Chapter 1

Kagome had no clue how she ended up being the...associate of a criminal. Though, she knew she was a bit more than an associate...and it was more than one criminal.



Red eyes glared into Orange, and Kagome had the distinct feeling of being caught in the middle of a piss contest. She was quick to step between the two as they slipped into a battle stance, though once she did she had no clue where to go from there.

"Can't you guys just...compromise?" the miko blinked at the heated looks she received from the two, who suddenly looked very unified in something or another.

"Oh, I think we compromise very well, Kagome," warm, smooth hands played against her suddenly exposed sides, and she looked into the owners crimson eyes in surprise.

A moan escaped her when a rough, carefully pierced tongue slid against her nipples suddenly, and she found a pair of cold, callused hands spreading her thighs.

"You really should consider getting a tongue piercing, Madara, she responds so well to it," a low, gravelly voice said as the owner slid his tongue down her stomach slowly, making her throb in anticipation.

"You are more talented at oral than I, Pein. Besides, I think that is your favorite past time. I would hate to to take it away from you," a heated, deep voice growled by her ear, making Kagome shiver as Pein proved just how much he loved what he was doing.

"Indeed, it would be a shame," Pein mumbled, before giving the miko the full attention of his mouth, making her cry out.

Indeed, Kagome had no idea how she came to be in this strange ninja world, or lover to the two rogue ninja around her, but she couldn't say she regretted it.