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By Table For Two

The unexpected morning rain heavily splattered against the huge bay windows of Titans Tower, home of Jump City's fearless teen heroes, the Teen Titans. Almost the whole tower was covered with huge windows, so the constant audio of rain hitting glass echoed relentlessly throughout the building of the still heavily sleeping Titans.

It was about nine in the morning and none of the Titans, not even the quiet, gothic, Raven who's up before anyone even begins to stir, was still deep within the dark blue confines of her blankets in her room.

Now normally, this would be a red alert that not one of the teen heroes was awake, but they had quite a reason to have the leisure of sleeping in. Last night they had had a very exhausting battle, which could have put anyone in a sleeping coma for at least a week, so it was only fair to allow these teens some sleep.

It wasn't exactly that their battle last night had been extremely difficult; it was just that it had lasted until five in the morning. One of Jump City's most notorious villains, Dr. Light, had taken it upon himself to steal and harvest all of the city's light and electricity. The Titans had chased him all over the city until they had finally pulled together and took him down effortlessly. However, they had all been energetically drained (A.N.: I mean, who wouldn't be, right?) and instantly fell asleep right before they even put their heads down on their pillows.

About an hour later, with the sky still sloshing down buckets of rain, the gothic teen slowly awoke from her slumber. Raven rolled over onto her side and disentangled herself from her bed sheets and grabbed her communicator to check the time. The main screen that showed a large black 'T' that took up most of the screen with the date and time underneath it read 10:37am. The half-demon growled to herself and sat up in the middle of her bed to try and rid all sleep and exhaustion from her body and mind. "Ugh… I really should consider investing in an alarm clock…" Raven mumbled, stepped to the floor, and stretched her stiff limbs.

After raking her fingers through her hair and brushing her teeth, the teen donned her deep blue cloak, one of her favorite books, and quietly left her safe haven that was her room and walked swiftly down to the kitchen/dining room/main ops to make some herbal tea.

It didn't take that long for the violet-haired sorceress to get all the necessities for her tea. Soon, Raven had a mug of tea and was sitting on the circular couch with the book that she'd already read countless of times, but she was running out of good books to read. She needed to take a trip to a bookstore soon, and probably stop by the new poetry café while she was at it. But she would do that later. All Raven really felt like doing at the moment was relax and continue her constant reading of, To Kill A Mockingbird.

An hour later…

Raven stood up from the couch and closed her book having once finished it again. She walked to kitchen and placed her long empty teacup into the battlefield that was the sink. The teen took a deep breath and looked around the room. It was maybe around eleven and everyone was still asleep. As much as Raven loved all the quiet she found it completely foreign. After some thought and a quick session of meditation, the half-demon decided to take a trip into town to get some new books and drop by the new poetry café.

Raven walked to her room and went to her closet to grab her 'citizen' clothes that Starfire insisted she buy. Luckily, Raven had convinced Star to let her get clothes that she actually liked. The sorceress pulled out a black mini-skirt that came to her mid-thigh, and a black and gray long sleeved shirt with a hood. It was raining after all. So why not have a hood? Then the girl grabbed a pair of black hi-top converse. After Raven finished dressing she wrote a quick note to her friends in case they should awake before she returned.

'Hey guys,

Going into town for books and coffee. Be back later.


Satisfied, the half-demon turned and walked out the door and flew over Jump until she landed in the alley between some nonsense retail store and her favorite bookstore.

The rain was coming down in buckets and had almost drenched Raven and soaked her to the bone. However, she didn't really mind as she used her powers to separate the water from herself and then to cover her from the rain.

As the teen stepped inside, she felt completely at home.

It wasn't dark, forbidden, or dismal, instead it was bright, welcoming, and joyful, but the scent of freshly printed ink and coffee hung in the air. There were rows upon rows upon rows of books ranging from home economics to graphic novels. A very serene environment surrounded it all and it made the whole getting doused with rain pretty bearable.

Robin yawned and rose up out of bed. It was two o' clock and he had slept the whole day away. Then again he didn't really feel all that bad because his team had been up all night dealing with the nuisance of Dr. Light…

The boy wonder got dressed and walked out the door down to Starfire's room to check up on her and make sure she was safe. He typed in the pass code to Star's room, it was his own name, and peeked inside to see her slowly and deeply breathing. She was still asleep. Robin did this every morning right when he woke up. He always wanted to make sure she was safe and not in harm's way. He didn't know what'd he'd do if something ever happened to her…

Robin smiled to himself as he walked down the hall towards the main ops room. It had been about three months since he and Starfire had confessed their feelings for one another and had shared their first kiss. He'd been so happy recently he didn't really obsess over Slade anymore at all, he didn't worry as much, and he was just in better spirits.

The masked leader walked into the main ops room to find a note in the center of the island in the kitchen. He read it over and nodded to himself and chuckled. Of course Raven would be the first person up and actually doing something constructive. Robin shook his head again and walked to the elevator to go outside to get the newspaper.

Raven walked across the street with her purchases to the poetry café she'd been looking forward to listening to the newest poets and to having some more herbal tea. As the violet-haired teen walked inside she saw the whole room was scattered with tables with two chairs apiece along with couches and love seats at various locations throughout the building. The gothic teen made her way over to one of the empty love seats and sat down and listened to the boy on stage reading aloud a poem he had written about the cold and bleak world we live in. About three seconds after she sat down a waiter waltzed up to her and asked if there was anything she'd like.

"Do you have herbal tea?" Raven asked. "Yes ma'am we certainly do." He replied. "That'd be it for me then." She nodded to him and he walked away writing down her order. The half-demon reached down next to her and pulled out one of the books she'd bought: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. (A.N.: I seriously loved that book, you need to buy it, rent it, trade a pack of bubble gum for it, just read that book!)

The violet-haired sorceress took out her communicator to check the time again. 5:03pm. Shoot. I really didn't mean to stay this long. She thought to herself. I should probably get going. Raven stood up and placed a ten-dollar bill on the table for the tea and tip and walked out.

She went across the street and into the alleyway that she had walked out of earlier. It was getting to be really dark and Raven stumbled once or twice in the alley until someone caught her arm.

Raven stiffened and turned slightly to see a three men that looked to be in their early twenties stare greedily at her. The Titan glared at the man holding onto her arm and tried to jerk her arm free from his grip, but failed miserably.

"Oh c'mon, princess. There's no need to be like that. We just wanna play." The man smirked ominously and stepped closer, the other two following suit. They were closing in on Raven.

"Back. Off." Raven ground out through her teeth. The three men chuckled darkly and moved in again. Raven stepped back until she had finally connected with the wall. She was trapped.

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Table for Two