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It ran as fast as it could through the forest, he could hear the slight movement of little feet running in front of him, he could smell the once familiar sense that went out of the little being it was chasing it was now mingled with fear. The little being knew he was running after it, and that with it's longer legs it was only a question of time till he captured it. Finally they got into a clearing and he leaped. He heard something under his paw, something furry, something squirming, something little and alive. The big black dog let out a soft, contented bark that only seemed to terrify the little rat lying under his paw. With a soft pop the dog turned to a man, with the rat still clenched in his fist. He looked the animal over carefully. It was grey, his fur was soft but dirty, the rats little eyes were starring at him, observing it's every movement. He wasn't moving much, like it knew it would be impossible for him to escape this time. This time all was lost, no Remus
Lupin to turn into a werewolf, and probably no ministry wizards around. The little rat started to tremble and Sirius Black tightened his grip around it. In a soft but ice cold voice he talked to the rat.

"Well my little friend, that's it, after nearly two years I finally got you were I wanted you, now not even your master is going to rescue you, you will be in Azkaban before you can even blink." Sirius took a little cage he had taken to wearing at all times, it had been charmed by his friend Remus Lupin so nothing could escape it. He placed Wormtail in it and securely closed it. After having tucked it away, he put the cage once again in one of the pockets of his robes and sighed tiredly. He had passed most of the night chasing the little traitor, he was awfully tired, but he couldn't go to sleep, not now, he simply couldn't risk it. He needed to have Peter delivered to the ministry or he would not get a second rest. He sighed and closed his eyes briefly. That was another problem, where could he go? He could not apparate without his wand, he also was to far away from Remus's house or from Hogwarts. Hell, even the ministry of magic was to far away. Then it hit him, he knew
where he could go. Hopping he was making the right decision he turned back into Padfoot and started to run.

When he arrived at his destination the sun was slowly rising, it was probably around eight in the morning. He looked at the house wearily, he could smell it's occupants clearly, they were all awake even if it was early in the morning. Sighing a little he trotted up the pat to the house. He pecked inside it through the back door and saw eight redheads sitting around the kitchen table, all having breakfast. He frowned, the redhead he was looking for wasn't present yet. He was debating with himself if he should some in or wait when a little cry got his attention. The redheaded girl had seen him and in a flash, she was at it's side.

"Oh, you pore dear, what has happened to you?" Padfoot looked at her wondering what she was talking about, of course it was entirely possible he looked bad, he hadn't really had the chance to look in a mirror for quite some time.

"Ginny, what's wrong?" The woman who had been making breakfast joined the girl at the door and looked down on him. Her look changed to one of concern at the sight of the dog. "Bring him inside dear, it seems he could eat something." The woman turned and the girl, Ginny?, motioned for him to come in. He did so and looked around again, he was slightly annoyed to see Ron hadn't arrived yet. Ginny lead him to one side of the room and gave him a plate full of food that he ignored. He could feel the eyes of the whole family looking at him curiously but he ignored that too. His full attention was at the kitchen door. He nearly jumped out of his fur when he heard Mrs Weasley call.

"Ron! Get down here this instant, breakfast is ready." Padfoot was overjoyed when he heard the familiar voice answer.

"Coming mum!" He listened intently as a door closed upstairs and a pair of feet came running down the stairs. Finally after what seemed an eternity the kitchen door opened and the lankly boy entered the room.

When Ron entered he was in a good mood, he had just heard from Hermione and she had said she hadn't gone to Krum that summer. He entered the room where his family was waiting for him whistling happily and was about to greet them when his eyes locked with the pale eyes of a big, black dog. Ron stopped dead in his tracks, not moving his gaze from the familiar dog. Everyone was now looking from him to the dog curiously. Finally his father asked.

"Ron, is something wrong?" The boy didn't seem to hear him. With a faint voice he said one word.

"Padfoot?" The twins looked at each other questioningly, what was their brother talking about? But the dog answered immediately. He got up from where he had been laying, he barked and then ran to Ron. The boy bent down and looked him over carefully. "Is it really you?" The dog barked once again, allowing Ron to pet him. Ginny looked a little surprised, her brother wasn't one to get along with animals.

"Ron, do you know that dog?" Her brother ignored her, his attention still fully on the dog.

"What are you doing here?" The dog shook his head and took the boy's sleeve, carefully tugging at him, indicating that he wanted the boy to follow him. Ron smiled slightly. "Calm down, Padfoot, I'm coming." Without another word to anyone he left the room followed by the big black dog. The whole family looked at each other surprised but no one commented. Fred and George, no longer able to contain their curiosity stood up and silently followed their brother. Not even their mother commented, they were all to startled at Ron's unusual behaviour.

Ron carefully closed the door to his room and then draw the curtains. Finally he turned to the dog and nodded to him. With a soft pop Sirius turned back to his human form and looked around the room. He chuckled lightly and turned to the teenager who was smiling slightly but kept throwing nervous glance at the door.

"Let me guess Ron, you like the Chudley Cannons?" Ron rolled his eyes.

"What made you guess?"

"It's been a long time since I last saw you, Ron." Sirius smiled and quickly hugged the boy. When they parted Ron saw a sight that petrified him. Standing in the now open door where his twin brothers, looks of fear and betrayal crossing their features. Sirius, noticing his face slowly turned around and immediately all colour left his face.

To be continued...