"Hell no."

A 17 year old boy sighed in desperation, "Come on, Hidan. We need to Kenji-Sama. He has a job for us, idiot!" Kakuzu huffed.

"Hell no, I'm not going! That old prick is nothing but a freaking- "Hidan!" Deidara yelled. "Okay, okay. Not cursing anymore. I don't get it why we can't freaking curse in the bitch's- I mean in Kenji's house." Hidan said.

"To show respect to him of course," Konan said, lightly glaring at Hidan as she sat next to her hearts brother, also the leader of their group, Pein. They were the Akatsuki, the most famous killers who works for big amount of cash. The larger the cash gets, the more quickly the progress they'll make.

Even though they're quiet young, Konan being the oldest since she's the only 18 year old in the group, the boys respected her, well, because even though she's a girl, she could seriously murder you. "We need to see Kenji-Sama, now!" Pein growled. They all went to see the man they'll be working for.

Kenji Isawa, one of the richest and greatest men ever lived. It was said that he hired Yakuzas to kill his competition or the people he hates. He was known to be a gentleman with two 17 year old sons. They were both twins.

The eldest twin is Reizo Isawa. He had red spiky messy hair and dark amber eyes. He was handsome and very well- built. He was attention of the females. He'd do anything to get what he wants. And he always gets what he wants.

His twin brother, Akio Isawa was the complete opposite from Reizo, who was serious, cold, and only a hint of playfulness to his brother. Akio was a 'Happy Go Lucky' type of person. He had blonde hair and light amber eyes. He was also well- built and the also the other main attention of the females. He also gets what he wants.

They both had two smug best friends, both girls. The first one was the worst of all. She practically clings on Reizo and think she's better than any other girls else. But how come Reizo and she became friends? No one knows. Her name was Akako Sayo. She has purple thigh length hair and scarlet eyes. She was one of the most annoying women in the world!

The next girl is Kin Hanegawa. She was a blonde with bright blue eyes. She flocks to both Reizo and Akio. But mostly Akio. She was also smug of herself. She and Akako think they're so beautiful and deserve the Isawa brothers more than anyone else.

When the Akatsuki entered the mansion that belongs to Kenji, they were invited by the Isawa brothers and the two smug girls. "Hey! The ugly ducklings are here too!" Hidan teased. "Shut up!" Kin and Akako yelled, angrily.

"Enough of this idiocy! Father is ready to see you," Reizo said with a glare. He and his friends escorted the Akatsuki towards Kenji's office. Then, the door that leads to Kenji's office opens, showing a male with baggy red hair and light red-ish brown eyes. The man looked up and smirked at the sight of the 10 professional killers.

"Good to see you again, Pein. You Akatsuki members too of course," Kenji snickered. "What the hell Kenji! You drag me out of my peace time for a fu- OW!" Hidan yelled as Konan hit him in the head. Kenji glared lightly at Hidan and motioned the Akatsuki, his sons, and his sons' best friends to enter his office.

"Akatsuki, I want you to kill a man named Yasuo Haruno," Kenji said sternly. "W-What? Isn't that the man who is the greatest and richest man alive? Who owns the great Haruno Company? Isn't he your best frind, Kenji-Sama?" Konan said.

"Yes, that's him. Even though he's my best friend, I still despise him. He was the one who stole my ideas. My creations. My wealth. He's my new competition. I want you all to kill him," Kenji said. "But, why all of us? Why not chose a Yakuza or two?" Konan asked.

Kenji sighed and continued, "He has a ton of body guards surrounding him. All of them are much secured and very dangerous. Find he's weakness. Kill anyone if necessary, but do it without anyone knowing. I really want you to kill this man. Fast."

"We understand. We'll do anything to fulfil your orders," Kakuzu said. "Good. Oh, and one more thing, don't injure her daughter," Kenji reminded. "Why?" Sasori asked. "Because my son, Reizo wants to marry her. So, if I find her injured or any bad things, our deal ends. Got it?" Kenji answered.

"Yes, sir!" the Akatsuki said. "Tsk, never thought the ice cold prince has a heart for someone, un." Deidara teased. Reizo glared as Akio tried to calm his brother down. "You better shut up, you asshole!" Akako yelled, "Reizo doesn't need that bitch!"

"If he doesn't need the bitch, why protect her? Surely you don't think the guy like you like hell!" Hidan laughed. Akako looked away from Hidan. He was right. Reizo is in love with Yasuo's Daughter. But she's not going to give up.

"Sorry for my rudeness earlier, please sit down, Akatsuki. You must be tired of standing. And I'll also get you some drinks," Kenji offered as a maid came with some glasses filled with wine. "Thank you, Kenji- Sama," Pein nodded as he and his members sat down on their seats.

Kenji's sons and they're best friends decided they'll seat on the nearest couch. All the people in the room grabbed a glass for themselves after the maid left.

"Ano... Kenji- Sama, how long is this mission we have to do?" Konan asked, sipping her beverage quietly, glancing at the older man who has a smirk plastered on his face. "I was thinking about 4 until 6 months. But if you could do it faster that would be better," he said.

"What about the strategy?" Itachi asked, watching in disgust when Akako batting her eyes at him. He was digusted with the tainted girl's tactics to make fall in love with her.

"Oh, you will be in disguise as body guards to guard Yasuo's daughter. Might include guarding Yasuo also. Get them to trust you, and after you do, kill Yasuo and kidnapped his daughter when they don't see it coming," Kenji said, "Oh, and don't forget not to injure his daughter."

"Kenji- Sama, what's her name?" Sasori asked.

"Hm? Oh, Yasuo's daughter name is Sakura Haruno," Kenji said, grinning like a maniac.

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