Author's Note

Okay, so I have to thank blackberryhunttress for this brilliant idea! Uhm, they asked a question, and even though I already answered it, I felt like sharing it with my readers. Here is their question:

"Is there going to be a sequel?"

So now is when I ask you readers if you would like me to make a sequel. If I do I can tell you now that it will involve the unfolding of Terra's return, a furious father teaming with a furious ex-master of one of the Titans, Terra/BB action, Rob/Star action, obviously Cody/Rae, a new couple that'll enter, which is Jasper/Charlotte, plus Vladimir/Kelsey, and maybe even some Cy/Bee for flavor, and of course I've decided that there's gonna be some rocky tension between Cody and Raven. Oh and I just might make a Terr/BB/Raven/Cody love rectangle (because they're better than squares :P).

I wasn't really thinking of adding a sequel, but the more I think about it the better it sounds. But of course I want everyone's opinion.

So I'm starting a poll on my profile. The poll question is this:

'Should I, or should I not make a sequel to 'Heroes'?' I really want you're guys' opinions. So after you read this, go to my profile, find the poll and click away! No pressure though. But let me know by Friday. After Friday, I'll either start the sequel or I'll just forget the idea.

I'll let you go now. Just be sure to check the poll please.

Catch ya later,

Table for Two