU OOC

the story is set in the 2700's, far in the future where a lot has changed but not everything has... so please don't ask me when it is set or why things are the way they are, cause its a fanfic. i get to mess with things like that. the twilight series has never occurred...

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"Bella, go get your father from the cellar. His supper is already cold, and it is well time that he gets some rest before heading off in the morning."

I glanced up at my mother, Renee, from my reading.

"Yes, mother."

Setting the book down, I looked out the window to see the sun inching its way beneath the horizon.

My father, Charlie, was completely absorbed in his work when I descended the dirt stairs into the cellar. He was hunched over rolls and rolls of paper that had sketches on them. He had always been working with these, for as long as I could remember. They were his life. Tomorrow, for the first time, he would be taking all of the supplies to somewhere safer. What the papers were exactly I did not know.

I was worried about how we would handle his leaving. Sure, it would only be a couple of months, but I would have to help my mother out a lot.


He jumped, knocking his ink canister onto the floor. Ink like blood leaked across the dirt floor and I heard him curse under his breath.

I grabbed a cloth from the other side of the room and knelt down next to him, pressing it against the stain.

"Mother says that you should come up now and eat before bed. You have a long day tomorrow," I explained as he wiped the canister clean of ink.

"I suppose she's right," he sighed, beginning to put the papers in cloth bags.

"Thanks, Bells, for cleaning up my mess." He leaned down and pat me on the back and I smiled back up at him when he used my childhood nickname.

"It's not a problem, Father."

I heard him pick up the bags of papers and head up stairs.

I couldn't get any more ink out of the ground. A terrible looking stain would remain. I shivered as I thought of the blood it looked like.

Standing, I threw the used cloth into my wash pile for the following day, which was not far off, I realized, when I joined my family upstairs again. The oil lanterns lit the streets seen out the window dimly, and I could see where they cut off and the ocean began.

"Bella," my mother began, "would you please tuck Gil and Rebekah into bed?"

"Of course, mother."

I glanced over at my two younger siblings. Gil was nine and wanted more than anything to be a captain of a ship one day, and Rebekah was seven and trying to act grown up all of the time and failing miserably.

"Come on, guys." I summoned them from next to the fireplace and they ran over.

"Will you tell us a story, Bella?" Rebekah asked, clinging to my dress.

"If you get ready quickly enough."

She began to walk up the stairs while Gil simply zoomed past her.

When I got to our room (we all shared one), they had both changed and were waiting in bed for me, anticipating a story.

I went over and sat on my bed, between them.

"Alright, which story should I tell tonight?"

"The one about the fight that the royal navy had with the French!" Gil said immediately.

"No! That one's yucky! The one about the poor girl and the nice old lady," Rebekah insisted.

Gil was ready to argue.

"But that's stupid! The old lady's-"

A huge crash was heard from outside and I raced over to the window as Gil exclaimed, "Cannon fire! Cool!"

Screams arose from closer to the port and flames appeared in the distance.

Gil joined me as another cannon blast echoed in our ears and Bekah screamed into the blankets.

"Look, Bella!" Gil yelled, pointed.

In a panic, I got down to his eye level and followed his gaze to a shadow on the water.

"What is it, Gil?" He would know.

"A ship! It's a ship!"

Was it the French attacking?

I gained a bit of common sense and pulled Gil away from the window.

"Come on, Bekah," I said as the screaming grew louder and closer.

She was crying as she ran to me and I picked her up as we raced down the stairs to where my mother and father were in a frantic.

"What's happening?" I asked, my voice catching slightly.

"We're being attacked. How close are they to here?" My father yelled as the screams on the streets grew louder.

"Getting closer every second," I replied. He hurried into gathering his supplies and then ran out the door, yelling that he'd be right back.

People were running in the streets now, and I saw buildings burst into flames down the road.

"We have to go, now!" My mother was frantic, and I was too, by now.

She pulled us out the door and we met my father.

"We must run." Something in his eyes held me still, though, as my mother and siblings began to race away from the fires.

I glanced down the street to see families being yanked out of their homes by men with swords. I watched as a sword was brought down on a man, and heard guns being fired all around me.

People raced in front of my father and I, running from our attackers.

"Father, who are they?" I yelled.

"Pirates! Now run!"

He gave me a push and I ran through the crowds, getting hit on the head a couple of times by bits of the falling houses.

A cold hand reached out and grabbed my arm and I screamed.

"Get off!"

I looked up at a pirate and tried to pull away, screaming.

"Let her go. She's not who we're looking for," another pirate commanded.

The man holding me released me from his deathly tight grip and I fell down, only to stumble forward once again, running.

"Bella! Bella!" My mother's voice came from a street next to me and I ran over to her, crying and embracing her.

"Bella, where is your father?" Her voice raised a pitch as she asked.

"I thought that he ran! Did-did he not catch up to you?"

She shook her head, no.

I had to find him.

She screamed my name as I turned and raced back the way that I had come, pleading that I stay with her.

Buildings were shattering around me and men were fighting the pirates to protect their families. Bodies littered the ground that was now the same color as the stain in our cellar.

"Father? Father?" I searched with my eyes as I ran.

I tripped over wood and fell onto more wood, cutting my forehead, but I didn't have time to stop. I had a bad feeling.

"Father?" I continued to yell for him. Had he not even attempted to run to his family?

Our home was not far away and I raced to it, bursting through the door to find my father messing with papers frantically.

He spun around with a knife raised as I ran in, surprising him.

"Bella! You were supposed to go with your mother! Go now!"

"Father, come on! These papers can't be more important than your life! Please!" I pleaded, tears forming again as I realized that he meant to stay.

"Bella, Bella listen to me. Take this note to your mother and leave." His eyes were full of pain as he handed me a folded note. I took it and tucked it away.

"But you have to come!"

He came over and took my hands.

"Bells, you've grown up so much, and I love you, but I have to do this. Now go." His eyes hurt me.

"No! I'm not leaving!"

The door flew open, breaking off of its hinges, and I screamed as a pirate made his way toward us.

"Get off!" I screamed. My father yelled as I was grabbed violently and came toward the man with the knife.

I kicked at the man as he twisted the knife-holding hand away and pulled us both out onto the street.

We were thrown to the ground as he unsheathed his sword, pointing it at us, and I screamed again, sobbing.

Another pirate joined him with another sword.

"He matches the description. Get the captain!" One yelled and the other raced away, returning seconds later with a man whom I presumed to be the captain.

I crawled over to my father who had hit his head and was bleeding.

"Bella, run. The first chance you get, run and leave the town. Hide. You know nothing, so you are safe."

"Father! No!" I cried into his shirt.

"Hold the girl," the captain commanded the other two.

I screamed as they tore me away and punched at them. They simply gripped my wrists and held me back.

"Is this your daughter, Charlie Swan? You shouldn't have dragged her into this mess."

My father looked like he had been slapped at the captain's words.

"Stop it!" I yelled, trying to break free of the grip held on me. No one took any notice.

"However, you would not have told her a thing, so she may go free after we have finished with you."

They were going to kill him...

"Now, where are the papers?"

"Some were inside the house, sir," the brute at my right said.

The captain glanced through the window to see the papers on our kitchen table before returning his gaze to my father.

"And where are the rest? Or is that all?"

My father held his tongue, though I wanted to scream at him just to tell.

"You are a fool not to tell us. You know that you will be killed either way."

The captain pulled out his own sword and I began to sob harder, screaming.

"Don't! Please!"

The sword cut through the air, slicing it toward my father.


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