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Eventually, I decided to fall asleep tied to the post. A couple of hours must have passed by, but no one had come down yet, and I was exhausted from the long day.

I shut my eyes, but I was still nervous and jumpy from earlier, so I couldn't fall asleep at first. Finally, I began to relax and could feel myself drifting off into unconsciousness.

That was when an enormous "boom!" rattled the entire ship, and I was jerked in my spot.

My eyes flew open and I felt my heart race.

Another crash, and I tilted over into an awkward position because my hands were still tied behind me.

"What's going on out there?" I heard the captain's voice and a door slam, and I assumed that he was coming out of his cabin to check the situation.

Yells were starting up and I heard footsteps above me. What was going on?

More footsteps and more yells. Another crash that shook the ship, tipping me over again.

Suddenly many smaller crashes occurred, like people were falling over and stuff. I struggled to break loose so I could run and see what was happening, but I couldn't. The knot was too tight.

The ship shook again right as the door to the main deck was ripped open above me, letting all of the yelling in loudly.

I couldn't see much because it was the middle of the night, but I saw a figure silhouetted against the sky.

"She's down here!" I heard him yell.

A second later, someone else raced down the stairs and over to me. He crouched down behind me and pulled out a knife.

"Hold still," he whispered.

I didn't know what to do. Was he good or bad?

It turned out that I didn't even need to make a decision yet because at that moment three more people raced down the stairs and over to us, pulling out swords at the same time.

The man behind me jumped up, pulling his own sword out.

I was terribly confused.

They were immediately engaged in a fight, three against one, just like it had been in the previous fight.

I couldn't make out faces, and I had to know what was happening.

"What's going on?" My voice was shrill.

It was a second before I got my answer; they were all preoccupied with the sword fight.

"We're taking you back," the one that had come down first said, grunting as he ducked and plunged his sword through one of his opponents.

I screamed as he fell to the floor, dead, just feet away from me. Blood splattered onto my face.

Now I was able to guess what was happening. The pirates had come back for me. They must have wanted a surprise attack in the dark so that they had the advantage.

Now the fight was more even, but the pirate from Captain Cullen's crew was struggling more for some reason.

So I suppose that it was just luck that Emmett found us then.

"Jasper!" he yelled in surprise when he saw the fight.

Emmett jumped in quickly, and together, he and the other man, Jasper, were able to take another man down.

This time the body fell directly in my lap, and I shrieked and jerked my legs out from under his body so that it was no longer on me.

The next thing I know, someone was behind me again.

"Hold still so I can cut you free," Jasper breathed.

I froze, watching Emmett take on the last man alone.

Then two more people rushed down, and I thought that they were the pirates until they teamed up against Emmett, not even seeing Jasper crouching behind me.

Jasper was tugging at the rope with his knife, but it wouldn't budge without cutting me.

"This might hurt a bit," he said, and I gasped when the blade cut into the side of my wrists and the rope fell away.

Jasper pulled me up to my feet, and it was only then that the others noticed him.

But it was too late, because I was lifted off my feet and carried up the stairs onto the main deck in a blink.

When he put me down again, I looked around to see that some things were on fire. In the firelight I saw that Jasper was the blonde-haired pirate from the steering deck, the one who had been discussing my father's papers with Captain Cullen.

I didn't have enough time to feel any hatred toward him, though, because he turned to look at someone next to us.

"I got her."

I looked at the person he was addressing and saw Captain Cullen, who had his sword out and a body by him.

"Good, now let's get out of here," he said. Then he whistled three times very loudly, and I heard some of the yells stop as his crew ran to jump back onto their ship.

Jasper left me then to Captain Cullen, who grabbed my arm and tugged me toward the railing to jump ships.

"Wait!" I said, remembering something. "What about Emmett? He's down there fighting three people!"

Captain Cullen looked at me and said, "He'll be fine," grinning.

Then he lifted me up and held me tightly as he made an enormous leap over the railings before landing softly back on his ship.

The jump made me dizzy, so even after he let go, I clung to his shirt so that I wouldn't fall over.

"Alright crew! Let's go!" he yelled.

What about Emmett? I didn't see him anywhere.

Then I heard a few crashed on the other ship and let go of the captain's shirt, turning to see Emmett racing out onto the upper deck and making the impossible jump back onto this ship.

"How...?" I stuttered, confused.

"Well, Edward, thank Jasper for leaving me all alone down there," he said to Captain Cullen sarcastically.

Then he turned to me and chuckled.

"You've got a bit of blood on you, Bella."

I looked down at myself and gasped to see a huge dark red spot and some splatters down my front from where the bodies had fallen on and around me. I bet I had splatters on my face, too.

"She can change later," the captain said. I didn't know what to call him now that Emmett had said his name, which I was a bit shocked about. Wasn't he supposed to be addressing his captain formally?

Should I call him Edward or Captain Cullen? I suppose I could call him Captain Edward, unless I was talking to him, in which case I would call him Captain Cullen.

"Now, though, we have something to talk about." When he said this, his face grew impassive, but I could hear a hint of anger in his tone and suddenly realized that I might be in big trouble.

He knew that I knew more than I had said I had, and that my father and I had both lied to him. Of course, my father might not have even known that I had knew anything more, so it was just me... I had been the one to lie to him, keeping it a secret until it could be used to save me. Kind of like blackmail, when I though about it that way. And now Captain Edward was mad and would want more information, information that I didn't know if I should tell him since my father had tried so hard to keep it a secret and I didn't even know what it was for.

But I had already said there were more papers.

If I didn't tell him anymore, would he kill me? Or even if I told him every little detail I knew about what my father did, would he kill me then, just like he had my father?

Yes, this was definitely a bad situation to have put myself into.

I looked over at Emmett for help, only to be surprised when I saw that his face was hard-set also. He wouldn't really go up against me, would he?

Captain Edward spoke again, his voice cold.

"Let's go get Jasper, and then we can talk."

He grabbed my arm tightly and pulled me along as he and Emmett found Jasper, who didn't look surprised at all. Just very determined.

"We'll take this into my cabin," Captain Edward said.

Emmett led the way into Captain Edward's cabin. None of the crew tried to follow us or even look our way.

I was pushed into a chair at a desk and the three of them spread out around the other side of it, all looking at me.

Captain Edward seemed to be the one talking, though, so he said, "You're going to answer each and every one of our questions about those papers and your father. If you do not, the consequences will be severe."

I felt sick as he said this, because I didn't know much about my father's work, but they expected me to.

I was in big trouble.

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