Meet Me Half Way

Summary: Rachel Berry is tired of feeling this way. She can't stand the fact that Finn Hudson makes her feel like this. Sure they are friends but that's probably all they will ever be because she knows for a fact he doesn't like her like that AT ALL.

Chapter 1:Takes My Breath Away

It was another boring day at McKinley High, except for the fact that she had Glee Rehearsal today. She would have been looking forward to it if it wasn't for him. That one boy who was making her feel so flustered and was at the moment sitting right in front of her. They were in Mr. Shuester's Spanish class. She spared one look at the clock and noticed class was almost over. She was genuinely shock to say the least. She could not believe time had passed by so quickly.

"Had I been staring at Finn that long?" She asked herself. She was so pathetic! Could she make it any more obvious that she had a thing for the guy.

" I can't believe Finn is so oblivious to all this. Does he not know how he makes me feel at all?" she asked herself again. She really needed to stop that. Talking to herself was not healthy. It was a proven fact that most of the people that did that ended up in asylum. She did not need to be any more crazy than she already was. This wasn't a normal crazy though. She was crazy for him. The smiles he sent her way and him holding her close to him during Glee Practice made her feel like she was on cloud 9. No matter what she did to prevent herself she always fell for his charm. He was too cute for his own good and she could loose herself in those eyes. She was so transfixed in the conversation with herself that she didn't notice the sound of the bell ringing. She must have been there a good five minute before he came to her desk.

"Rachel, we're going to be late for Glee Practice, lets go!" Finn said to her. When she didn't make an attempt to stand he did something unexpected. He picked her up from the desk so quick and she was soon in his arms. He let out a shocked scream that lasted for about 5 seconds. It was a good thing they were the last ones in the classroom. Or else she would have been really embarrassed. Finn walked all the way to the door while holding Rachel in her arms. He stopped and seemed to be deep in thought.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

He smiled sheepishly and said " It's going to take some creativity to get out of here since my hands are occupied at the moment."

She blushed a deep red and made a move to get off his arms. At this action, he only held her tighter to him.

"What do u think your thing Rach?" he asked.

"I am able to walk by myself Finn" She told him.

He shook his head furiously.

"I am not going to have any of that; I want to carry you like this all the way to the auditorium" was his response.

" Are you sure?" She asked with uncertainty in her voice.

"Positive, this is where lifting weights for Football and Basketball pay off." He said with a grin.

That dam grin caused the butterflies in her stomach to wake up. She had to art least try to control herself around him.

Its on days like this that she feels immensely confused. Sometime she gets this vibe from him. This vibe tells her that he could possibly have feelings for her. However, every time she is ready to tell him how he feels, the vibe is gone. Empty. As if it never was there. And everyday she feels that her heart is broken more and more. She tries not to think about it or dwell on this emptiness that she feels so much. She focuses all her attention in Glee and School.

But at the end of the day, this feeling always comes back. It comes back when she is most vulnerable. It is at night when she is alone and away from all distractions. She really likes him and wishes that he would like her with just as much force as her. But that is fantasy that will never happen. It is unreal. That's what her brain tell her. But her heart always says the same darn thing. Dreams can come true. She wishes that they were true. Because if that were the case she wouldn't cry herself to sleep every night. Their just friends. And that's something they probably will always be but she can't help but want to be more than friends. For him to reciprocate the feelings.

"Um, Rach, We're here... Are you alright?" His voice breaks off all thoughts she currently had. A single tear escapes and she finally gets off Finn's strong arms. The arms she wishes were wrapped around her to keep her warm on those cold nights.

"Yeah, just been thinking a lot." She said in the most nonchalant way she could muster.

"Oh, ok, whatcha thinking bout?" He asked with his head tilt to the side. A sign he was curious and wanted to know.

"Its nothing." She said.

"Come on, I'm your best friend; you can tell me anything." He said with the most adorable pout she had ever seen.

"Not everything."

" It just some girl stuff that I'm sure you want to hear about." was her response. That usually shut him up from asking any further questions when she didn't felt like being honest with him. Because int his case her honesty would be the end of a beautiful friendship. A friendship that even though hurt her so much, she would rather die than give it up.

" Okay if you say so. Let get practicing, I want to improve on my dancing." Finn said with low chuckle.

"Yeah, lets."

And that was that. Another day with putting up this facade. She sometimes wondered how much more pain she could take. Probably not much. But she would never give up Finn for anything. Yes, Rachel Berry is always hoping that something Finn will realize he likes her too. Maybe then one day they can be together. She just hopes it won't be too late. Yes, her hope was the last thing keeping her normal, sane.

"To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing."